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What makes a good KAP spot?

This question has been troubling me since the Easter break. Folks want to know where to KAP. They see the pictures,  they ask me. What should I say? 919 more words


Kite aerial photogrammetry: 2 the DSM

1st effort. The surface generated from the Sept 2014 block produced a very irregular model, I had hoped contouring would improve the interpretation of the earthwork but it did not. 823 more words


A rig for Tim

Tim Carter, an archaeologist working in Suffolk, got in touch and asked about KAP for site recording. After a couple of flights he has arrived at the conclusion this is an aerial platform with potential. 1,044 more words


Re-Charge : Recharging Leadership

Moses’ failures in leadership:
– Considered leadership as a routine
– Good intention, bad habit
– An I-can-do-it-all mentality

4 points for recharging leadership:
1. … 361 more words


LiPo battery fire

I have  been using a set of 3 3s LiPo packs for the last 4 years or so. They have been a boon enabling extended duration of video relay from sky to ground. 406 more words


Time of day

I’m shooting an earthwork monument for photogrammetry, and its taken months of patient work by the team at OWLP to get all the required consents, so as soon as I got the email from Natural England confirming permission and the cloud cleared, off I went, got there at 10am and flew for an hour. 197 more words


KAP pano rig assembly details

‘L’ rig production continues…

Having seen the L rigs here a Kapper asked if there were any going spare for sale. I rushed to the parts bin and assembled all the bits I had … and was quite a few short: 502 more words