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Here's how America's Amtrak compares to China's bullet trains

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

The INSIDER Summary:

  • China’s bullet trains are faster than Amtrak in the US.
  • They’re also significantly cheaper.
  • The interiors of the trains look pretty much the same.
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Time, it trips and slips and moves at variable paces. Some days it moves in aeons and other times in a blink three hours have gone by and suddenly am facing the prospect of three and a half hours sleep before the alarm goes off. 387 more words

Time Journey


Long, long day…

Most of it spent on the other side of the country getting the car serviced (I have a good relationship with the garage going back years, so I don’t mind putting the milage to get there). 104 more words

An Overview of Sri Lanka, Privileged Tourism and Getting in My Own Head

On paper, Sri Lanka was a no brainer for us—our logical next vacation destination. It has a lot of the things we gravitate towards as travelers—we like South/Southeast Asia (admittedly, one of us a bit more than the other). 1,182 more words


những chuyến tàu xuyên đêm

những chuyến tàu xuyên đêm Bắc Nam trong hơn năm qua bao giờ cũng hơn 16 tiếng. Mấy chuyến tàu tháng 7 năm ngoái cũng vậy. 478 more words



I watched my cousin’s two-year-old son, play with a train set the other day.

“Does the baby like trains?”, I asked, a bit curious.

“Yes,” she said, “He likes Thomas the tank engine!” 611 more words

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