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Common Mistakes when buying running shoes

I recently read an article on how to choose the perfect running shoe (that’s a blog for later, I think!) and it was amazing the mistakes people make when buying new shoes. 524 more words


Adidas Pure Boost Raw

I love how a pair of training shoes can just motivate you to get right back into the gym routine… I am pretty damn motivated!  Not only because these amazing shoes look so pretty and girly but also because they have solved a major issue for me… 341 more words


Day 069 - Training shoes

Trying out a new dip pen nib today – I love to use dip pens as you can vary the line thickness so fluidly, plus they always do unexpected things! 8 more words


What to Watch Out For with Training Shoes this 2016

Activities such as playing sports require perfect body gear for precision and good performance. Take it from someone who loves to play sports such as basketball, badminton and even soccer; there is a huge difference between the comfort that you feel and the level of your performance when you are wearing the right clothing when playing a game. 1,011 more words

Best Sneakers For Crossfit

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Happy Friday!

I am so low on energy at the moment,and my legs feel weak and I get lactic acid in my legs for nothing,when I ride my bicycle or walk. 179 more words


Adidas Pure Boost X Trainers – 5 Reasons To Love Them!

A few years ago, I confessed to my physio that my trainers were 8 years old (they looked it!). Quietly horrified, she explained that I needed new, fit-for-purpose trainers … only then could they help support my feet and protect my body from the impact of my workouts.  855 more words