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"Ask Me About My Pronouns" Charity T-Shirt

I originally created the “Ask Me About My Pronouns” design to raise money for at-risk and homeless students at my university. We raised almost $2,000… 249 more words


[Brotherhood] Chương 8: Liều chỉ định

***Dịch bởi Colorless Norm

Nền trời trên không trông như bị bầm tím, rải rác từng mảng tím bắt đầu lan dần ở chân trời, đẩy lùi dần vầng sáng cam của hoàng hôn. 15,037 more words


Transitioning Thoughts and DBT Things

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about transitioning and what it means to me to be Nonbinary.  How I want to go forward with it.  I’ve decided to go ahead and take Testosterone paired with a DHT blocker and I’m going to be talking to the HRT lady next month about starting them.  852 more words

Starting Testosterone...

“If you haven’t received anything from us by three months, give us a call and chase it. Okay?” I nodded in agreement. Three months. 12 weeks. 1,093 more words


SRS woes, friends with benefits

While the Vaginoplasty procedure itself is covered by my health insurance, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that genital hair removal won’t be., despite being told otherwise.  I contacted several places in Rochester and none of them are able to handle billing insurance companies.  1,297 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

I need not to care

“Am I a ‘woman’? Yes if your definition includes me; no if it doesn’t.” I might have to speak about trans in front of a partly hostile audience, and I thought of saying that. 542 more words


No, your lgbt status doesn't make you special.

Unpopular opinion time. I don’t care if I lose followers, I don’t keep score. here it is: Being “stealth” or passing is not “selling-out” or doing dishonor to the trans community. 328 more words