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Fast Rowers, Crazy People

Think about the fastest rower you know. Ask yourself. What’s their defining characteristic? They could be could be kind or compassionate, but their defining characteristic is crazy, isn’t it? 839 more words

Training Log

February 20, 2018 - Training Log

Mostly a boring day for puppies, given that we all had to load up for a six hour car ride this morning and it has been pouring rain all day. 24 more words

Training Log


Circuit: (Hindu Push Ups x 10 + Hindu Squats x 20 + TRX Rows x 20 + OASw 24 kg x 20) @ 3 sets… 9 more words

Training Log

February 16/17 2018 - Training Log

The last two days have been all about backstalls and nosework!

With the backstalls, the tricky part was figuring out how to reward in position with only one person! 182 more words

Training Log


In the morning …

Indian Clubs @ 5 min.

Meel Stick @ 5 min.

Tai Chi Stick @ 5 min.

Wand @ 5 min.

Teacups @ 5 min. 44 more words

Training Log

7-Feb & 12-Feb

On vacation from Feb 4th to Feb 15th … I managed to do a couple of workouts in the hotel gym. ;)


Spin Bike @ 12 min. 56 more words

Training Log