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[ALT INSTAGRAM/OTHER INSTAGRAM] 30.05.16 Actualizarea pe Instagram a artistului Jung Key: ‘XIGNATURE’/Artist Jung Key Instagram Update: ‘XIGNATURE’

 오랜만에 제가 작업한 곡이 발매되었네요.
준수씨 4집 정규앨범 11번 트랙에 참여했습니다.
많이 듣고 공감해주세요🏻🏽 #XIA #다른누구도대신못할너

După mult timp, piesele la care am muncit din greu au fost lansate. 84 more words


If you can't love yourself, then how the hell you gonna love somebody else?

A while ago a friend of mine shared a video regarding the difference between non and anti, which made me seriously consider my role in society. 696 more words



I’ve been struggling with being trans recently. When someone else is trans (like my roommate), I’m super supportive. I love them. I believe they are in the wrong body and deserve to transition. 213 more words


Battle Cries

Okay so this song has been out for what feels like a century but I happen to think it is still relevant… our generation versus our parents, trans related suicide, politics, and so on. 23 more words


FTM Dictionary

T – Testosterone. Many transitioning FTM’s take testosterone by taking pills or injecting it into their blood every week. Makes muscle growth easier, increases sex drive, makes voice deeper, sometimes makes your chest smaller, makes periods less frequent and sometimes stop, creates facial hair, and frequently increases anger/ aggression levels. 417 more words


Before most mothers have their child or are late into pregnancy, they really don’t know what the sex of their child will be for sure. Sometimes, if not always, they don’t have a preference for what they want their childs sex to be.   108 more words

Getting a Binder (And Looking Back at a Past Post)

Re-reading my past posts is something that I don’t normally do but I wanted to write this and thought it would be interesting to see how much my outlook has changed since I posted… 405 more words