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Shitting a Brick

Hi guys

I’m currently looking online for training contracts and I’m absolutely petrified. Everything is so complicated and competitive. I don’t think I am cut out for this. 75 more words


Why Law?

So the other day I decided to give training contract applications a go, just to practice and see what kind of questions they ask. I came across  “Why have you chosen a career in law?” with great difficulty. 498 more words

Why law as a career - answered.

Why law? Staple application question and, alas, a question you’ll doubtless ask yourself long into your legal career, albeit with more a “whyyy”… (jokes).

I enjoy my job but, as a law graduate, I was considering a career in law because: (i) everyone else was; (ii) I’d heard it was a lucrative career (“$olicitor” – you get me) and; (iii) it meant my degree was, to some extent, vocational. 702 more words

Legal Training Contract

Killin' Apps


In a similar vein to “the eight pillars of truth”, this post deals with the more general aspects of writing applications. My focus here is on question-based apps; there are further elements to consider if you wanna tackle legal covering letters. 452 more words

Legal Training Contract

What is the professional skills course?

Many people leave the LPC with the impression that they have completed all of their studying and all that remains between them and qualification is their training contract. 530 more words


Two years on: My top tips for trainees of tomorrow

Prepare early

It is useful throughout your university education to keep thinking about what areas of law you have an interest in, and whether or not you would like practical experience in these areas in the future. 561 more words


Applying to law: the eight pillars of truth

The Do’s and Don’ts of training contract applications.

“Why eight pillars, it looks like you didn’t have enough for ten?” 

…No comment.

Apply early.

Many law firms receive thousands of applications and will often select candidates on a first come first serve basis. 668 more words

Legal Training Contract