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Let’s keep the blues theme going a little longer with this one from organist Larry Young.


Week 12 Reflective Response

The Central Dogma

Central Dogma” is a term coined by Francis Crick to explain how information flows in cells. It was time to understand how the structure of DNA worked, after determining its structure. 918 more words

Voicera Builds Voice AI Secretary With Dubai-Based App

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Meetings are the bane of any employee’s existence. While meetings are great for collaborating, they often don’t generate as much productivity as we’d like them to. 416 more words

Money Matters

3D chromatin conformation in disease pathology

Seminar 10 Honours Programme

Aïsha Mientjes



Speaker: Stefan Mundlos

Department: Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics (seminar given at the hematology department)

Subject: 3D chromatin conformation in disease pathology… 432 more words

Seminar Report

Assoluto Amore Notes

C# C Bb C# Eb C#Eb F# F C#
F F F# G# G#Eb Eb F Eb
C# F# G# F# F EbC# C

C C# C Bb C# C# Eb C# Eb F# F C# 114 more words


Introducing Co-Lab: your tool to collaborate on historical records (Libraries and Archives Canada)

Libraries and Archives Canada: Introducing Co-Lab: your tool to collaborate on historical records. “Crowdsourcing has arrived at Library and Archives Canada (LAC). You can now transcribe, add keywords and image tags, translate content from an image or document and add descriptions to digitized images using Co-Lab and the new Collection Search. 76 more words

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