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Trans feminism: tolerance is needed (urgently) - Luana Rodrigues de Moraes, Brazil

Some years ago, perhaps out of serendipity, I grew close to a transgender woman. As we started to chat, we had many rich conversations on various topics, and she helped me investigate the questions that constantly flourished in my mind. 2,012 more words

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used to describe a person who identifies with a gender other than that  assigned to them at birth.

Transgender people may or may not seek gender reassignment surgery and/or take hormones to change their gender. (Stryker, 19)

Identity Category


(trans exclusionary radical feminism)

radical feminists that consider transgender women as men that do not belong in women’s spaces. (What is a Woman?, Goldberg). 39 more words


feminist transphobia

a radical feminist view starting in the early 1970’s that trans women are not actual women, but men using their male privilege to infiltrate women’s spaces. 33 more words


trans feminism

“Transgender perspectives on feminism, or feminist perspectives on transgender issues” (Serrano, 44)

  • “one of many so-called “third-wave” feminisms”

radical feminism

View of feminism that calls for rapid, radical change, as opposed to gradual/”respectability” forms; in context of Michelle Goldberg’s What Is a Woman?, often noted to not consider trans* women as actual women; in… 29 more words