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Where There Is [No Struggle], There Is [No Strength] - Part 1

To Push or Pull?

In this series I will be telling you why without struggle, there is no strength. What that really means is if you never have to try particularly hard, you’re never going to get better at what you’re doing. 591 more words


His name should've been Pentium 3.

In January 2011, we were supposed to buy a computer. Instead, we impulsively bought a dog. We weren’t ready. Thank God for ‪#‎BetterDog‬. That’s our… 267 more words


Sleep, Stress and Weight Gain

Did you know that not getting enough sleep can lead to weight gain?  Almost 70% of our population does not get enough sleep.  If this includes you, read up!   407 more words


Shhh....I might have enjoyed that

I’m a little confused this evening. It seems I actually enjoyed a run. And I mean actually enjoyed the running part of the run, not the having done a run bit of the run. 359 more words