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Two years on: My top tips for trainees of tomorrow

Prepare early

It is useful throughout your university education to keep thinking about what areas of law you have an interest in, and whether or not you would like practical experience in these areas in the future. 561 more words


The eight pillars of truth

Apply early.

Many law firms receive thousands of applications and will often select candidates on a first come first serve basis. Yes, they have a stated deadline (hint: keep an eye on it). 656 more words


Possible changes to Solicitor Training

Currently to be a solicitor you need to get a law degree (or a conversion degree). This normally takes three years, more if you choose to do a Masters Degree. 235 more words


Why I chose Gateley

Before an interview:

I first heard about Gateley at a university careers fair. After doing my initial research it became clear that the firm is widely recognised and has maintained a strong commercial reputation from day one. 404 more words


AllAboutLaw's helping hand for finding that coveted training contract!

As we’re sure you clever people know, securing a training contract is the final hurdle to becoming to a solicitor. If you land one, you’ll spend two years training with a law firm, becoming a fully qualified solicitor at the end of it! 124 more words


5 Tips for Training Contract Application

Fill-in your training contract application effectively is essential in your marketing plan and is possibly the very first thing will attract the executive’s consideration.

Output deadlines are made to be fulfilled. 628 more words

Trainee Solicitor Interview Questions

2 tips for during a training contract

The posts on this site are generally addressed to students thinking about applying for a career as a solicitor, but this one is a bit different – it shares 2 seemingly contradictory thoughts about what to do during a training contract. 281 more words

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