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get it together, please

We all have that friend who, no matter how hard they try, just can’t keep their life together. Without fail, it’s always the girl who claims that she “isn’t even going to drink that much” who ends up with bruised knees and vomit stained hair by the end of the night. 298 more words

Trainwreck: Why Journalists Don't Get the Guy

The truth is awkward. It’s awkward and uncomfortable to hear and even more so, to witness.

I wanted to walk out of the movie theater during the first 30 minutes of  1,363 more words


Crush of the Mid-Week: Bill Hader

There is nothing like having one of your highschool TV crushes validated on the big screen. When Bill Hader joined the cast of SNL in 2005 I entered a profound state of smit. 216 more words

Crush Of The Week

Box Office Predictions - Weekend of July 31, 2015

The following is a new weekly post on I’m Jeffrey Rex, wherein Jeffrey predicts the coming weekend numbers at the box office for North America. 460 more words



Yes. Mhm! Definitely. You’re gonna like this one. Typical Amy Schumer vulgarity hilarity. There are so many lines I wish I could remember and so many scenes I’ll never forget. 19 more words


See The Best Responses from LeBron James' Twitter Q&A

It’s not every day that people get to ask one of the greatest athletes in the world whatever they want on Twitter and have him respond, but that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday evening as NBA superstar LeBron James announced an impromptu question-and-answer session on the microblogging site. 400 more words

Trainwreck (2015)

This opinion piece contains spoilers.

There’s something about the oil and water with Trainwreck; the latest from director Judd Apatow and comedian Amy Schumer. On the one hand we’ve got an enjoyable enough crude comedy which sees Schumer as Amy; a problematic journalist who tries not to aspire for too much in case it gets in the way of her social life. 976 more words