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Morning in the Life of a Uni Student, a Cautionary Tale.

Have you ever had one of those days where everything just seems to go wrong?

Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed? 448 more words

British Trams: Edinburgh and Manchester

Trams are pretty abundant in Europe, surviving the onslaught of the automobile industry. While most traditional tramways serve an inner city transport function, Britain’s trams serve more of a longer distance commute function, essentially  doorstep to doorstep commuting as the line goes directly through the city. 1,636 more words


Rattling Ride to Nostalgia

I think, almost every vehicle makes a distinct noise. You might be facing a wall, but when you hear its sound, you can name the vehicle by it. 446 more words

Public service announcement (Or: I love trams)

(Public service announcements, or PSAs. Basically messages that are freely distributed to the public because they are in their best interest.)

Trams rule! I never realized this while growing up in the US because there wasn’t much public transportation around. 249 more words


Southbound light rail could've stopped motorways

22 April 2016

Buried somewhere in some archive, belonging to some individual or some organisation, lies a light rail proposal, probably forgotten now.  I first heard about it more than a decade ago.  858 more words

Transport In Sydney

Trams. A sting in the tale.

If you want a tram line along Unley Road (mission impossible/unnecessary in Grumpy’s view!), and are a local ratepayer,  stand by.  The news from the North Terrace asylum is that the so-called benefactors of the back-to-the-future “solution” to our traffic congestion woes will have to bear the cost. 198 more words