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Intermission: A rant.

I am trans man, I have been socially transitioning for almost 2 years and am literally this close to getting on hormones. A while ago I found out that one of my exes also had came out as trans. 611 more words


Voice Troubles

Been a while since I posted, hasn’t it? Uni got the better of me, life got hectic, and I definitely don’t make it easy for myself. 1,115 more words

Trans Stuff

"Happiness isn't good enough for me, I demand euphoria!" - Calvin.

June seems like such a long time ago…it’s almost November, smack bang in the middle of Autumn/Fall, my favourite season. Not too cold but still chilly enough for warm woolly jumpers and hats, I have been gifted with a crafter wife who keeps me supplied in hats, gloves and socks full of love and warmth. 466 more words


How To Talk About Trans People

I ran into a family member I don’t see so often a while ago, and with the best of intentions, he stumbled over how to talk about me, my transness, and my transition. 623 more words

How to Be the Squeaky Wheel: Targeted Tips for Change

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a rabble rouser. I like to push for change because we can all be better, always. Every day, I learn and grow as a person and a professional. 714 more words


Periods, and what it means to be "A Real Girl"

“Welcome to oestrogen”

Nobody really talks about this. It’s like a taboo subject, something that gets swept under the rug for discussions about trans health.

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Trans Stuff

Love-Fest Part Two: The Mazzoni Center in Philadelphia, PA

As promised, love-fest part two…

For those who don’t know, finding a doctor to help you with your medical transition is a tricky business. Not only do you have to work with your insurance and find a doctor who is actually educated on how to assist transgender folks, but you have to hope that your doctor is accepting, supportive, and won’t trigger you by misgendering you the entire time. 1,036 more words

Trans Stuff