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Next Four Weeks

For the last 6 weeks I was on family leave from work, so other than keeping my infant son alive and my beautiful wife happy, I was actually able to train with regularity and success, largely unhurried. 588 more words

Training Theory

Training Advancement

Burn this into your skull: there is no amount of weight that qualifies you as not a novice.

If you have never trained with weights, or you are coming back from a layoff of a month or greater from regular training, you are functionally untrained. 205 more words

Training Theory

Stress and Adaptation

Stress is any demand imposed upon the body.

Adaptation is how the body responds to the load imposed by the stress.

In the case of strength, when a stress is imposed, the body adapts by building more muscle and making bones more dense. 310 more words

Training Theory

Why Strength Training is so important

There are a couple of very simple reasons we want to make strength training the cornerstone of exercising.

  • Strength training accumulates over time.
    • Strength training is a lot like a mutual fund; staying invested in it means you’ll enjoy compounding interest over time.
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Training Theory

Exercise versus training

Probably the most important thing to remember is that there’s exercise, and there’s training, and only some of the time is exercising considered to also be training. 245 more words

Training Theory