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Box Office: A Lament for Hot Pursuit in the Wake of Pitch Perfect 2’s “Women Rule” Success

What a difference a week makes.

Last week, Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara’s Hot Pursuit was supposed to be the second coming of The Heat… 1,769 more words

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2015: Summer at the Movies

Mad Max: Fury Road (May 14th)

“My world is fire. And blood.” Welcome back Mad Max, it’s been a while. Max is here to save our summer, with a mighty blockbuster. 524 more words


Gay Jokes and Two-Faced Representation in Modern Comedies

A few weeks ago, I saw “Trainwreck,” the latest comedy from director/producer Judd Apatow and comedian Amy Schumer’s debut writing for and headlining feature films. I didn’t write anything about it at the time because I wasn’t sure if it was the cut most critics had seen at SXSW, which was still a work in progress, though suffice to say I didn’t like it much (par for the course for Apatow, not so much for Schumer). 819 more words


I love words, especially beautiful words, and I’m always looking for them in all sorts of places. Usually they’re words of someone famous, or quotes from conversations, but sometimes they’re in books. 444 more words

...For Thought.

Method Man To Star In Key & Peele Movie 'Keanu'

Method Man is preparing to bring the funny for his upcoming movie role. The Wu-Tang rep has been snagged to star in comedy duo Key & Peele’s new movie  90 more words


Meet the Reviled Movie Blogger Who Inspired Last Week's 'Amy Schumer'

If you’re lucky, you have no earthly idea who Jeffrey Wells is. Writer of, in his words, “a daily stream-of-Hollywood-consciousness column for Hollywood Elsewhere,” Wells is the kind of fringe gadfly that can seem omnipresent when you live in a particular bubble (in this case, that of online film writing), only surfacing beyond the Twitter conversations of hate-readers and head-shakers when he writes something particularly noxious — which, to be fair, is pretty often. 1,054 more words


Trailer: Trainwreck

Trailer: Trainwreck

The comedy film, Trainwreck directed by Judd Apatow will be released in theaters on July 17, 2015. The movie includes a cast of great comedians such as Bill Hader, Amy Schumer, and Brie Larson and some uncanny appearances such as LeBron James and John Cena. 113 more words