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Running Terms

Quite often when I am talking about running and training I get asked what terms mean, so I thought I would cover off on some training terminology . 562 more words

Running Terms

Day 3 Week 9 - A Vicarious Living

7 miles easy pace, cloudy & 78 degree

For close to a year, I have been living vicariously through someone. Yes, indeed.

You see, I have been campaigning for this candidate who is running in a competitive race for a seat on the local government council. 155 more words

Daily Writing

What the Hecuador?!

I have officially been in Ecuador for 3 whole days now and life has already been full of good food, new friends, lots of learning, and lots of “what the heck?!” moments. 957 more words


Training: Juggling love and fear

Sexuality is so full of contractions. From the classic joke of a slave pleading “Beat me” answered by the sadistic reply of  “No” , through ‘forced’ fetishes and so many other aspects. 355 more words



Dear readers I know I owe you all a big time apology and they will come later but right now I AM HERE FOR SOME RANTING so let’s get to it 😄😄. 673 more words

The Christian Race

Have You Heard about Daktronics Content Management Services for Message Displays?

In case you haven’t heard already, Daktronics will create and schedule your messages for you. That’s right, we offer a complete Content Management service for our customers!  414 more words


Swimming with (metaphorical) sharks

Obviously I don’t mean actual things that eat you. Its a pool! Tuesday night is ‘Swim Club’. My swimmy friend Simon likes that I call it that because I make it sound ‘fun’ apparently. 714 more words