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[TRANS] 150819 Bài phỏng vấn của Yoochun trong tạp chí Marie Claire Korea

Một trong những bài phỏng vấn cuối cùng của thành viên nhóm nhạc JYJ Yoochun trước khi nhập ngũ để hoàn thành nghĩa vụ quân sự cho Hàn Quốc trong vòng 2 năm, Yoochun đã ngồi xuống cùng Marie Claire để nói về sự tạm ngừng những hoạt động của mình, những điều anh muốn làm trước khi nhập ngũ, và suy nghĩ về cuộc sống cho tới thời điểm này. 3,092 more words

Park Yoochun

How I've Changed (Becuase I Couldn't Think of an Original Title)

So, with school having started back up I’ve been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to see how I’ve changed as a human being*! 696 more words


Dara Parker: Executive Director, Qmunity (Part One)

*Complete footnotes and reference style listing, respectively, at the bottom*


Interview with Dara Parker. Executive director of Qmunity and co-president of the board (Vancouver) for the United Nations Association of Canada… 2,952 more words


The Danish Girl - Trailer

Sorry about the break between posts here. I’ve been working on preparing for a few job interviews and haven’t had time to write anything. I also had a bout of insomnia for a few nights—oh what fun. 231 more words


Trans-gendered Minors.

If you haven’t noticed, androgyny, gender fluidity, gender roles, and trans-genderism (I may have made that word up) are everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Here is the thing….I do not have a problem with individuals who choose to identify with a gender other than they are born with. 251 more words


My epiphany moment

The old saying, out of the mouth of babes couldn’t be more true!

With the summer line coming out, Trey and I were standing in the girls department looking at getting her a new outfit. 439 more words


The Bell That Rang September

Author’s Note: I wrote this as an open letter to my friends mere days after I came out. I’m editing it lightly for clarity, but most of it is as is. 2,856 more words