Vets find Wellness in (Transcendental) Meditation

Just found this. A short CNN clip where they talk about transcendental meditation as a technique bringing relief to patients suffering from post traumatic stress. It even proves to be beneficial for severe cases like veterans of war suffering from symptoms of PTSD. 59 more words


The Point of Meditation

In every group meditation instructional session I have ever attended someone will inevitably ask the question, “What is the point of meditation?” The instructors I have observed are usually reluctant to answer this question. 482 more words

True Self

Healthy Morning Routine

Shake up your energy level. :cool:

The morning is the foundation of the whole day. Therefore, it is very important, how we start our day. I am sure you read many times about good balanced and healthy daily routine and may be you consider try it out, but after a few days you got back to your old habits. 239 more words

A Work In Progress

This is a guest post from my wife. She’s been practicing TM for three and a half weeks.

When people make changes in their lives they often point to a breaking point, a specific incident that made them decide to make a change. 312 more words



The other day I was a bit of lint under my dresser.

I lay motionless in the shade, time not existing for me, as centuries passed by me and days accumulated like little bits of paper. 128 more words


Slowing down.

Of space and meditation.

In yesterday’s post, I wrote about using a biofeedback device promising to explain more today.

Also yesterday, I touched on the benefits of meditation and how the video from quantum physicist John Hagelin PhD seemed so interesting. 464 more words


Transcendental Meditation, Blogging and Changing Priorities.

We see our creative side all the time.

It comes up in conversation when we least expect it, and sometimes, though not often, we find ourselves within the realm of finding writing and creativity that astounds us and amplifies what we believed in ourselves. 462 more words