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Recovery - From kneeling - working as a team

In this drill we work on speedy recovery from the ground, facing away on your knees. Once up and having touched the 6 yard line, work as a team to cover the goal, before coach shoots the ball. 476 more words


Week In Review - Fun, Sun and Holidays Done!

The second week of my spring break gave me a chance to get a bit more consistent training in as part of my inverse taper, as well have a bit more fun to set me up for the long term ahead. 1,964 more words


Tri-ing the thrifty way; strength workouts.

If you want to lift heavy things to get strong, then you need the heavy things. If you are building and using different weights for different exercises, along with a mix of bars and barbells, you either need to invest in significant space requirements and equipment volume at home, or go to a gym. 194 more words


Smiley :o

  • I am working on flex-grow property and I applied flex-grow for flex-direction:column; and it did nothing at all because I didn’t specify height of the container, therefore it takes the height:auto; which is equal to that of the content and flex-grow stretches to the empty space.
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My 4yr Old, a 1000-Piece Puzzle & Your Workout

I started a 1000-piece puzzle on Friday. Like a literal puzzle. It’s a panorama of Citi Field during a Mets game. I’ve had this puzzle for years in it’s wrapper sitting on a shelf. 478 more words


Illinois Half-Marathon Training: Week 11

It’s official- I can’t count on two hands how many weeks I’ve been training! After wrapping up Week 11 I have been training for 75 days…WOW. 1,260 more words