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2/8/16 Challenge

Format: For Time!

DB Curl and Press x 30

Burpees x 40 or (30 second High Knees -> Medball Slam x 15 for 3 Rounds ) 29 more words


GetFit Week 1

Happy Monday! Last week was my first week in GetFit, as well as my first week of my ease-into-it half marathon training plan. I got off to a bit of a rocky start (anyone surprised?) but the week ended up being a success. 1,139 more words


More Than Just a Workout

Language is a funny thing to it. The way we use words, and the subtext behind them. It’s always curious to me. A prime example is I use to say “no worries” a lot. 460 more words


Going to Seminars

December 2015 was my third year as a black belt and I have improved greatly. As part of that growth, one of the other black belts invited me to join him and some others to go to some seminars. 798 more words



JE2 W1D1

Snatch+Hang Snatch 85% 5×2
Cn+FS+Jk 85% 5×2 (Mod to remove 2nd FS)
Rack Lunges 95x4x6 per leg
RDL 185x4x8 (wide clean grip) 23 more words


VIDEO Watch Manny Pacquiao begin training for Tim Bradley

Manny Pacquiao’s full training camp begins eight weeks before his third and final showdown with Tim Bradley

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Daily Chase: Vol. 23

At this point, I’m looking for hills on just about every run I take, which has meant pushing my body a bit harder than I have in the past. 212 more words

Running Thoughts