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Work blues 

I wrote around a week ago how much I was hating my job.
I hadn’t told any of my colleagues that I was considering handing my notice in but somehow my boss knew. 93 more words


Why Do Some People Lose Weight Quicker Than Others?

So, we all wonder from time to time, do some people lose weight quicker than others? We all have that one friend who says they’re going to drop weight and they do it rapid compared to you and you’re sitting there jealous and unsure why…Is it true some people just lose weight quicker than others? 231 more words


Ode to My Trainer

I’ve told you all ad nauseam how much I love my trainer. How she pushes me, teaches me, keeps Frankie fit and healthy. She truly works so hard for her clients and it’s inspiring to see. 659 more words

Equine Musings

How Important Is Nutrition?

When it comes to weight loss nutrition plays a HUGE part in your results. Even when it comes to gaining muscle it plays a huge factor when trying to put on minimum body fat. 369 more words


TIPS Cara berbicara di depan umum

TIPS Cara berbicara di depan umum

Cara berbicara di depan umum atau yang dikenal Public Speaking adalah sebuah seni bagaimana seorang Public Speaker dalam berkomunikasi dengan tujuan menyampaikan sebuah pesan kepada publik atau audiens. 994 more words

Public Speaking

Cara Menerbitkan Buku di Gema Insani

Kriteria Naskah Gema Insani

1) Ketentuan Umum dan Kriteria Naskah

Gema Insani menerima naskah asli dan terjemahan yang kemudian akan dinilai kelayakan terbitnya.

  1. Naskah yang diterima berupa naskah utuh, bukan outline atau sebagian naskah.
  2. 369 more words