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Scaffolding and Organizing Jigsaw Discussions

I’ve been experimenting this semester with different ways of encouraging meaningful academic talk between and among students.  I think giving students opportunities to engage in meaning making for themselves is important at all levels, and after reading Cris Tovani’s wonderful… 524 more words


Out of The Boat

And the twelve were stricken with fear when they saw a ghost walking upon the water out past their boat. As the ghost came into clear view, He spoke: “Take heart; it is I. 624 more words

Man of Letters

Der Ding An Sich

It really stuck in my craw. I remember standing there in front of the machine. It was a bizarre twenty-first-century machine still quaintly termed a Creel. 1,064 more words

Catch and Release...?

A dream: 

I was fishing a series of riffles underneath a bridge somewhere.  Interspersed between the riffles was pocket water–slower, deeper, and perfect for trout waiting to ambush prey.  833 more words

Introducing Students to Ralph Waldo Emerson with Gallery Walks, Notebook Time, and Speed Dating Discussions

We are coming down the home stretch of the semester in a fast and furious manner.  Because time is limited, I am being selective in the pieces of literature I want my juniors to read as we explore the key transcendentalist writers in American literature.  597 more words


The Breath of God

Ezekiel stood before a valley of dry bones as God spoke to him.

“Will these bones live again?” God asks.

“Only you know,” says Ezekiel. 943 more words

The Sylvan Sanctuary

A church owns some land in my neighborhood.

It’s a small, wooded plot in otherwise urban space, maybe as much as ten acres.  It is bounded by a four-lane road, a cul-de-sac, where a neighbor pounds out open-garage-door drum solos on a Friday night, and a parking lot—for a church that already exists. 962 more words