1734 Transcendental Meditation - The Beach Boys (1968)

This song was written by Brian Wilson, Mike Love, and Al Jardine. The song was written about Mike Love’s experience in India with The Beatles in 1968. 34 more words


The anatomy of stress release: side-effects of meditation

By Tereza Pultarova

People usually take up meditation thinking that from that moment on, they will be an eternally happy zen person with a permanent smile tattooed on the face. 905 more words

Personal Stories

8 Dec. Morning. Zen Buddhism vs. any other religion.

30 minutes before work. 20 minutes of anapanasati. Nightmare: back hurt as hell, very sleepy, no focus whatsoever, pure suffering. Last 10 minutes – transcendental meditation: little bit more focused… but overall very unpleasant 30 minutes. 106 more words


28 Nov. Morning sitting. TM.

30 minutes before work: 20 minutes of Transcendental Meditation followed by 10 minutes of mindfulness of breath. TM was good. Very focused on repeating my “mantra” (which is merely a two syllable meaningless “word”). 92 more words


Transcendental Meditation

The Beginners

I thrive off rituals and routines. I guess it keeps me as sane as possible with the mounting anxiety that tends to haunt me in life. 1,147 more words

fairfield, iowa

PLACE: Fairfield
NOTORIOUS: Center for Transcendental Meditation, Ecovillage & Vedic town
COORDINATES: 41.0076° N, 91.9637° W… 165 more words

North America

Immune Support and You

Feeling a little sniffy? Me too.

I’ve accepted that I have a cold, I didn’t want it (when do you ever?), but I’ve tried to see it through as quick as I can, helped it to the door if you like, with a guiding hand, here’s how I did it… 754 more words