A Drunken Meditation

6:44AM Friday November 17

I’m jamming out to Taylor Swift as I write my group meditation experience from yesterday.

Ok, so I need to lower the volume because I keep stopping mid-sentence to dance. 776 more words


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Watch How “TM” Offers Real PTS Relief for our Veterans and How Daily Sounds Can Bring Veterans Right Back to War… 66 more words


What is meditation?

In order to properly discuss meditation, we must have a shared concept of what meditation is. There are many definitions of meditation, but there are also many forms of meditation. 409 more words


Sunday October 29, 2017

What kind of allegorical reality may we ascribe to the myth of the Demogorgon and the Upside Down? A flimsy one, no doubt. A world based on a memory of a mass-media simulation. 286 more words

3 things guaranteed to bring you peace of mind when life is going through a series of unfortunate events.

My life has not really been going according to plan since I graduated from Uni. In fact, I have not really accomplished anything since graduating 3 years back! 477 more words

Captivity Of Daily Positivity In The Current Life Full Of Negativity