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Where To Next?

Trying something a little different with today’s video choice. A little Positive Mental Attitude from the genius of Dr Seuss. Something I stumbled across but which just about covers where I am. 193 more words


You Need to do Better

Let me start out by saying that I get it. The idea that a trans person can legitimately be in the wrong body, so to speak, is one that can take a while to wrap your head around. 841 more words

Kingdom Of God

#Me Too

First, what is #MeToo? It was a recent viral campaign started by Tarana Burke to create awareness about sexual assault, by encouraging victims of sexual assault (mainly black women and other WOC) to come forward with their stories and say, this happened to “me too”. 590 more words

Gender And Sexuality

Stop patologización Trans

El diagnóstico de disforia/incongruencia de género nos niega como sujetos políticos. Pues nos señala como enfermos y con esto la psiquiatria nos arrebata autonomía sobre nuestro propio cuerpo al – de manera ilegitima – validar o no nuestros tránsitos dependiendo de que tanto se ajusten al binomio hombre-mujer.  105 more words

[Trans][ĐM] Sử hướng lê minh - Chương 24

Chương 24: Kiếm Hoàng Kim

Mọi người quan sát cuộc chiến không chớp mắt, như si mê như say sưa, cuộc thi cơ giáp người thật với hai đối thủ có thực lực ngang ngửa nhau thật sự khiến người ta mở rộng tầm mắt. 3,672 more words


Have you seen this?  I found it to be absolutely chilling that someone would even suggest this in this point in history!

Betty Price Wonders If People With HIV Should Be Quarantined…

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Being trans

I will speak to an audience next month, primarily of gender and sexuality diverse people, and thought of saying, “If you’re considering transition, don’t”. But- if I could say that to myself in 2001, when I had decided to transition, could I persuade myself? 519 more words