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Look both ways!

Spotted this delightfully retro sign at a foot crossing near Lesparre station in the Médoc region of France. It’s a new-ish sign, not an old one still there. 43 more words


The villains (and heroes) behind the subway mess

NY Post

You’re likely aware subway trains are breaking down partly because parts of the signal system date back to the 1930s. The succession of bad decisions that got you stuck in that tunnel goes back nearly as long — to the 1950s, at least. 1,215 more words


Step One Toward Fixing the Subway: Be Honest

Streetsblog NYC

Governor Cuomo won’t get far if the MTA isn’t candid about the subway’s problems and what it will take to fix them.

The New York City subway is not in good shape. 892 more words


The history of who's in charge of NYC subways

Bobby Cuza at NY1

The latest front in the ongoing feud between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio has been the question of just who is responsible for city subways. 373 more words


Just Another Day At NY City MTA Headquarters

Escalator shutdowns at the Second Avenue Subway’s 86th Street Station have forced rush-hour straphangers to slog up the stairs during this week’s heat wave, locals said. 805 more words


NYC transit upgrades are long overdue

AM New York

For weeks, the newest plans for MTA capital projects, including $3 billion in funding for key improvements to subways, bridges, tunnels and commuter railroads, sat in wait. 310 more words


MTA can’t afford to wait on signals upgrades

Problems with both NYCT system-wide subway and LIRR signals at Penn Station require decisive action today, not tommorow.

The MTA must reprogram the $695 million Metro North East Bronx Penn Station Access, the $1.7 billion Second Avenue Subway Phase 2, and the $1.9 billion LIRR Main Line Third Track to help fund upgrading NYCT Subway System Signals. 196 more words