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Accessing Care

Hello again! We have been glued to our television watching the DNC this week, they have had some amazing speakers and we are feeling a little more hopeful about our future. 332 more words

Surviving the Sarlacc

So you’re minding your own business when someone shoves you so hard that you fall down a conveniently placed pit and holyfuck, there’s a thing in the pit that vaguely looks like a vulva but with tentacles and teeth and not the fun kind! 1,402 more words


Mother, You Had Me: Coming Out 2

So Tuesday has come and gone. Tuesday, the day I swore I would come out. And I did. Well, kind of. I went to visit some friends in Leicester on Tuesday, and got back today. 409 more words


Doctors Appointment #1 Out Of Probably A Lot

CW: needle mention

So I promised an update after my appointment, and I was tired and busy yesterday, so here it is today. I think the appointment was good; my doctor and I talked about all my symptoms and I managed to talk about the other stuff going on healthwise. 647 more words


Travelling While Trans: Jamie shares his story

The Summer holiday season has got into full swing  and our annual camping trips are coming up fast. We’ve been thinking about the potential challenges of travelling as a trans or gender variant person, inspired by our  635 more words

[REZULTAT SONDAJ/POLL RESULT] 26.07.16 Ziua în care fanii lui Park Yuchun au uimit internetul cu increderea lor/The Day Park Yoochun’s Fans Shocked The Internet With Faith


După ce Park Yuchun a șocat lumea cu recentul său scandal sexual, fanii săi au șocat la rândul lor internetul cu încrederea. 203 more words


Why I am "disgusting"

“No man will ever love you like you are right now. That’s what a relative of me once told me the first time we met after my coming out. 544 more words