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And It Starts...

It’s February 2016. I recently started Kung Fu again at a local club.  It’s significantly different from any school I’ve trained at, since the majority of students do not seem focused on combat prowess as a primary goal. 1,289 more words

Martial Arts

Brothers in arms - Rickson Gracie and Tai Chi

A discussion of the similarities between BJJ and Tai Chi

So, finally, here’s my much delayed look at the similarities between BJJ and Tai Chi. This is probably an impossible topic to give justice to fully, but I’ve given it a go and hopefully my perspective will be useful to others. 1,934 more words

Training Notes

The best way to practice Tai Chi

How to build a Tai Chi practice that lasts a lifetime

If you know some Tai Chi moves and you want to practice at home you probably have some questions, like where, when and how? 592 more words

Training Notes

OWLP KAP workshop No1

The Ouse and Holt Island.

A canoe party paddle past St Ives

Hemmingford Meadow and Holt Island: pasture and osier beds on the Ouse floodplain. 645 more words


Becoming sounder

Reflections on teaching Tai Chi

According to Seneca, “He who studies with a philosopher should take away with him one good thing every day: he should daily return home a sounder man, or on the way to become sounder.” 33 more words

Training Notes

EMDR Basic Training Weekend 1 (Part 3): Clinical Implication

Clinical Scenario # 1: What cause PTSD?

For years, when I was reading the research on childhood sexual abuse and PTSD, the research cannot define it is the “abuse” or “lack of care/concern from the caregiver” causing PTSD. 474 more words