8 Jul. Transcendental Meditation and the severed head of a Catholic saint.

I attended a free introductory Transcendental Meditation course in Drogheda (a town located North from Dublin, half way between Dublin and Northern Ireland). I heard that they keep a severed human head in one of the churches in the town. 231 more words

Meditation Diary

Lifestyles of the Rich and Doug!

Today I thought I’d feature a four minute vintage clip of Doug and Debby on the classic 1980s program “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” What’s cool about it is that it gives us a glimpse not only into Doug’s home, but his famed workshop where many of his illusions were developed.¬† 53 more words

Doug Henning

Thankful for Cancer?

In recent blog posts, I discussed my interest in trying new things, such as transcendental meditation, acupuncture, sound therapy, etc. I connected with other terminal cancer patients and found that some of them were pursuing similar avenues. 594 more words

Real Truth

I just finished watching this documentary on YouTube. I found it fascinating and I learned quite a lot. It speaks about the lies that have been ingrained in us from the moment we are born and seeking real truth as we travel this road of physical life. 35 more words


People Magazine Interview: Part Three

After Falling Under the Spell of Wife Debby, Doug Henning Hopes to Charm Broadway Again

He stuck with magic. In 1973, he borrowed $5,000 from his mother and, with a friend, launched a rock musical-cum-magic show called Spellbound in Toronto. 495 more words

Doug Henning

23 June. Farewell to TM practice.

So I’ve been playing around with Transcendental Meditation for the past few days. TM certainly offers some very pleasant experiences. It relaxes me. It is great. 153 more words

Meditation Diary

People Magazine Interview: Part One

In doing some online research I came across this fascinating article from the December 20, 1982 issue of “People” magazine. The interview is notable for two reasons.¬† 479 more words

Doug Henning