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That Memoir I Was Supposed to Write : pt. 1

How can you write a memoir when your story is still unfolding. How can you focus on one saga when the other has already begun? And how can you sit in a coffeeshop, or in your bedroom, or at the library, typing words onto a computer screen or scribbling them in a notebook, when you’d much rather be living the life around you? 738 more words

Faith, Fashion, and...Finance?

Life has literally become the movie, “Confessions of a Shopaholic.” Just call me Rebecca Bloomwood. No, I don’t have a debt collector after me nor do I even consider myself a shopaholic. 1,038 more words

Jireh De Jose

Eating for Identity


“I’m a man, hear me roar

In numbers too big to ignore,

and I’m way too hungry to settle for chick food!

2,305 more words

Sneaking Up On the Transamerica Pyramid

The side streets of San Francisco let the sneaky photographer creep up on an unsuspecting building. The tallest building in the skyline looks oddly small in this context. 23 more words


Lou Donaldson: Hot Dog (1969) Blue Note - Liberty/UA

We have recently dug deep into the 10″” jazz of the middle ’50s. Now it is 1969, time for a gear shift up into the soul-jazz era of the late ’60s. 978 more words

Blue Note

Parents Now Top Source of College Funding


By: Chase Squires
Jul 23, 2015

Maybe Richie Cunningham was on to something in television’s “Happy Days” when he said for college housing he lived in a “house.” No, not a Phi Delta or Alpha Tau Omega, but “Momma Papa Sister” (oh, come on, you remember, 1977, … 304 more words


TransAmerica Movie

So DISH has been kind enough to give us free HBO etc. for the weekend and I just couldn’t tear myself away from TransAmerica yesterday morning. 169 more words

Movie Trailer