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Pending Amount 10/-

I am travelling to Mumbai in train. Got stuck in traffic and was able to catch the train just in time, that too owing to the magnanimity of Indian Railways; train got late. 221 more words


Sydney to Melbourne in 40 minutes? Say goodbye to the opal card system!

Could we be seeing the future form right before our eyes? A Futurama scene created maybe.

The Hyperloop is a futuristic like train that could see the transformation of commuting daily an effortless task. 274 more words


Captured on CCTV: “An animal” is sent to Sentenced 10 years in prison

26/02/2015 11:45am

A Sydney man convicted today of a brutal assault had ex-wife applauding. Labelling him “an animal” the man was jailed for almost a decade. 188 more words


Train Chronicles

Public transportation is a beautiful, beautiful thing on a snowy day in Denver.

Or at least I try to tell myself that as I sit on a smelly train fretting about the future of the human race while watching my fellow passengers behave like savages. 274 more words

Life And Lipstick

New hopes, new dreams, new me

1/1/15 1230 am
It’s 12:30. It’s 2015. And I’m in the Wii room with the Baby T Rex sleeping. Bunny and Hay Hay are in Bunny’s room having their own New Year party, complete with squeeze cheese and sparkling grape juice in little plastic cups. 244 more words

DAV, pizzas, and showers

1/1/15 9:30 pm
Today was a pretty good day. We unloaded three, big, black bags of clothes to the DAV. We went to the mall and, hopefully, solved the problem of 2g in a 4g zone. 408 more words