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Marathon Training!

So, I’m hoping that with the help of some online resources, I can train on my own for my FULL marathon in November (VEGAS baby!). The road is my gym (well, and spin class) – SO, I looked to Google for some answers and found this training schedule that would work PERFECTLY with my schedule. 193 more words

Heavy Training vs. Light Training

The age old question, “How do I train EVERYDAY??” The discipline to actually do this can be quite a challenge. I always hear, “When can I rest?”, “I’m just too busy!”, “I’m no where near spot to train!” etc. 741 more words


Can running help with depression?

I’m not advocating going off your prescribed medication. Not at all, going off psychotropic medications must be done under the supervision of your doctor and never just a complete stop. 333 more words


2016 Term 1 Table Tennis Club CCA training schedule

This is the 2016 Term 1 Table Tennis Club CCA training schedule.
Table Tennis (Girls School Team) – (14 training sessions)

Tuesdays: 12-Jan, 19-Jan, 26-Jan, 02-Feb, 23-Feb. 36 more words


February training schedule

We have collaborated with SUTD Tchoukball to teach the sport in just 4 sessions! Come join us on Mondays if you want to learn more about this new sport. 75 more words

Training Schedule

Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Stress fractures can put full out stop on running, which is a problem if you like to run a lot. It also makes training for a one hundred mile race very challenging. 372 more words


Training Week Review: Jan 4-Jan 10

Jan 4:
-Swim Session: 1K (200 yd sets; working on stroke length)
-Strength Training: Arms (45 minutes)

Jan 5:
-Run Session: 5K Consistent Pace (Total 24:10, 7:48 min/mi) 262 more words