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Advice for New Runners

This post has been sitting in my drafts for over six months now and for some reason I never posted it! If you follow my blog and are not a runner, but want to get into running, here is some advice from me to you! 1,193 more words


Running Back to 'Normal'

Getting back to “normal” is different for everyone. Part of my normal is running on a regular basis again. I have decided to run a local 5k in Kennesaw on Labor Day. 965 more words


5 Tips I Picked Up While Running My First 5K

So if you have known me for a while, you have probably heard the story of why I don’t run. Long story short, anytime I ran longer than 10 minutes, my legs would get so incredibly itchy or painful that I couldn’t walk or stand for very long. 992 more words


1...2...3... GO!

I ran my first 5k of 2015 a couple of weeks ago, and it was kind of rough. But then again, the only thing I did to prepare was run… once. 893 more words

In search of thread-in-the-tapestry runs

Friday’s run was both frustrating and exhilarating.

The weather was gorgeous – sunny and upper 70s – but I wasn’t used to this kind of summer heat and I wound up wilting under the sun. 364 more words

New Journey Awaits

There will be a lot of great changes for me going forward through this week and beyond. I am on Day 5 for following the Wheat Belly movement and I feel great. 397 more words

Good News

Running Journal~Day 6

The Run: a 45-minute slow jog/walk

Distance: 3.83 miles

The best way to do a longer run is with a smaller dog. This is known. 176 more words