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Walmart Acquire 17,000 Oculus Go Headsets To Train Staff

By now a number of industries, sectors and businesses have established that the immersive nature of virtual reality (VR) makes it an idea way to train staff in a way that is realistic, but lacks the inherent risks in training new employees in the real-world scenarios. 29 more words

Virtual Reality

Sunshine and dark clouds

As you all know, life is not always rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes it’s waiting for dark clouds and even storms to pass… I don’t mean to make this a sad post, only a realistic one… 260 more words


Embracing the HAC

Don’t ever give up hope, some injuries take longer to heal than others and Swimmer’s shoulder can take as long as a normal pregnancy to heal, around 9 months. 366 more words


HFR stays sharp with continued training

To stay up to date on the latest techniques and equipment, firefighters from departments throughout the area attended a training session hosted by Highlands Fire and Rescue focused on forcible entry training on Sept. 279 more words


Rest/Test Week

This week was a rest/test week so it was all about recovery, adaptation and testing. To me, not knowing anything about the results and what it all might mean to my coach it meant an easy week, for the most part. 699 more words


Quality is Job 1

Remember that advertisement by one of the major car manufacturing companies? It was an effective ad campaign for a corporation but plays an even more important role in coaching. 421 more words


Abundance and the Law of Dharma-- Law of Attraction (LOA) –Creating Abundance Series—Chopra Center w/ Various Artist; 21 – Day Meditation Challenge: Day-14 _Second Week!!!

If you are joining us in the challenge of creating abundance through the LOA.  We’re mediating each evening at 9pm your time, wherever you are. 15 -20 minutes.  20 more words