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How Offensive is Cultural Appropriation?

So I had an Instagram debate over the topic of cultural appropriation. This conversation started with an image of Rachel Dolezal, who according to the post, changed her name to Nkechi, a Nigerian name, while presenting herself as an ethnic person(black in particular). 331 more words

What Do You Think


This is probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, not even gonna lie. This is the “#FreeSpeechBus” – the bright orange oxymoron. As its a bus that literally tells you how you should talk about people and is in direct response to somebody else’s free speech. 566 more words


One Year on T!

Happy one year on T for me!

It’s been an interesting year. The blood tests say I only have 3.4nmol of T in me (should be between 10nmol and 30nmol) so that’s worrying and I’m surprised my voice even dropped. 233 more words


Combatting Internalized Biphobia

Ever since I’ve become super out about being trans, I’ve also become much more comfortable recognizing that I’m way more sexually/romantically fluid than I thought I was. 307 more words

Emotions and taking testosterone

Lately, I’ve felt an increased breadth of emotionality, and I’ve been wanting to embrace that and document it.  At this point, I’ve been on injections for about 2 months.   611 more words


March 22, 2017:  A Whack-A-Mole Issue

One of the most troubling issues of this new administration is about transgender bathroom rights. I know, they’re all troubling. But this one keeps popping up, like a whack-a-mole these days. 283 more words

Stating the problem IV

Like many pop songs, it has just one good line, but it is a very good line:

We are, we are driving
we are driving too fast… 533 more words