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I think that after July 16th we don’t really need to ask if Trump colluded with Russia. Honestly, I think this piece sums it all up.  38 more words

Press Around the World Agree: Donald Trump is a Treasonous Traitor

Headlines across the country, and around the world, screamed in unison!  Donald Trump has been declared a “traitor” to America.

Trump’s performance and comments at the Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin were unmistakable.  86 more words


RECENT HAPPENINGS in Helsinki have added the words “treason” and “traitor” to the SimanaitisSays Etymology for our Times. What follows here focuses on the words’ English language usage and origin, with citation of the smallest bit of legalese, and only hints at culpability. 561 more words

I Usta Be An Editor Y'Know

Both Sides Now: The Defense Of A Traitorous Coward

We are witnessing the greatest debacle of America’s history unraveling before our very eyes. Of course, I am talking about that odd pompadour-style do atop current president of… 601 more words


Trump Supporters Don't Care that Trump is Putin's Servant

After witnessing Trump slobber all over Putin’s manhood yesterday during the press conference, while at the same time trashing his own country, many people, including myself once again returned to the question: will this be enough to convince Trump supporters?  445 more words