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Training Notes: Food

Living a life of traveling and exploring places to run and bike or even train in a gym facility can be challenging when it comes to food. 212 more words

Training Notes

Training Notes 6/17

Less than a month to go before heading up the mountains in the French-Alps, it’s time to switch gears in training. 6 weeks away from our train run race and without much expectations yet of the goals in the race except to finish strong, we still need to condition our bodies specific to hiking and running. 211 more words

Training Notes

Dryfire Drills & Objectives

Over the years, I have designed dozens of different dryfire drills for my practice sessions. The first was for a dryfire VHS tape that I produced almost 20 years ago.

32 more words

Certified and Ready?

I have completed the NRA’s Refuse to Be a Victim Instructor training and I am now “Certified”!

Many think now I am ready to teach? Nope. 241 more words


Give up? Pa-cha!

My parents would say I am beyond stubborn. I just go after what I want to do, if I am impassioned about it, good luck stopping me. 533 more words


Quit Apologizing!


EVERYONE knows what dirt tastes like. Last week, I ordered a salad at a restaurant and found myself crunching on a shoddily washed leaf. 876 more words


Stay Motivated!

This is Sports & Fitness Month. Even with a disability you can DO something…

Stay Active with a Disability: Quick tips

Regular physical activity is good for everyone’s health, including people with disabilities. 244 more words

Training Notes