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[Trans] 190524 Park Yoochun's heartfelt words during his 2018 Japan Fanmeet

May 24th, 2019

自分には このユチョンが真実。

※MCは短くまとめました。 pic.twitter.com/BJrEd6XcSh

— yuu (@yuu6002yc) May 23, 2019

This is a video posted by a Japanese fan on Twitter.

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Being accused

For most people engaged in equality, diversity and inclusion work there exists at least one moment where you are accused of being the very ‘thing’ you have invested your time and energy to fight against. 752 more words

Sex and The City and I

Episode 1: sex and the city

In 2019, a recently married young woman goes on a road trip to Michigan with her wife. They go to a concert and spend the night in a hotel. 1,377 more words


boy pants, a cautionary tale for the trans

Last week. I triumphantly start binning all my female pants and parading myself around in new pairs of boxers feeling fucking amazing. Life is excellent, my pants have cacti on, sharks, motherfucking lobsters. 206 more words


The Blog.

I’m Eldritch. This is the blog.

This is your content warning for the blog.

I refer to myself with a lot of words some people view as lgbtq+ slurs, I use them for my own personal identification and empowerment. 735 more words


Aspirations, Confessions, Anxieties

Quietly, I can express my needs and wants.

A laugh, a good thought, and a gentle fuck.

Judge honestly, but don’t hate me.

I never meant to be so much a pity. 183 more words