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Labour has abandoned women

For generations feminists have complained that the problem on the Left was that women’s issues always came second. Women were always told to just wait until ‘after the revolution’ and then all of our problems would be solved. 1,170 more words


Just One of the Guys


So Netflix India just added an old 1985 movie called Just One of the Guys and I watched it last night. 418 more words


Quakers and trans people

All this century, Quakers in Britain have supported trans people. This support is based on our fundamental principles and ways of seeing reality and human beings, drawing on our support of gay people against the prejudice of the mainstream churches since the 1970s. 641 more words


Maddie, the Transgender 12-Year-Old Afraid for Her Life

Pictured here are screenshots of disturbing comments made by adults and parents about a 12-year-old girl.

Late last week, a group of parents posted violent and hateful messages on Facebook about a 12-year-old transgender girl named Maddie. 393 more words

Gender And Sexuality

Each step is exciting

I got a package in the mail today, inside are some new clothes. Those clothes are decidedly, pretty androgynous. The big thing is that they are for me, and they are for public wearing. 236 more words


if life is a highway, it'd sure be nice to share it with someone

johnny wakes up next to his best friend of ten years, and wonders if what he has done is a mistake. 1,563 more words


Things left out of trans awareness training

I was interacting with people who need not know my medical history. Something banal for me. But I was there with a friend who’s known me since prior to transition. 933 more words

Trans Man