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Going forward

So… Christmas holidays weren’t of the best variety. Our cat died and after new year I got sick. We think it was an influenza, as the whole family had it, suffered from high fever, and illness lasted several days. 943 more words



Even though everything is moving in a perfection direction with my transition, and with my life in general right now, I’m still full of self doubts. 340 more words


Men hunt transgender woman through streets of New Orleans

Two men beat up transgender woman
Transgender attack caught on video

Transgender violence continues to be at an all time high, however, the men in the video was targeting (looking for) transgenders. 152 more words


Trans refutes gender as social construct

“I love you,” she said.

“That’s what you’re for,” I said.

It was my niece, who had not started school, who went through a phase of telling adult relatives repeatedly “I love you”. 465 more words


Designation & Consensus: Reflections Near the Second Tranniversary

I have completely failed to be seen adequately by most people, but what a wonderful failure.

What I mean is that I view September as an organizing principle… 597 more words

The "Shit Cis People Say" Alphabet: H is for "how do you have sex?"

Welcome to another episode of the Shit Cis People Say Alphabet! Today:

H is for “how do you have sex?”

This question? It’s not even just relevant to trans people – it’s a common question  directed at LGBQ+ folks as well. 384 more words

Response: David Robertson

Dave wrote an article about trans folk and I told him I’d respond. In essence his article reads like propaganda, straight up. You’ll see what I mean when I start quoting it. 1,861 more words