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Getting to Quito - TEMBR 2

After a few days rest in Cotacachi, my adventures through the Ecuadorian countryside continued on the TEMBR.  After crossing several fields, running low on water, negotiating a massive wall and locked gate, a few days with an upset tummy (again) and passing through several tunnels on a old scenic railway I found myself at the Dammer farm for some much needed rest.   238 more words

3. South America


So, yesterday I read this article.


I’m summarise it for you. Essentially host; Andrea McLean started explaining how self-harming and identifying as transgender is a fashion statement. 312 more words

A Week 3 update

I had my second shot of T yesterday – I even self-injected (at the doctor’s surgery). It wasn’t anything like I thought it would be. I thought I’d feel a catch as it broke the first layer of skin, and then I would meet resistance as I pushed the needle in. 435 more words


Just Because You're Paranoid

Was part of an event at Glasgow University Psychiatry Interest Group on Thursday evening, a panel/Q&A sort of thing exploring “What does it mean to be Trans?” with medical students and interested allies. 165 more words


[INFO] 2015 XIA 4th ASIA TOUR CONCERT IN JAPAN Nagoya Official goods

We present the 2015 XIA 4th ASIA TOUR CONCERT IN JAPAN official goods (Nagoya concert).

Sale venue: Nippon Gaishi Hall 1F entrance gate outside the hall specially set up tent… 92 more words


Why The Term Transsexual?

The term seems outmoded to some: younger people who care prefer the more inclusive transgender, or often enough, non-binary or gender fluid. There are people who know they are not a specific gender, yet do not identify with the “opposite sex” or gender role or presentation. 185 more words


How I Got My Name Changed, Part 2: An 84-Step Guide to the Name-Change Bureaucracy

If you are a trans person in the province on Ontario, I’ve provided a checklist at the end if you’re actually looking for help changing your name. 2,878 more words