The Goal of Yoga—Enlightenment. A Guest from author Ann Purcell

Yoga has become so mainstream today that it is even offered at my family’s tennis and beach club. Almost every time I tell someone I meditate almost inevitably their immediate response is, “ I practice yoga”! 364 more words


Meditation and Its Benefits

Hello everyone, here is my research on meditation and its benefits.  I wanted to share my findings from various books and articles. For anyone contemplating starting into meditation, this may help you to decide which one may best suit your needs. 1,140 more words



I first posted about meditation back in 2010 in a post titled, Meditate? Me?  Since then, I have at least mentioned meditation in 93 posts.   Those two sentences would probably make you think I meditate regularly, but I’m willing to bet that more than half of those mentions involve… 457 more words

Feeling Older

Transcendental Meditation, E-Books and Keep Moving Forward

A few months ago I took a break from writing DoI (Delusions Of Ink). I wanted to write other things, plan things for the next few years and spend more time with my family. 302 more words


The Creature of Schlock Lagoon

I took up jogging. I’m not sure exactly when I got the idea, but I put it to practice the week after my twentieth birthday. It marked roughly the fifth time in my life that I’d ‘took up jogging’, and if I lasted more than three weeks this time I’d consider it a major victory for my resolve. 42 more words


Pivotal Moments

Pivotal moments are those which change our feelings, our thinking, our choices, our pathways in life. People can provide them, or experiences.

Think back. Who or what was pivotal in your life? 358 more words

Zombie Poetry: No 1 - Zombie Dreams

Zombie Dreams

Perchance, for which, might a Zombie sleep?
The sky darkens above the Zombie’s head, too.
Perhaps it always a sunset on the hopes of the Zombie,
285 more words