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One year ago I decided to make the biggest decision I had made to date. I was about to inject myself with this tiny little needle. 440 more words

My God is Proud of Pride 

I’ve not written a blog in months but I think now, with this very short one, is a good time to start. With pride on in Glasgow this weekend it got me to thinking why we should be proud of our LGBTI community, but more importantly why we should love them, and of course each other. 580 more words


The Danish Girl

This film, based on a story that was modified so many times that the endresult no longer matches any previous happenings with reality, is therefor an interesting bio that never seems to have happened. 453 more words


[Trans][ĐM] Sử hướng lê minh - Chương 14

Chương 14: Gấu Bắc Cực

Thời tiết rất nóng, Arthur đã mệt mỏi cả buổi lập tức đi tắm trong niềm vui sướng được ở một mình một phòng, y lấy nước lạnh và dịch dinh dưỡng bên tổ chức đã chuẩn bị từ tủ lạnh nhỏ ra. 4,288 more words


rude pt. 2

TERFy and generally gross as fuck


Norethisterone V

It seems my choices are to take Oestradiol only, and completely lack energy so that if I do my washing in the morning I just want to slump in the afternoon, or to take synthetic progesterone, and have febrile energy manifesting in highs I don’t fully trust- I seem rational, but its my Norethisterone brain doing the judging- and crushing lows. 813 more words

Being Human

Changing my Gender with Social Security

I took a deep breath as I stood in front of the door. My hand shook as I reached for the door knob to the Social Security office. 437 more words