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On Extraversion

Janus was a Roman god of complex qualities. Most commonly, people have viewed him as looking forward to the future and backward to the past. He was known as the god of transitions, of war and peace, of doorways entering and exiting, of gateways and harbors, of passages for both trade and travel, of conflict, of birth and death. 494 more words

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The Blinding Effect of Power

I will be brief and to the point: When one feels powerful and in control, one is at risk for failing to perceive the emotions of others in their presence. 468 more words

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Boost your Personality Theorists Comparison Essay/Presentation

Often we are asked as students to present or write an essay in which we compare two or more theorists. Within the discipline of psychology, the subject of Personality is ripe with different points of views. 356 more words

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A Conscientious Spouse Can Help You Get Ahead

A Conscientious Spouse Can Help You Get Ahead

Who you marry may influence the trajectory of your career. Previous studies have found that home life can influence work life, and new research shows that a spouse’s personality could play a role in on-the-job success. 30 more words

8 Leadership Theories

What exactly makes a great leader? Do certain personality traits make people better-suited to leadership roles, or do characteristics of the situation make it more likely that certain people will take charge? 770 more words

Leadership Theories

On trait theory vs personal construct theory

When it comes to theories of personality, perception is reality. Whilst some argue that research into personality says something about the way in which people are perceived, others argue the existence of a trait structure that is responsible for behavior. 1,142 more words