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Weed, CA

by: Anna Jaffray

November 2015

Do any tours still run to Hampton Court?

Do any tours still run to Hampton Court?

This is a question we are often asked and the answer sadly is not many, indeed we only know of one that visits this magnificent Tudor Palace and please see below for further details and also another way to get to Hampton Court if no tour dates work for you. 324 more words

The Hyperloop – Accelerating from zero to test tracks in less than 3 years!

Much like the Transcontinental Railroad revolutionized the settlement and economy of the American West by bringing the western states and territories firmly and profitably into the “Union” and making goods and transportation much quicker and cheaper from coast to coast (see… 294 more words


Daily Commute

I can’t stop to be amazed, about how many delays and issues the trains have on a daily basis. You plan all your day, the time you need to leave and the time you need to arrive, and all goes down the drain when there’s problems with the trains. 344 more words

Working Mum

Ever been bored with public transport?

Public transport is boring, uncomfortable and takes for ever! Well now it looks as if there is one form of public transport everyone will be cuing to take! 114 more words


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