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How to Avoid Common Dog Training Mistakes - Whole Dog Journal Article

Though training a dog is a must to grow a mutual understanding between the canine and his master that will maintain a long warm relationship, we tend to make training mistakes that can ruin all of these efforts.

Cross Training!

Earlier in the week I (Amy) did some cross training! I know a lot of you are thinking the sensible ‘thats great… thats really useful well done’ answer, and the other half who know me more are thinking ‘whaaaaaattt you did MORE exercise besides running…. 211 more words


The gift of sight

Not long ago, I was asked what’s the best thing I’ve gotten out of running.

There could have been a lot of answers to that; I’ve gotten better health, new friendships, a sense of pride and accomplishment. 351 more words


Race Review: Citi Field Spartan Sprint

Spartan races are one of the more intense Obstacle Course Races (OCRs) due to founder’s mindset: with the struggle, everything else will seem easy in comparison. 627 more words


SparkR preview by Vincent Warmerdam

This is a guest post by Vincent Warmerdam, data scientist and blogger at koaning.io.

Apache Spark is the hip new technology on the block. It allows you to write scripts in a functional style and the technology behind it will allow you to run iterative tasks very quickly on a cluster of machines. 1,164 more words


How to sell a new idea - The importance of training

In this post I would like to share a simple idea that really worked for me in terms of Business Development Consultant. This idea resulted in the increase of sales more than 14 times in 9 months. 360 more words

Business Consultant

How are your employees getting along with each other?

How are your employees getting along with customers?  How satisfied are you with the interpersonal skills of your employees?  Is it time for a little “brush up”  of customer service skills?  32 more words