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Friday Night Tune: Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express


I’m sitting here this morning trying to take in the results of the EU referendum and finding myself almost unable to do so. More than that, though, I find myself unwilling to think about it, about all the vast implications for the future, for right now. 420 more words

Friday Night Tune

This Friday We Are Listening To: Kraftwerk, Yes, Garnidelia

I have noticed lately that I don’t have the strength or passion to do reviews anymore, much is because I have had it really rough for a long time now, but also because I have started to listen to a lot different music that I never thought I would ever enjoy. 390 more words


Trans-Europe Express - Kraftwerk

Okay, I’ve never really been into Electronic music and certainly not Kraftwerk so now we are now moving into unfamiliar territory.
I had a great friend who knew that I loved another German band called Popol Vuh, and he so suggested me many times that I had to try out Kraftwerks second album entitled “Kraftwerk 2”. 1,279 more words


Europe. Endless.

Next year is the fortieth anniversary of Kraftwerk’s seminal album Trans-Europe Express. After years of experimentation, Trans-Europe Express emits a confidence within the group, that the Dusseldorf band have not only gotten comfortable with a sound inspired from motors, machines and transportation but also possess an ethos that wishes to explore this tremendous break from the past. 2,037 more words