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Body Shame - Curse Of The Nippleless

Now I know that cishet people probably get a little fucked off by the amount I go on and on about their frustrations. If you are cisgender and heterosexual, relax this gripe isn’t with you for once. 658 more words



I support Transgendered kids. I support Transgendered adults too!

What the Trump administration is doing is wrong on so many levels.

If a kid who identifies as a girl or boy needs to use a bathroom, he or she should be able to use the bathroom and feel safe and welcome. 129 more words

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WLP Condemns Reversal of Protections for Transgender Students

In Pennsylvania, 74% of transgender or gender non-conforming students report experiencing harassment at school. Twenty-three percent report having been a victim of physical assault, and almost 1 in 10 report experiencing sexual violence. 277 more words

Title IX


This is Nicole’s city. The reason i am here is because nicole wanted to come back and visit where she studied for a semester years back. 1,000 more words

why I'm transphobic critical

these tweets by transactivists are the embodiment of male entitlement mixed with the inherent narcissism of identity politics (IP being the polar opposite of effective Feminism) (

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Breathing Deep

I take in a huge lung-full of air, puff out chest, and hold.

And release…

This is something I’ve started to do randomly, because I’ve not been breathing properly for the past one/one and a half years. 496 more words

Gender. Again. *sigh*

I’m getting tired of reading about ever more bizarre gender issues.

This morning I read an article about, wait for it, a woman who considers herself non binary because of her blackness and fatness being considered both masculine and feminine as a child/teenager. 1,526 more words