Pivotal Moments

Pivotal moments are those which change our feelings, our thinking, our choices, our pathways in life. People can provide them, or experiences.

Think back. Who or what was pivotal in your life? 358 more words

Zombie Poetry: No 1 - Zombie Dreams

Zombie Dreams


Perchance, for which, might a Zombie sleep?
The sky darkens above the Zombie’s head, too.
Perhaps it always a sunset on the hopes of the Zombie,
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Types of meditation


This article summarizes the health benefits of meditation and also outlines the types of meditation techniques.

These are:

  • Guided meditation: Imagining or visualizing peaceful environments or experiences.
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Feeling Beauty

We are all cursed; to see elements of time whizzing past, imperfectly asymmetrically beautiful pieces of the unsolvable puzzle that is life. Glorious sunny days with flowering fields, the stuff of fantasies, but most such sights go unfelt. 112 more words


Transcendental Meditation, by Beach Boys

Transcendental meditation
Can emancipate the man
A get you feeling grand

Fusion of
The never changing wind
The ever changing wind
The never changing world… 31 more words


Asher Blake's The Inherited Farm

The Inherited Farm

I wish I could have different ideas than about myself,
Sons of Texas.

We sleepless three days moan in meditation.
Room empty – a coffeepot and three foot siphon to the side. 46 more words

Asher Blake

Religion: Is Memorizing Scripture a Weakness?

I am searching and meditating upon the word of God to discover if God really manifests Himself in new ways. When I stand in a room in the presence of someone involved in cackling, stomping their foot, barking and chuckling during prayer, these manifestations are considered great moves of the Holy Spirit. 701 more words