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Then and Now

Welcome to the fitness side of my blog!

If you’ve read my “About” page then you probably already know I teach fitness classes like pilates and aerobics. 319 more words


CG's Squat Every Day. Day 25: Paused Close Stance Deep Squat with a belt

Today’s session was all about ensuring the length of pauses were of better quality than previous pause squat sessions. I reflected back to Day 12 which was identical to this session and increased the resistance by 5kg+ each repetition change to abide by my final week target of ensuring the total output is increased. 131 more words


Menumbuhkan Kepercayaan Diri sebagai Trainer Atau Pembicara

Pernahkah Anda merasa ragu untuk menjadi trainer atau public speaker karena merasa diri Anda masih memiliki ilmu yang minim. Terlebih lagi, Anda ragu karena di luar sana banyak trainer yang jauh lebih expert daripada Anda. 215 more words

Pengembangan Diri

Peeling away

Have you ever seen the picture of the skinny girl peeling away the fat girl she used to be, because she finally made it?

No? Is it just me? 596 more words

CG's Squat Every Day. Day 24: 1:1 Front to Back Squat

#SquatEveryDay Day 24 was the return of the 1:1 Front to Back Squats previously hit on Day 11. I did remember to take my notepad with me to the gym for this session so I reflected back on Day 11 and chose a starting weight of 55kg (an increase of 5kg) and continued with the same trend, increasing the weight by 5kg every repetition change. 116 more words


Spin Instructor Rides To A Different Beat

Rachel Grosz is a 23-year-old spin instructor at Cyc Fitness in Austin. She was diagnosed with a virus at a young age that resulted in the loss of her hearing. 35 more words


Before you open your trap...

If you’re going to preach to a friend or colleague, at least be all about action.

Nobody likes the fat fitness instructor.