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I didn't always know I was trans.

 The common narrative for queer people is that we are “born this way”. For transgender people, it’s that “we always knew we were a ______ “. 1,036 more words

Mental Health



Being given a name is so inconsiderate

I didn’t ask for life, nor this


One word

or two or three

How can you say it’s “me” 237 more words


To The Edge of the Nether (And Back Again)

So at long last, after 18 months of waiting, I had a GIC appointment. How was it? Meh.

Let’s re-cap: I live on the South Coast, but I used to live in Yorkshire. 2,028 more words


“Are You a Boy or a Girl?”

I realised today that without noticing I’ve entered a strange stage of my transition.

I’m in a place where I’m read as female, male and sometimes, a big metaphorical question mark. 1,521 more words


New Semester, New Job, and Something Else...

Hello everybody! My posts have sort of petered off for the summer, and that’s because, as many fellow college students can relate, classes are about to start. 849 more words

My Life

Photos, Pride, Lasers and Blood

Time for a monthly update!

July was a busy month, with one week spent bedridden with cold and a few other events peppered throughout. I don’t want this to turn into too huge of a post, so I’ll just run down three noteworthy things that let me chat a bit about how I’m doing. 2,015 more words


I’m A Mess - On being a 27 year old teenage girl

I have written and re-written this blog post more times than I can count.

There’s even a finished version of this post sat in my drafts that’s been edited so much it’s changed tone and topics multiple times. 1,465 more words