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Blooming Anew

There is pain within the truth as it hurtles into me. It bears the hurt of ruthless honestly like a broadside blade smacking skin, stinging. It was witness to my labors and cannot lie. 430 more words



I understand now
why the caterpillar cocoons herself
We learn it is to protect her
as she changes
becomes herself

Inside her cocoon she consumes herself… 260 more words


Carnival Outside the Binary: Expression

Tl;dr Expression is complicated, especially when we are conditioned to judge ourselves based on society’s expectations for trans people. I’m slowly learning not to care. … 956 more words

On Being A Trans Dancer

[Mars Uncut] GOALS.

I found myself chatting with a trans* woman friend of mine today about sexual orientation and how it changed once we began to transition.

In her case, she was originally a gay man before she embraced bisexuality, only to come out the other end as a lesbian. 342 more words


Not passing

He wore a multicoloured skirt, in a light shiny fabric with narrow pleats, mid calf length, under various more androgynous layers. He had a beard. It took me some time to think when a woman might wear such a skirt- on holiday in high summer, perhaps, five hundred miles south of wherever you normally live, on the sunniest days. 566 more words


on anticipation (i)

This weekend and next week, I’ll be focusing on finishing several nonfiction titles, including Rebecca Solnit’s latest collection of essays, James Baldwin’s nonfiction of the 1960s and 1970s, and Jesmyn Ward’s… 563 more words


Illustration for Zine Cover

Continuous line drawing of some badass trans and queer people (including Marsha P Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Amaranta G√≥mez Regalado, Leslie Feinberg, Orlando Cruz, Wendy Carlos, Audre Lorde, …).

Visual Art