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Training 19th March 2018

Growth Stimulus Training

Micro Cycle 2, Macro Cycle 2, Day 7, Pull

Bent Over Rows

20kg x 20

60kg x 10

65kg x 6

65kg x 6… 44 more words

Blog Post

Video playlist with Angular5

Create new application

ng new video-playlist

open project with your favorite IDE (Visual studio code, Atom, Notepadd++, Sublime Text…)

ng serve --port 4207 -o

open browser (Chrome), localhost:4207

Sweetly Sucking

I apologize if the title offends your sensibilities, but what is going to follow isn’t dirty. Unless you are the type to think that a sorry run is dirty. 245 more words


You are welcome

My friend just had a little baby a few days ago and it’s so fantastic, beautiful and overwhelming. I have therefore prepared some unsolicited advice for new parents. This also goes for babysitters.


Day 29: Sunday Surprise

During tonight’s easy 6-mile run, I had a surprise mid-run.

Again this Sunday, I worked for most of the day at my part-time job at the local running store. 164 more words

Weekly Review - 18th March 2018

This will be a pretty short post this week, because there is not much to review. I decided to have a few days off from training after the race last week and that few days some how turned into nearly all week! 201 more words


And the Weekend is ending

So it is Sunday evening and so tomorrow we return to work and getting things done for this particular validation. It has been moving along nicely and we are accomplishing what was set out to be done. 411 more words