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Maximum rep test

A few weeks ago I talked about how progressing your workouts was vital, increasing the amount of work that you do during a session, whether through weight, sets or reps is an absolute must for continued progress. 240 more words


Training in Switzerland

Women from points across Europe, Asia, Africa and North America are gathering as you read this, on a picturesque hillside in Switzerland. Not to yodel. Not to milk cows. 67 more words


When your body is telling you to rest...

It happens to us all…we work hard, train hard, and push and push – until our body finally kicks back and says STOP. That’s been me for the last 5 days – sick with flu and absolutely no training- it sucks! 473 more words


A workshop organised by the Canterbury Disaster Salvage Team will be taking place at Christchurch Art Gallery in mid June-ish on best practise in the event of a disaster (as identified by the hands on workshop we had last year).   35 more words


A month until race day

So, here’s the deal folks. I’ve been lazy.

Now, I’m not talking about missing one run or going short on a long day. I mean  259 more words


Ultra marathon training - the long run 

I’m annoyed because I wrote this entire post and then managed to delete it. So oh well – here we go again! Last week was a great week, recovering from the ski trip and then because James was home from the US I took Monday and Tuesday off – which meant two long runs! 532 more words