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Sorry I’ve not written for a while. My parents didn’t react too well.

I spent Friday night roaming the streets (my mum only received the letter Friday afternoon). 168 more words


It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day

It’s officially 2017, and people everywhere are making resolutions or changes to their life. A new them, a new life, a better them, a better life. 1,331 more words


The Letter I'm Giving to My Mother

Dear Mum,

I’m writing this to come out as transgender.

I wanted to tell you this before other family members because you said that you accept transgender people a few months ago. 456 more words



The new year just passed, and thus the ‘new year, new me’ statements flooded social media. The phrase has been used so much that, at this point, it’s meaningless. 161 more words


Here's to 2017!

This year has been one hell of a weird year. A lot of good has happened, a lot of bad has also happened… I’ve gained friends and family, I’ve lost friends and family… I’ve played Cards Against Humanity with my grandmother, I’ve been a stereotypical teenager (aka got pissed quite a bit) and I have visited the one country in the world that has a ‘Cute Monster’ themed cafe on the same street as a 2000 year old temple (of course… it’s Japan.) I think the most poignant thing is that I started the year as a girl, and I’m ending it as a boy. 699 more words

My Transition

Learning to Pass

With my transition seemingly moving at a quick pace, I decided today to go shopping with one of my male friends who I’m out to. The aim was to make me ‘pass’. 329 more words


What Do You Want From Me?

“Why did you change your last name?”

This is something I get asked a lot per changing my legal name upon transitioning and even before then when I was discovering what name would fit me best. 1,298 more words