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3 Reasons You Should Take the Time to Fix Your PowerPoint Decks

We’ve all been there: a presentation, a training, a sales pitch, something. The presenter sets up the projector and blasts a bare bones presentation (or worse, crazy fonts and no contrast). 262 more words

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Does Your Training Need a Key Narrative?

One of the biggest problems with orientation programs (especially long orientation programs) is that it is unclear how all of the information fits together. If your learner has to make up their own connections, they will waste a lot of their limited memory space doing so, and learn less. 208 more words

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Making an Orientation Program: Selecting Skills

Once you have identified your guiding values and given your learners a decision making framework, it is time to start listing out what it is they need to know how to do. 191 more words

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Making an Orientation Program: Identifying Core Values

Step 1 in my guide to creating an awesome orientation program is to identify your core values.

Whenever you are training new staff or volunteers, you have to keep in mind the fact that they… 167 more words

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Free Resource: How to Make an Orientation Program

As someone who has created or completely remade a number of Orientation Programs for agencies large and small, I have learned a lot about the process. 198 more words

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How to Choose Between Live Trainings and eLearning Modules

I often have clients ask me if a given training would be better as an eLearning module or a live workshop. There are a lot of benefits to each approach, and some serious drawbacks. 365 more words

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Training Coordinators and Instructional Designers are Different

Over the course of my career, I have met a lot of frustrated training coordinators. They love training. They like coordinating for guest trainers. They enjoy getting the best information out to their staff or volunteers, and seeing their programs improve as a result. 415 more words

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