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APPLIED: Using the PUSH band

APPLIED, up to this point, has been my taking of recent research and discussing implications and applications for training and coaching. I also want to use this segment to discuss concepts that I’m currently playing with in my own work. 606 more words

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APPLIED: Cal Dietz on when to train speed and skills during training

Cal Dietz, Head Olympic Strength and Conditioning Coach at University of Minnesota and author of Triphasic Training, had an article from his site XLAthlete featured on the NSCA front page this week. 715 more words


APPLIED: Andy Galpin on supplementation

Dr. Andy Galpin of CSU Fullerton provided a brief guide on selecting and utilizing nutritional supplements for Barbell Shrugged a few days ago. What he discussed didn’t revolve around the usual “you need X grams of protein per kilogram of body mass”, but rather covered criteria you should use when considering taking supplements or administering supplements to your athletes. 479 more words


APPLIED: Damian Marsh discusses physical preparation for rugby union

Damian Marsh, Head Performance Coach for the 2011 Super Rugby Champion St. George Queensland Reds (now at Brumbies), took part in Bond University’s Sport Lecture Series following the Reds’ championship run. 494 more words

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A Step by Step Approach to Block Periodization

I have heard the saying “You can’t ride two horses with one ass.” No matter how obscure and odd the saying may be, it is pretty fitting in relation to training. 472 more words

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A Look Into the Training Methods of USA Bobsled

One of the most exciting and daring Olympic sports is the two-man and four-man boblsed event.  This events calls for a maximum push off of the starting blocks to accelerate the sled as much as possible to prepare for the 90mph journey to the bottom of the track.   257 more words

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The Importance of the Long Run

To many the long run is associated with distance runner’s, specifically the marathon runner. It’s often only associated with the marathon as this is the most well known benchmark in the sport. 1,109 more words