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Three imperatives for Talent Management in a VUCA world

Talent management originates from the late 1960s. Since then the business environment has changed dramatically. However, talent management practices in a number of organizations have not been adapted to cope effectively with these changes. 1,924 more words


Born This Way (but are you really?)

This week’s reading was pretty overwhelming! It felt like going through the entire first semester of my comm theory class all over again! While the theories varied quite a bit, they all dealt with the communicator. 419 more words


Gordon Allport

Gordon Allport was born in Montezuma, Indiana but the family moved to Ohio when he was six years old. His father was a doctor and turned the family home in Ohio into a hospital, surrounding his sons and family with his patients. 240 more words


Example of both the Psychodynamic and Trait Approach

Situations including the trait and psychodynamic theories would be someone making unconscientious decisions based on their personality. For example, someone who very social is more likely to strike up a conversation with a stranger than a shy person because their unconscious psychological process is telling them to do so. 11 more words

Trait Theory