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Physical Exam

You are led down a stone hallway. It is dimly lit and smells of moss. You pass several rooms and exit the back of the  building into a patio like area that had a brick wall that came up about chest high that ran the length of the patio. 2,183 more words

If it Ain't Broke Don't Fix It

And so it begins.  Just a week away till I’m “officially” in Marathon training.   After looking over several plans, I decided to stick with the Hal Higdon Novice 1 Marathon plan.   392 more words


Today - a rest day

Every training programme should feature rest days, these allow your body to recover.

I have tried to be healthy today, eggs for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, chicken for dinner. 237 more words


Musketeers Were Not Easier to Train than Archers

Myth 2: Muskets replaced bows because musketeers are easy to train

Or, as internet commentators like to say, it took years, even decades, of training to make a decent archer, but any peasant could be trained to use a musket in a few hours. 1,432 more words


Combat Sambo seminar, Osaka,Japan 2017

I will be giving a Combat Sambo seminar June 20 at the P’sLab in Osaka, Japan.

Will be covering knife defense techniques.

For more info: http://pancrase-osaka.com/


Week in Review - A Change Is As Good As A Rest

It’s been a bit of a different week for me. Apart from the arrival of summer at last, I was away for a night on a work trip – something that’s a bit of a rarity in teaching – which meant a change to my routine. 1,426 more words


Training Philosophy: Variety is Key

Jared posted the other day about training volume, and his three-up-one-down training philosophy.

He stressed that each runner needs to find what works for them, but then to not be afraid of letting that evolve. 865 more words