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Setting up Road blocks

This week has been exhausting! I have been in an almost constant battle with myself.

Going around and around, almost non stop.  Work has been emotionally exhausting but rewarding and of course all of that time has been interacting as a male. 1,008 more words


What a week!

Again, it’s been a week since my last update – so I’ll probably stick to weekly updates to save you all from getting bored. But what a week!! 382 more words


Quaker inclusion

Speaking as a white person, I feel it is in the interests of white people among Quakers to listen to BAME voices. We gain a better understanding of the world when we see it through everyone’s eyes, rather than just a narrow range of privileged experience. 923 more words


Jealousy and dysphoria as social constructions

Once upon a time, jealousy was an emotion I felt on a semi-regular basis. I was jealous my older siblings got to stay up later than me, to ride 2 wheel bikes before me, to drive before me, graduate high school before me, so on, so forth. 1,472 more words


India: Transgender leader a star at massive festival

(Reuters) – In a desert tent guarded by armed police and a thick-set bouncer, Laxmi Narayan Tripathi is blessing a constant stream of pilgrims, who garland her with marigolds and kneel to touch her feet. 1,119 more words


"K" From My Doctor

This was the response I got back, I waited so long, typed so much, for this response.

This message translates to, “come pay a $20 co-fee so I can tell you I will send you references through this very same messaging system two days from now.” … 299 more words



I am not going to lie, or pretend that I dont poke the bear. I LOVE devils advocate because it brings a MUCH needed idea into play – PERSPECTIVE! 1,005 more words