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titties + train tracks

the metal so hard against my back

as i’m tied down to the rails on the side

i have a perfect view of the setting sun… 207 more words


Passports Please

A kool and krisp morning in Kalispell !!  It’s a given now that all our warm weather gear is required for the first few hours of riding. 571 more words

Hobo Days

My ultimate goal is to publish a book about my father Emil Sitka’s experiences of working with the Three Stooges, a project he himself worked on for the last ten years of his life. 175 more words



Departure from uncomfortable short-lived Larry-McCaslin-type familiarity. Or: the beckoning loneliness of train windowscapes: a slow flipbook of Miyazaki-esque countrysides, sudden graffiti, shimmering waterways, unidentified wildflowers, Harpers Ferry; sometimes, the plants and stones match old memories. 94 more words


This is what the next generation of high-speed rail in America looks like

The Obama administration’s dream of a national high-speed rail network has floundered. However that hasn’t stopped it from making a big investment in the US’s only operating high-speed route. 243 more words

Jennie Stories, the Early Years

My family log house, early 1770’s

Telling stories is akin to reading aloud. Words come alive when children ‘make the pictures in their heads’.  Listening stretches the brain because language,  490 more words