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Forgotten Providence

by Rebekah Earnshaw

Providence is so sixteenth century.

We seem to have moved past needing to talk about God’s providence—we’re quite sophisticated these days. By ‘we’, I mean especially our modern, western, secular society, but also the church within it. 167 more words

Theology Proper

Nerd War

There are red lights stationed at head-height. There are rubber mats
on the sides of all the Bowling Lanes. There are Nutri-Grain® bars
in our candy jars. 119 more words


The Transcendental Parasite

An aesthetic parasite of the mind,

that nests beneath your hollow thoughts,

and longs to survive, trying to break away from its shell.

Materialising in to existence through inspiration, 128 more words

Creative Writing

What your history reveals, your Taste or Transition???

I lost my writing pad for 2 years, and now I found it. OMG! It was not my writing pad, It’s’ my WordPress blog!!!My last blogging activity was 2 years and 5 months back,  since then traces of having my own WordPress blog has left my memory. 203 more words


Atheist Presuppose God

Do atheists really go where the evidence leads or are they biased before they ever examine the evidence?

This question is simple to answer because Romans1:18 plainly tells us that all natural men (those not born again of God) suppress the truth of God. 371 more words