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Trans man problems 

Boobs. Yep that’s right, boobs. They are your worst nightmare if you are a transman. Like literally they are the bane of your life. Chest dysphoria in trans men is pretty strong in most cases, I can’t speak for anyone other than myself but from speaking to fellow guys and watching videos on YouTube it’s a pretty common denominator. 380 more words


2 Weeks on Testosterone!

So, I have been on Testosterone for two whole weeks (well, technically 2 weeks tomorrow morning but still) – it’s absolutely mad and I’ve had some changes happen already. 572 more words

Female To Male

Bridging Prescription/ I'm on Testosterone?!

A question that I get asked a lot is ‘how did you get testosterone so quickly?’ It’s an understandable question really – I’ve been out as transgender for three months and I’m starting T already, seemingly cutting out an entire process of waiting for a Gender Clinic. 525 more words

Female To Male


So I finally decided to set up a blog to document my transition. Maybe this blog will be helpful for anyone currently transitioning or thinking about transitioning, maybe it’ll educate people or challenge some stereotypes that come alongside the word ‘transgender’ – or maybe it will just serve as a place to document my personal transition. 508 more words

Female To Male


Once a boy was born
But he was labelled ‘girl’
His parents never knew
No matter how many signs
Their daughter was a son
They forgot to read between the lines… 97 more words


Choosing a name

Names are hard. I chose the name Hunter a while ago, but I’ve decided it hasn’t really been working for me. I don’t feel that connected to it. 439 more words

Trans Boy In a Damp Closet

Being in the closet isn’t easy at all. Being transgender or non gender conforming can be even harder, though. I’m Pierson, and I’m a fourteen year old boy living two lives. 80 more words