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Impact time again

It’s that time gain, so smash open your piggy banks and book your spaces now.

Positive Police Dogs

Problem solving

I recently saw a student trying to jump a small ravine by leaving the dog on one side, jumping themselves and then calling the dog over. 1,041 more words

Positive Police Dogs

It all goes down the lead

We’ve long used the phrase “it all goes down the lead” to make handlers aware that their negative emotional states can adversely affect their dogs. Now it appears the science is available to back this up.

Check out this latest study.


The Top Five Ways to Gamify Without The Huge Price-Tag

Gamification, while new and potentially expensive to integrate at its highest levels, is a trend that is growing quickly and has already gained traction in the L&D sphere. 1,253 more words



Applying human characteristics to dogs can be very unhelpful. We have grown up on a diet of films and cartoons that portray dogs and other animals as having the full human repertoire of emotions and logic. 193 more words

Positive Police Dogs

Running, fast and slow

It’s important to have a variety of speeds within a training program, that much is well established. But it’s also important to have variations in training paces within the same type of runs in that training program. 934 more words


APPLIED: Using the PUSH band

APPLIED, up to this point, has been my taking of recent research and discussing implications and applications for training and coaching. I also want to use this segment to discuss concepts that I’m currently playing with in my own work. 606 more words

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