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33; trent-trois

i didn’t appreciate how funny OHSHC was before. maybe my sense of humor has changed, as well.

oh my god XD

i’m going to kill myself. 3,775 more words

28; vingt-huit

so, carton died. and his head was lopped off so quickly, i yelled, “no!” and then it was over. i think i cried 3 times in that book, in different scenes. 3,140 more words

18; dix-huit

he’s so cute. he’s like a little doll. the passion he displayed is embarrassing to me. too emotional. would i ever act that emotional in front of someone like simon? 1,269 more words

16; seize

i need to cheer up. so back to learning.

hey, i just realized the dominant allele always will have a 2/3 chance while the recessive a 1/3 chance. 1,240 more words

15; quinze

i hope someone read all that. i always want someone to care.

So I went out to get peter pan with my family. And in the store, while waiting in line for my dad to pay, I was running my eyes over an anime wallet. 635 more words

14; quatorze

what the fuck? why would anyone like what i have to say? did they read my posts all the way through…?

i’m rude/ disrespectful, boring, troubled, and weird. 3,942 more words

12; douze

you know what’s strange? what i just noticed? that the older i get, the more masculine i seem to get. for example, colors, and aesthetically pleasing things, become more boring to me the older i get. 199 more words