Blazing Light "First Vision" Account

Ann Purcell relates the following account that occurs during meditation:

“My experience of stillness, or transcendental consciousness, has become vast and universal, often blazing with intensely brilliant, even blinding, light.

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Increasing Pleasantness "First Vision" Account

Ann Purcell relates the following account:

“During the first few years after I started meditating, the experience of deep silence was absorbing and charming. I would see a…

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Free Meditation Course: Do You Meditate?

Do You Meditate is a free, one week course by Jeremy Peters that promises a no-nonsense meditation program free from religious dogma and new-age-nonsense.

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Does meditation really help to reduce stress?

It was less than a year after I took up transcendental meditation. I was going to Italy with a bunch of friends and had to catch a very early flight. 1,208 more words

Personal Stories

Sudden Death of a Dear Friend – Lessons Learned

A live-wire dear friend, a classmate from Delhi now living in Australia, died suddenly of a heart attack. The news shocked all our classmates as he was not only very popular, social, thoughtful, musical, athletic and fit, he was the life of our WhatsApp conversation group. 945 more words


Neues Video: "Global Peace Initiative"

Dieses 14-minütige Video beginnt mit Erklärungen zur Wirkung der TM auf das Individuum, v.a. in Bezug auf kohärentere Gehirnfunktionen und deren Bedeutung. Darauf aufbauend wird der Maharishi Effekt erläutert. 28 more words