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Laponie, Lapland, Lappi <3

Beautiful night skies, possible northern lights, reindeer, mind blowingly beautiful nature HERE I COME!

Flying off to Rovaniemi soon to visit my mom for the weekend! 284 more words


Earworm Again

I know you like it in my brain
but I would also like it in my brain
if you weren’t there as well… 57 more words

Find a Quiet Space for Self

I believe that at certain moment in our lives, we need the space for self.

At busy hustle and bustle life, we may want an escape gate. 119 more words



The weather has been feral. Just sayin’. And lots of change in the air. All positive thus far.

Huge congratulations to my sisters from other misters in securing new employment and job security. 61 more words


how amazing to be fluid. weaving and woving the fabrics of our seas. to be eternally free. how could I ever be, more than me? how amazing to be in the trees, to feel the breeze….. 20 more words


Drink Blue October

Drenched in grace,


note: you can click on the post card to see a larger image.

This is day 7 of a 31 day series. 9 more words