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So Yeah, Let's Chat About That Transition Fundraiser I Just Made

Looks like I’m accidentally back to a monthly blog schedule, whoops! Sorry about that…

I want to get a proper update written about what I’ve been up to, including having a jobĀ and the fact I’m now out as trans everywhere, but right now I need to get something off my chest. 1,544 more words


My Wife has a Penis

The other day, my wife, J, was down at the DMV getting her license renewed. She recently turned 21 so it was time to upgrade. She told me a story about a person she saw there who was also getting their license renewed. 743 more words

My Life


So my last blog post kind of blew up, huh? For a tiny personal blog having something shared from it more than a thousand time around Facebook and well over 100 times on Twitter is pretty surreal. 1,879 more words


Some Confusion

Unlike some NB people, I’m not bullied for it. I haven’t been called an “it” or worse. In this way I feel lucky, but sometimes I feel like that would validate me, sort of. 94 more words

Queer Problems


When I look back on my childhood, I realize how non-straight and non-female I was.

Whenever I tried to fall asleep, I’d create stories in my head, sometimes whispering a line or two. 594 more words

Basic Facts

I am non-binary, hence the play on words with this blog.

What exactly do I mean by non-binary? (I love the shape of the question marks here ?????????Nice) 144 more words

Queer Problems

Yes, You're "Trans Enough" to be Transgender

UPDATE: There’s now an edited version of this post online at the Huffington Post, which you can find here. This is the original unedited version, but they’re essentially the same article. 1,282 more words