We have just seen that over a thousand people have now visited the site this week. New stories are sent to us every day and this recent increase in readers shows just how many people are wanting to hear the truth about what is happening with the school.  23 more words

Parent Story: Government responsibility

What upsets me most about this situation is the lack of government oversight. The school has received hundreds of thousands of dollars on top of the regular amount they get as a school to build new buildings but what are those buildings used for? 118 more words

Parent Story: The Pain of Separation

I remember the day we entered the grounds of Maharishi primary school for the first time. It was the most peaceful feeling I have ever encountered. 493 more words

Parent Story: Not enrolling anymore

We wanted to send our kids here and had them down for 2017. Thanks to all of you who are telling everyone what is happening because I had no idea. 77 more words

Parent Story: The Exodus

We have been at the school for four years now and throughout that time many families have left. This often happened under a veil of silence with kids there one day and gone the next. 133 more words

Parent Story: What about the kids staying?

I have told the school that we want to stay next year but I’m nervous that there will be none of the kids friends left. At the public meeting the school couldn’t even understand why we wanted support for the kids staying, but it’s like, hello! 119 more words

Christians and Transcendental Meditation

Last Wednesday Katy Perry, Sting, and Jerry Seinfeld got together for a little shindig in Carnegie Hall. The point of the event? As the New York Times put it, “To raise money for the David Lynch Foundation, which the… 675 more words

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