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Day 7 - (7/27/15) Abingdon, VA

-So right now I’m staying with a host from Warmshowers.org named Tom in Abingdon, Virginia in a hand-built luxury home located on a golf course! The view is amazing btw. 339 more words


Day 60, July 9. Oak Orchard Campground - Rome, NY. 84 miles (4,480)


A miserable cold, wet, and muddy day so checked into a hotel and bought whole roast chicken. Lance got pretty excited watching the new Mad Max film for the second time.

Adventure Cycling

Day 57 - Riggins, ID to Cambridge, ID. Conspiracies and weapons.

Distance 81 miles. Cumulative distance 3,460 miles.


Pretty big climb today followed by a long’ish descent (which is pretty much the formula for most days…). 351 more words

Day 55, July 3. Perry OH - PA/NY State Line. 92 miles (4,082)


“I’m not prone to hyperbole, but I think those were THE BEST doughnuts I’ve had in my life.” – Lance Russell McAdams, July 3 2015. 24 more words

Adventure Cycling

Day 54, July 2. North Royalton - Perry, Lake Erie, OH. 73 miles (3,990)


The sun is back out; a huge relief. Linked up with the Northern Tier riding through the wealthier neighbourhoods of Cleveland. Made it to Lake Erie.

Adventure Cycling