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Body and trans stuff

There is discussion of body stuff. Also, very rambly and kinda incoherent.
Over the past week I have been feeling more, for lack of a better term, dysphoric. 225 more words


A little piece on bras

I was an early bloomer, as they say, but it sure never felt like blooming to me. While I suppose being the first in your class to enter puberty is never a fun experience, it is only in retrospect that I see how truly horrendous it was for me. 1,278 more words


Heroes and Hope

It’s times like these that make me feel the most hopeless.

I haven’t always been good at dealing with feelings like this. But when the future looks bleak, I always turn to stories about heroes. 581 more words


I didn't always know I was trans.

 The common narrative for queer people is that we are “born this way”. For transgender people, it’s that “we always knew we were a ______ “. 1,036 more words

Mental Health



Being given a name is so inconsiderate

I didn’t ask for life, nor this


One word

or two or three

How can you say it’s “me” 237 more words


To The Edge of the Nether (And Back Again)

So at long last, after 18 months of waiting, I had a GIC appointment. How was it? Meh.

Let’s re-cap: I live on the South Coast, but I used to live in Yorkshire. 2,028 more words


“Are You a Boy or a Girl?”

I realised today that without noticing I’ve entered a strange stage of my transition.

I’m in a place where I’m read as female, male and sometimes, a big metaphorical question mark. 1,521 more words