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Long time no post...

Hi, yes I’m still alive. I’ve been bogged down with the delights of college work for the past few months and it’s just been a bit hectic really. 91 more words

My Transition

Name change parties and a happy boy.

Kids are funny, yeah? Unless you teach them something isn’t quite right, they roll with it. Unless you teach them that one is better than another, they think everyone is equal. 1,014 more words

Alice is Luke is Beautiful.

Life is crazy, isn’t it? One minute you think life is perfect: you’re married to your very best friend, you’re able to grocery shop and not worry about how to pay for it, you have six beautiful and healthy children, your hair looks good and you’re surrounded by friends. 2,300 more words

3 Months on T!

It’s been a while! Here’s my ever-so-slightly delayed 3 month on Testosterone update. (I’m on holiday and it totally slipped my mind, sorry ’bout it.) 175 more words

My Transition

A Month Later

Hey, I’ve been gone for a month.

Since the last post, life has changed a little.

My parents haven’t magically changed their minds about me unfortunately, but I have made small steps in my transition without them noticing. 290 more words


My Gender Journey; Now What?

In my last post I wrote about a video where the blogger was spot on with how I’m feeling when to comes to my gender.  355 more words


2 Months on Testosterone

I was officially two whole months on HRT on the 18th, so it’s about time I posted an update.

I haven’t had many ‘new’ changes happen since the four-week mark, but I’ve had a few existing changes continue to develop. 202 more words

My Transition