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A Handshake

The best way to meet someone or to start something is with a handshake, and this is mine. I never thought that one of my favorite pictures of me would be a selfie in target with my brother, testing the merchandise. 647 more words


Gender Dysphoria vs Gender Euphoria

Gender dysphoria is something that I’ve seen countless people blogging and making videos about. If you don’t know what gender dysphoria is, it’s a sensation that many transgender and gender queer people experience. 860 more words


About My Username

So, I thought I should share my thoughts and reasonings behind my username because, well, it’s certainly different. My old account ‘Keeganshideout’ was literally my hideout and it far too depressing, those were the days I presented as female primarily. 368 more words

How am I supposed to do this?!


I was having a lovely time with my insomnia, watching Nick Camryn videos because I’m a smol bean trying to reassure myself in life that I’ll one day look how I feel when I realise – 81 more words


Theatre and shit

Theatre and photography are probably the one two things that are somewhat school related that I’ve ever really wanted to do (other than psychology and chemistry, but those don’t count *happy giggles*). 288 more words


April~ "I still think about you all the time"♫

April 2016 will probably be the biggest month of my transgender life for a long, long time.

  • School gender change

Went back to high school to get some credits required for my post-secondary field switch. 847 more words


Me? Me. 

I’m fourteen still. I’m a smol bean, but I thought maybe a photo of me would be nice. I’m sure as hell no one I know (that I’m scared of finding out about me) uses Word Press, and if they do I’m sure they’re not on ftm stuff (or are they). 110 more words