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Things to remember

Things to remember
by Timothy Kendrick

All wealth begins in the mind.

Learn to like the difficult (surprises). When you were a child didn’t you like surprises? 117 more words

Mental Health

Tip 6: Get your drawing into Perspective!

What do you think is one of the hardest things in the world to draw? A human body? A Gothic cathedral? A portrait from memory?  I’d love to know your thoughts on this. 582 more words

Disconnect from the electronic world

And reconnect with the real world – to train your grey muscle!

Yesterday, I took a train which was not my regular train line – already out of my comfort zone! 474 more words

Tips And Tricks

10 Simple Ways to Gain a Grandmaster’s Memory

Memorizing all day and not able to recall same when it is most needed, would be the last thing you would want happening to you. It is very important for us humans and specially students to have a memory of grandmaster to excel in our lives. 743 more words

Educational Writing Diary

Wide Asleep Slumber no more…

Wide Asleep Slumber no more…
Excerpt from book “Wide Asleep Slumber no more (Available at Amazon and Bookstores everywhere)

Why as human beings with so much untapped potential do we go through our everyday lives without even noticing a smile from a stranger? 471 more words

Mental Health

Sucking Up to The Boss

As if daily life stress isn’t enough, you decide that you want to drag your boss into the picture. In theory, that sounds ok. After all, you’d want recognition and promotion for all that hard work you have put in. 277 more words

3 Brilliant Ways You Can Train Your Mind To Be More Positive

Remember that ridiculously cheery, borderline creepy scene from Mary Poppins where the children (rightfully so) complain about having to clean up their room?

(If you weren’t forced to watch that movie in kindergarten like every other normal child on earth, the entire song the ensues revolves around a “ 647 more words