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On the importance of Trans-Inclusivity in reproductive justice campaigns

As the media zooms in on ‘trans visibility’, trans issues and trans people are discussed in the public domain more openly than ever. The so-called transgender ‘tipping point’ and the media’s zooming in on trans celebrities conceals major challenges and restrictions to the fundamental rights of trans people across the world, which the mainstream media tends to summarily ignore.

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"trans women in real life are different from trans women on television"

   I’m fighting myself right now because I have this terrible urge to start this “review” of sorts out with a disclaimer, saying that “well I’m not a real book reviewer” even though I have a frakking Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies degree and by any rational standard I’m excellently qualified to discuss Imogen Binnie’s brilliant work of postmodern fiction (aka the Great American Novel), but like her dissociative and irresponsible protagonist, Maria, I have a desperate need to take up no space and be noticed by nobody. 716 more words


[conference update] Amnesty International Northern Ireland conference, 6 Feb.2016

Amnesty International Northern Ireland held its regional conference on Saturday 6th February 2016 at the Queen’s University Students’s Union.

The main panel included presentations and updates about on-going Amnesty NI campaigns and major struggles for fundamental rights in the specific context of Northern Ireland, including the thorny issue of dealing with the past, the on-going struggle for reproductive justice and equal marriage. 1,091 more words

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Reproductive rights and trans rights: deeply interconnected yet too often misunderstood?

When the issue of reproductive justice is raised, many people tend to focus exclusively on cisgender women. It is of vital importance to extend reproductive justice-related activism and discourses to include trans/genderqeer/nonbinary and other gender-plural people, which also involves using… 104 more words

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God Doesn't Make Mistakes 

“God doesn’t make mistakes!” is the intentionally judgmental and deliberately hateful way certain cis folks have of refuting the related personal experiences of trans folk. They have tied themselves to the “trapped in the wrong body” trans narrative which for the most part does not hold up. 1,137 more words


feminine energy.

hello lovelies.

last week, when the moon gave us a lovely blushing display of red during the lunar eclipse, I felt such powerful energy that I truly never have before. 787 more words

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Toward a genuinely intersectional trans feminism | new article by Talia Mae Bettcher

Toward a genuinely intersectional trans feminism

Intersexuality, Transgender, and Transsexuality

Talia Mae Bettcher

With all of this commotion about trans activists and feminism colliding, now seems like a perfectly good time to share my new chapter “Intersexuality, Transsexuality, Transgender.”

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