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It's Malcolm... You'll get it

When I came out, I had my name ready to present in my speech. It was the center piece of the conversation, I was proud of it, and I wanted people to marvel at how strong and masculine and fitting my name is for me. 349 more words

This is my first time...

well hey there.

My name is Malcolm. lets get the more trivial facts about me outta the way so we can get to the grime so to speak shall we? 217 more words


In my eyes, metamorphosis is the process of a caterpillar finally becoming what it was meant to be all along.

The door swung shut behind her as she stepped into the bar’s dingy restroom, the otherwise stubborn grime of the tiles swiftly making its mark on the soles of her sneakers.

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Rihanna says she Trans Men & Women shouldn't be used as marketing tools

Rihanna: “I don’t think it’s fair that a trans woman, or man, be used as a convenient marketing tool”

“Too often I see companies doing this to trans and black women alike,” the singer wrote in response to a fan. 202 more words

Hot Off The Press

This is my Brother, Ket (sisterBrother)

sisterBrother, He

never looked comfortable in a dress, she

only wore black black black, He

came out, came out, but not to me, we… 99 more words

Week 2 on T - video blog

Week 2 on T of my video blog, I remember this being long as I was ranting about something or other.

Peace out


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