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Forgiving Those Who Trans-Pass Against Us

“Just be yourself.”

The obligatory answer that most of us received at some point in our lives, when seeking advice. Any kind of advice. It’s an all-purpose phrase. 1,139 more words


Decoding Pygmalion: On Transitioning, Failure & Technologies


”And speaking love,

caresses it with loving hands that seem

to make an impress, on the parts they touch, … 2,227 more words


Journal #48 (in which said man writes about before he starts writing again)

Hills that were once a faded brown, dusty in the pale but thick summer light, now burst forth in green. Even through the rain lashing against the passenger window of the Prius, my head resting against its glass, the green shines bright. 2,251 more words

The Journals

Bathrooms, Boundaries & Storytime

I often hear this word from TERFs on Twitter; boundaries. Why don’t trans women respect my boundaries? I don’t want males seeing my body, my boundaries reee!  1,413 more words


Liar, Liar, pants on fire

The two things I hate most in the world are liars and cheats. Which in my opinion is perfectly understandable. So when someone lies to protect you, they are not protecting you they are just prolonging the pain. 376 more words

[Trans][ĐM][ABO] Sử hướng lê minh – Chương 2

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Chương 2: Thuốc thay đổi giới tính

Căn cứ nghiên cứu khoa học bí mật của Liên Bang nằm tại một vùng núi hẻo lánh trên hành tinh Hải Văn, kiến trúc mái vòm, tường trắng, thoạt nhìn không có gì thu hút. 3,903 more words


Every emotion but Pride

I have opted out of Pride this year.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with going to Pride and celebrating. But for every rainbow-bedecked queer dancing in the streets today, there is another like me, hiding out at home, unsure of whether they’ve made the right choice between the pain of missing out and the pain of being present but feeling distinctly detached from the community. 563 more words