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Food glorious food! (1 week on Testosterone Nebido - FTM)

Okay so this is post gets a little personal so just a heads up I talk about a few taboo subjects and areas! but I left it right to the last paragraph. 366 more words


Getting Transgender Characters Right

Between the show and the blog, we’ve had quite a bit of content lately discussing proper representation of LGBT characters and transgender characters especially. From Transparent to Anything to The Danish Girl, we’ve had plenty of instances where we’ve picked apart the representation and portrayal of transgender characters. 2,582 more words


ANP Ep 65 - Smash & Dragon Ride Again!

Just your friendly neighbourhood podcasting duo back for a chat about our thoughts on the social landscape and what we’re up to these days. Remember that disagreement is welcome and you can contact us any time. 63 more words

Apostasy Now Podcast

ABC Radio Philosopher's Zone - Interview on Gender Identity

I recently recorded an interview with ABC Radio in Australia for their Philosopher’s Zone programme, on the topic of gender identity. We discussed the radical feminist analysis of gender, how this in tension with the view that gender is innate and essential, and the resulting conflict between feminists and gender identity activists. 19 more words


Let's start over again!

I haven’t been writing blog in a pretty long time. In fact, the two blogs I wrote so far were published over a year ago. 215 more words

Thoughts about this "3 fictional characters" meme

Have you seen this thing going around right now?  Where someone distills certain qualities of their personality and culls different characters from popular media to illustrate what they’re all about?  506 more words


Why I created greeting cards to celebrate gender transitions

By Jade Sylvan

Coming-of-age, graduation, marriage, new babies, new jobs, new homes – you can go into a drug store right now and find a panoply of greeting cards to congratulate someone you care about on any of these major life transitions. 764 more words