How to Flourish in an Age of Retweeting

We had a friend to dinner recently. After eating, perhaps four or five glasses of wine in, we were discussing the frantic cacophony of modern life. 572 more words


Religion: Fasting Part I

I started off the New Year with a short three-day fast. It was a liquid fast and I consumed water, juice, herbal tea and soup. By the end of the three days, my stomach had shrunk enough that when I began eating again, I could only intake tiny portions of about a cup of food before feeling full. 624 more words


Parent Story: Missing Management

What I want to know is why nobody is holding management accountable? A school doesn’t start and end with a principal. Where is the board? Why do they keep changing who they say is managing the school? 335 more words

Parent Story: Accountability

In October 2015 Principal Frances Clarke ran a number of Information Sessions at the Maharishi School in response to escalating parent concerns about contentious issues such as assessment, the teaching of maths and the school’s claims of providing Differentiated Teaching (which it advertises as a selling point).¬† 594 more words

Parent Story: Prospective Parent

I overheard some women discussing the school in my local cafe in Northcote. My ears pricked up as my sister had mentioned Maharishi school for her kids in 2017. 57 more words

Parent Story: No reports for prep students

I still have received no indication of when I will obtain my child’s school report for literacy and mathematics from Maharishi. School starts next week, and we have nothing to present to the new school. 121 more words

New Year, Business as Usual...

Where to start with the current state of things at Maharishi school in Reservoir…

You know that principal they fired? She’s back as ‘interim principal’. 410 more words