Transcendental Meditation and Its Perceived Benefits

Meditation is for peace, bliss and increased ability of the mind and the body with more immunity and mental strength. Does Transcendental Meditation help you to do it? 555 more words


Notes On Meditation Practice - II

Meditation induces two interesting forms of self-consciousness that do not arise during the actual sitting itself. They are, rather, ways of regarding the practice of meditation as it meshes with the rest of the meditator’s life. 474 more words


new healing techniques to look into

I was hanging out on a forum that I sometimes visit, the Out of the FOG forum. It’s a site dedicated to helping people deal with personality disordered people in their lives. 860 more words

Personal Polyamory

Notes On Meditation Practice - I

Last year, after being urged to do so by many–friends, strangers, dissertation adviser–I began a meditation practice. In May 2015 to be precise. I registered for a four-day class, attended four two-hour ‘training sessions,’ and was off and running. 519 more words


What's been going on...


I know I’ve been away, but I have to tell you why.

It’s been nearly two years since I began my journey with Transcendental Meditation, and recently I started another journey. 303 more words

The Amazing Promise of Balance

My most recent blog post presents as a theory or thesis, an idea that in time will be seen by all as a blatant fact. Some may even wonder how we could have been duped for so long. 678 more words