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Campfire Talk: Things

This will be the first campfire talk and there will be a a whole series of them. They will revolve around

philosophical questions, that is life with all its good and bad and how to make the most of it. 462 more words

Walden and Laudato Si

I’m still struggling through Laudato Si it just seem to constantly remind me of Walden, a book I struggled to read in college. Both are very dense works and you need to be in that mindset to read either one.  319 more words


Ray of beauty ~

“Flowers…are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out-values all the utilities of the world.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Summer Conversational Series for Wednesday, July 15

Wednesday’s presentations proved to be lively, poignant and brain-busting!

Gabrielle Donnelly, author of The Little Women Letters, spoke on Louisa’s trips to Europe in her presentation titled, “Our Foreign Correspondent Louisa May Alcott’s Travels Through Europe.” She read extensively from… 406 more words

Louisa May Alcott

Summer Conversational Series for Tuesday, July 14

Yesterday’s session for the 2015  Summer Conversational Series featured these three distinguished presenters:

Cathlin Davis, PhD

Dr. Davis spoke at length on “The Healing Power of Nature: Friendly Sunshine and Fresh Air,” drawing upon her extensive knowledge of Louisa’s canon. 457 more words

Orchard House


Transcendentalism “started” around 1836.  I think it still exists, but the movement was in its heyday then.  Based in New England, the followers believed that the spiritual and nature were intertwined.  214 more words