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Over the next few months I will cover all aspects of my journey.  My training, how I’m feeling emotionally and physically, my fund raising, recovery, nutrition, equipment, sleep, cross training and much more.

Setting your equestrian goals for 2017, start now!

It is already November, almost December. This time of year I like to reflect. This way I can see what my accomplishments were in 2016 (and feel good about myself), figure out what my pitfalls were (if I had any) and use this information to improve my training approach in 2017. 709 more words

Become Successful

From Turkey Trot to Santa Run

Maintaining your running schedule/training can be a challenge during holiday seasons. There are so many reasons and excuses to not get out there: family is in town, too much holiday preparation to get done (shopping, cooking, wrapping, decorating, house cleaning, it never ends), it’s cold (at least where I am), and travel time. 352 more words


My Weekly Training Schedule & New Sneaks

Time flies here (when you’re having fun ;)). We have now gotten to know the public transport and our surroundings quite well here in Singapore. I have also developed a weekly training routine, which varies a bit every week. 223 more words


13.5 miles training run

So I survived my second half marathon since having my baby 5.5 months ago.  Of course there were more lessons learned so here goes my list: 179 more words


Plains vs. Mountains


Is the ultrarunning experience different when you run a flat race compared to a mountainous race?

Obviously, every course and every race is going to be a unique experience; even if you run the same race year after year there are just too many variables for it to be the exact same race. 491 more words


Amit Patel :: My story: from 5K to Half Marathon

By Amit Patel | 27th Sept 2016

Life begins when you come out of your comfort zone.

After completion of BMC (Basic Mountaineering Course) in mid November 2015, I always faced a challenge: how to be active in life specially in winters? 612 more words

Amit Patel