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Lavender Lullaby

Soothing scents of lavender
Flicker, flicker
Filling up the room
Warmth, tranquility

Breathing deeply
Out slowly, easing
Eye lids flutter, closing
Breathing in, out

Inch by inch… 12 more words


It's that time of year again

I felt the air caress every inch of my lungs,
They absorbed the fresh crisp atmosphere and released my toxic feelings of suffocation.
The faint aroma of blossoming daisies teased at my nostrils as the flowers lay scattered across the green sheet that spread for yards around me. 101 more words

Dynamic Swimmers

Zig-zagging, radiating reflections announce the movement of the koi that swim in lazy formation toward the spectator. The calm quietude of the koi contrasts with the reflections created by their wake. 106 more words


At Peace

One day –

you will cease these false promises.

One day –

I will stop believing.

One day –

we will make it.

One day – 21 more words

Dealing With Addictions

Indeed bad addiction destroys life.  When you are addicted to movie, music, internet and any other addiction, it is difficult to understand why you feel frustrated, bored, pessimistic, hopelessness and etc. 1,586 more words