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One of These Days

These boots are going to walk all over you sang Nancy Sinatra fifty years ago and there’s a clip of her performing this on YouTube which is a boot fetishist’s delight. 371 more words


In this world

in this world

even my kneading makes

rice cakes!

chickens trampling

the rice cakes…

a comedy


Determined to keep my spirits up

As of right now, I haven’t heard anything about my biopsy, so I am distracting myself by picking pretty pictures to write about, I forget the name of the fuzzy purple spikes in the picture above, but I love their uniqueness. 84 more words

Trampled Underfoot

Not to be confused with the Led Zeppelin version, but a delightful way for Mistress to spend a session, and indeed I did just that with a charming victim on my Friday afternoon! 197 more words

I will be back ~ Foot Goddess Lisa Fire

I have to apologize my lovely footy freaks 😰 I’ve been having a lot of issues this winter but I’m getting back to my old self slowly …. 170 more words

Sonogram (a stream of consciousness poem)

These conflicting agendas explode,

       pushing at the thin rubbery skin of the world,

               dragging and ripping towards nirvana,

                 fists determined and curled.


          those below their feet, 90 more words