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The Sun Shines Today Also.

In the 1800’s Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote “Self Reliance” as a testament to the importance of trusting yourself. He stated that in each man, a true genius exists – but in order to unleash this true genius – the man must believe in his own thought. 219 more words



I stood behind a small girl, maybe ten years old, near a corner of the low, wide-barred metal fence of the polygonal pen as she tried to get the small horse’s attention. 1,104 more words


Abstract Expressionism

I’ve been had by the world
It was so beautiful
My home within it
Perfectly arranged
And ordained by the stars
As its best representation… 331 more words


“Shoot, it doesn’t reach.”
“Yes it does, oh ye of little faith.”
“You’ve never used it before, how do you know if it reaches? I’m telling you it doesn’t reach.” 153 more words


On Morning

What is it gilds the trees and clouds,
And paints the heavens so gay,
But yonder fast-abiding light
With its unchanging ray?

Lo, when the sun streams through the wood,

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Thoughts on Transcendentalism

Walden Pond Response

As an introvert, I would certainly need to “put to rout” all people and social interactions in order to “live deliberately.” This includes social media, email, and devices. 637 more words

Alma mater

Everything is different, yet exactly the same. That’s life.

Do people change? Sure, they can. Yet no matter how different they are, some ineffable part of them stays the same. 396 more words