How Transcendental Meditation Gave Me Quietude and Courage.

There’s this place, it hides behind the trees, bushes and cobwebs of the last forgotten piece of your mind.

It comes into play at certain times in your life. 296 more words


Commenting on the Vedas: Aggressiveness as a virtue

Mandala 6 ends with a hymn praising warriors and their weapons. It not only asks for the gods to safeguard them, but even makes it look as if war itself is something divine. 737 more words


Things I Have Learned from Meditation, So Far

In 2012, my official journey with Ayurveda began when I learned of the system in Yoga Teacher Training. It sounded interesting to me but amidst my spiritual free-fall that was yoga school — I didn’t quite understand the roll that it would eventually play in my life. 1,115 more words

The mantra, the mental spellcheck and a call to the show (Part 12)

A suburban monster, he overpowered her from behind, dragging her into the backyard of her parents’ Scarborough home. There, he strangled her with an electrical cord, while viciously raping her for almost an hour. 1,367 more words


Transcendental Meditation Transforms Bipolar Disorder

Over a month ago I learned the Transcendental Meditation technique and I’ve never felt better. This is as much a shock to me as anyone, considering I was a skeptic who had a complete psychotic break with reality thirteen years ago, at which point I was diagnosed with Bipolar Type 1 Disorder. 576 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Rantous extremeous with no pointious.

Originally posted to on March the 26th 2015. 

I get conflicted over the most stupidest things.

For example.. could i be famous?

Now, I could not and would not ever be famous for anything. 771 more words

David Lynch