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caring for my gay self: trans values

happy august! I’m glad the cicadas are out. i’ve been really putting myself back together this summer (looking forward to seeing my psychiatrist next week!) and I’ve done a lot of thinking and writing about what is most important to me. 993 more words

A Small Snippet Of My Gender Journey

I first came out publicly as a trans nonbinary person in Mathew Clements’ Queer Studies class. It was a deliberate act that was part of my final project for the class. 702 more words

"Oh, so you're trans now?" 

I’ve been trans for a long time. Just because I haven’t always been comfortable or open about it doesn’t change the fact that I am trans now and that I see my past experiences as trans experiences. 448 more words


Getting top surgery when you are used to having something on your chest

My consultation appointment is a month from tomorrow.

The last time I made a consultation appointment, I canceled the day before. In someways it was bad timing with my new insurance kicking in and stuff–there was logistical reasoning behind it. 271 more words

Body and trans stuff

There is discussion of body stuff. Also, very rambly and kinda incoherent.
Over the past week I have been feeling more, for lack of a better term, dysphoric. 225 more words


The moment your former self dies

Have you read Still Alice? That book changed my life. I guess it’s a movie now too. 2014? Where have I been?

A lot of the focus in real life (maybe too much?) is on the family and loved ones AROUND a person with dementia. 204 more words

A little piece on bras

I was an early bloomer, as they say, but it sure never felt like blooming to me. While I suppose being the first in your class to enter puberty is never a fun experience, it is only in retrospect that I see how truly horrendous it was for me. 1,278 more words