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4 ways SLCC can help your business grow while unemployment is low

Utah’s unemployment numbers are holding steady at 3.1 percent as of January, according to the Department of Workforce Services. With such low unemployment rates, the best thing a business can do is develop their existing workforce. 261 more words


Inauguration...Just Another Day

Today was/is Inauguration Day. For many it is the best day ever.  For many others it  is the worst day ever.  What did I do today to celebrate/mourn? 178 more words


Yoga Teacher Training, Ch. 1

One week ago today I started my yoga teacher training.

I am an introvert by nature, so I spent the better part of last weekend trying to overcome my desire to fade into the background and not have to be part of the open group discussions. 433 more words


My Skinner box

Presenting my version of a Skinner box. After learning about Skinner’s animal experiments of reinforcing certain behaviors in my psychology class, I decided I wanted to try it out on the smaller of my two dogs, seeing how long it would take him to learn the trick. 71 more words

A Dash of Biodynamics

What does the world need?

A deep question.

Food has always been in my blood. I come from a background of food – my parents both active in the local food industry, I’m a consultant with a popular Canadian spice company, I really enjoy creating food, gardening….the list goes on and on. 240 more words

January 21st, 2017

A. Power Clean; 50%x5 (Tng); 60%x5 (Tng); 70%x5 reps OTM x 5 minutes (Tng)
B. Snatch Pull from 2′ Defecit (w/pause at knee); 70%x3; 80%x3x3… 24 more words


Save 50% on this Pro Fitness 2KG Kettlebell, now only for £2.49!!!

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