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Yes. I did.

I finally ran further than 13.1 miles.

Friday I ran through the hilly trails of Whistler, BC, and eeked out 16 miles.

A big thank you to… 206 more words


Race Review: IM 70.3 Ohio

I had the great pleasure of racing in Ironman 70.3 Ohio on July 30, 2017 despite registering at the last minute.  Here’s my review for those considering going the tri route through the wide open Ohio plains. 1,048 more words


On diversity training, the Google Bro and just being a good person at the office.

If you don’t want a more equitable and inclusive work environment, you’re not a good person. Period. Full stop.

Can we train our way out of a labor system that has a history of putting certain groups ahead of others, a history that spans from the very beginning of this country with slavery until present day when… 819 more words


Rolling Starts are Fun! 70.3 Steelhead

In the 4 weeks between Racine and Steelhead I put in A LOT of work on the bike. The week before Steelhead was 15 hours of training so even with a week to recover I was still a bit worried my legs wouldn’t make the turn around and be ready. 1,171 more words


Time for an SFI check-up?

SFI has launched A LOT of major changes and enhancements to our programs, Websites, and features in the past several months. In addition to launching… 155 more words

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Free Universal Credit Briefing Sessions (19th & 21st September, 1 - 3.30pm)

Universal Credit is being introduced across the UK in stages and is being rolled out in Sefton from October 2017. It will replace 6 ‘means-tested’ benefits… 136 more words

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Systematic review training in October, November and December

Interested in taking some training in systematic review methodology? Click on the links to find out more… 1,400 more words

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