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Just Another Cliché Friday Night

So, I spent tonight by myself, live-tweeting Boys and Girls (a RomCom, of course), painting my nails, eating Oreos, and having a few drinks.
Did the fact that this is one of the most cliché nights ever affect how my night is going? 225 more words


Amy Schumer Talks With Program Council

I’m walking into the extravagant doors of the St. Julien hotel to meet the same women who just had 150 eager fans wait in an hour long line just to say a quick hello. 244 more words


Amy Schumer Speaks for all of us!

In our society today most celebrities have a need for portraying themselves as the perfect role model. Dressed in nice clothes, being seen at nice places and being seen with the right crowd. 175 more words

In A Surprising Turn of Events...

I just got back from my bowling date, pleasantly surprised with how the night went.
We went bowling, of course (I lost, like, I REALLY lost), but afterwards, we drove out to the middle of nowhere, parked and just…were. 150 more words


Pizza Break Part 2: Extra Butter

The episode continues with a discussion of the summer 2015 movie lineup including Mad Max, Jurrasic World, Ex Machina, Ant Man, Southpaw, Aloha, Pitch Perfect 2, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Trainwreck, Inside Out, Tomorrowland, The Gift… and f*** Pixels. 21 more words

Date Night?

So I have a date tonight, but I’m pretty sure that he’s going to cancel or otherwise find a way out of it because I’m OBVIOUSLY an optimist- so I figured I’ll just get drunk and put up a post or two instead. 109 more words


Breakups for the Better?

Dearest passengers,
I think that in my extended absence, you all actually missed an entire tumultuous relationship’s beginning and end (~4 months start to finish, I think). 696 more words