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God Doesn't Make Mistakes 

“God doesn’t make mistakes!” is the intentionally judgmental and deliberately hateful way certain cis folks have of refuting the related personal experiences of trans folk. They have tied themselves to the “trapped in the wrong body” trans narrative which for the most part does not hold up. 1,137 more words


feminine energy.

hello lovelies.

last week, when the moon gave us a lovely blushing display of red during the lunar eclipse, I felt such powerful energy that I truly never have before. 787 more words

Trans Woman

Toward a genuinely intersectional trans feminism | new article by Talia Mae Bettcher

Toward a genuinely intersectional trans feminism

Intersexuality, Transgender, and Transsexuality

Talia Mae Bettcher

With all of this commotion about trans activists and feminism colliding, now seems like a perfectly good time to share my new chapter “Intersexuality, Transsexuality, Transgender.”

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Ignorance is Bliss

An interesting event is taking place at the University of Essex next week. The outspoken journalist Julie Bindel is to give a lecture on feminism and this is a problem because she’s a member of something called the “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism” Movement. 767 more words


"This is What a Feminist Looks Like!" : Black, Trans and Queer Women in Conversation With Recent Feminist Thought

We’re living in an age where feminism is being talked about more openly than ever before. We’ve come a long way from hating on the bold: ‘This is what a feminist looks like!’ shirt-wearers and slowly coming to a place where we’re recognizing nuance in the term ‘feminist’. 1,324 more words

King of the Dinosaurs

The psychiatrist with the broken hip
hobbled to the desk:
“It is not as it appears”
she whispered in his ear.

He told her,
“When I was seen as a girl… 301 more words


Under the Same House

I felt like a rootless tree when I came out,

deprived of a family or history I could connect with,

Homeless under so many shaded steps down– 354 more words