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Trans Feminism Is Real Feminism

Trans feminism sometimes gets mistaken as feminism’s little cousin, a mere side show to the Main Event: Cis Feminism i.e. feminism written by and for other cis women. 718 more words


Calling all Menstruators

Why we need inclusive language when talking about periods

Some facts of life: there are women who menstruate and women who don’t. There are men who menstruate and men who don’t. 959 more words


Event: Trans Feminism talk at University of Wolverhampton (10 March)

Friday 10th March, 2017
City Campus, University of Wolverhampton
1.30pm in MD165

I will be talking about some of the key issues and debates in trans feminism as part of the University of Wolverhampton’s International Women’s Week programme, highlighting areas of commonality and difference between the political struggles of trans women and cis women. 37 more words