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Keeping the Mountaintop Experience Alive

I invite you, dear reader, to contribute to this list. It is prompted by an associate who asked me last week how to keep learning alive. 1,065 more words

Trait Theory

Our Knowledge of Averages is Below Average!

In 1954 Darrell Huff published How to Lie with Statistics. It is still in print (W. W. Norton). No lie!

One reason this book has legs is that Huff made everyday statistical concepts come alive and understandable through clever examples and illustrations. 985 more words

Trait Theory

To Each Her Own—A Call for Individualized Medicine

Behavioral Medicine is about the interaction of everyday behavior with medical treatment. One study, for example, found that more introverted persons tend to have longer hospital stays—they enjoy the relative quiet and inactivity. 1,095 more words

Trait Theory

Jumping Out of My Skin—Some Thoughts on Flow

Here I am at my desk with statuettes of the smiling Buddha and the arm-waving Ganesh silently urging me on—cheerleaders determined to keep me at the top of my game. 708 more words


On Extraversion

Janus was a Roman god of complex qualities. Most commonly, people have viewed him as looking forward to the future and backward to the past. He was known as the god of transitions, of war and peace, of doorways entering and exiting, of gateways and harbors, of passages for both trade and travel, of conflict, of birth and death. 494 more words

Trait Theory

The Blinding Effect of Power

I will be brief and to the point: When one feels powerful and in control, one is at risk for failing to perceive the emotions of others in their presence. 468 more words

Trait Theory