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Many cyclists and triathletes (and the occasional runner) head for warmer weather at this time of year to get in a Spring training camp, but what are the benefits and possibly the pitfalls of packing up and jumping on a plane to head south? 525 more words

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Sabaudia continued...

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Nu har vi varit i Sabaudia i snart två veckor och det känns i kroppen och huvudet. Jag är trött och stel, det är alltid intensivt att börja roddsäsongen på vatten, kroppen är inte riktigt van att göra roddrörelsen fullt ut. 397 more words

Training Camps

Training Camp without the Kids! - by Tom Williams (TTT athlete)

So for those of you who read my last blog (both of you) you will know that we discovered you can do a training camp with the kids. 969 more words

Training Camps

Burdhwan- What role did Laden play in Mokimnagar madrasa

The Burdhwan blasts probe will now shift to the Mokimnagar madrasa, following an arrest of its owner who goes by the alias, Laden. His arrest is a key development as it would reveal further details of the operations of this madrasa which was undertaking activities similar to the one at Simulia in connection with the Budhwan probe. 61 more words

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Ummmm…check the

weather..too cold? Freezing wind…will there be ice?  What’s the road like? Greasy with run off water from the fields and gutters?  Can I be bothered to get all wrapped up to venture out? 726 more words


Different Types of Triathlon Races

Triathlon is a competition where skills and endurance are tested. Triathletes enroll in training camps to hone their skills and to increase their knowledge before the competition. 179 more words

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In the Interim

The last race of nationals finished on January 10th and the first race of U23s isn’t until Feburary 3rd leaving an interim period.  Although training is already in the bank for performances, this period can still be a crucial chance to rebuild, recharge, check in with doctors ( 877 more words