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Change of Plans

Sorry it has been so long since my last post, a lot has happened since then and I wished to update properly once I was in a better place. 268 more words

Weight Loss

Response: MichFest and The Controversy...Who Qualifies as a Woman?

Ah, the infamous Michigan Women’s Music Festival is approaching (I believe it’s in August, don’t quote me)…and this the “war” of who “qualifies” to attend and who does not has begun…or actually just continues.   908 more words


Sometimes I wonder...

…what it will take to break my resistance.  Another talk, another missed opportunity.  And no progress on the trans issue. 742 more words


A Gender Revolutionary: iO Tillett Wright

Man, woman, female, male, unisex, agender, bigender, transgender, gender expression, gay, bi, pansexual… boxes and boxes of identities, all to be broken down after listening to this fantastic person:

A letter to the Bathroom Police

One of the biggest “trivial” transgender issues I see all the time is bathroom stuff. Which bathroom to use, how there should be better accommodations for trans people and public restrooms. 837 more words


Reblog: Let Him Dance - Protecting Gender-Expansive Youth

I just had to reblog this article by Jonathon Reed.

“Gender is a spectrum. It’s not black and white. There is no ‘opposite’ gender; the binary concept fails to capture the rich variation that exists within gender identity.

121 more words