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Fair, Not Fair

This time last week I had around half a post written and then I slightly ran out of steam. Or to be more precise, I was hit with the overwhelming feeling that my blogging mouth was writing cheques that my reality arse might not be able to cash. 2,174 more words



The protest effectively provided support to the staff at Chase Brexton – they know that we as patients care about them and support them in getting what they need. 636 more words

Creating a network

Drop me a note if you experienced dysphoria and have since resolved it, whatever mean(s) were used to do so (e.g. social, legal, medical), and you’d like to contribute!  221 more words


Dating while nonbinary: Your guide to my feelings

I don’t mention this on my biography, because I doubt most people care, but I am agender. This is a nonbinary identity. This means that I don’t identify as male or female, and as an agender person, I don’t really align myself with a gender at all. 2,018 more words


Taking a massive risk

I’m going to take a huge gamble with a guy who replied to my “accommodation wanted” ad on Craigslist last week. He was one of several messages I got from people basically wanting to fuck me. 367 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

[TRANS] 26.08.16 Compozitorul intro-ului din concertul cu holograma al lui Kim Jaejoong impartaseste povesti din culise/ Composer of Intro from Kim Jaejoong’s Hologram Concert Shares Behind Story

Am participat la compunerea intro-ului pentru concertul cu holograma din Japonia al artistului solo Kim Jaejoong.

Deoarece Kim Jaejoong a terminat de filmat intregul concert inainte de inrolarea in armata, evenimentul a putut fi realizat dupa ce doar s-au mai adaugat unele retusuri in procesul de editare. 251 more words

Kim Jaejoong

[STIRE/NEWS] 29.08.16 Prima reclamantă a lui Park Yuchun aflată în detenție e pusă sub acuzare pentru acuzații false & încercare de extorcare/PARK YUCHUN’S FIRST ACCUSER, INDICTED ON FALSE ACCUSATION & ATTEMPTED EXTORTION CHARGES WHILE BEING IMPRISONED

A, prima persoană care a depus plângere împotriva cântărețului – actor Park Yuchun, și care se află în acest moment în detenție, a fost pusă sub acuzare pentru acuzație falsă și încercare de extorcare. 341 more words