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A short one this week … Been busy, and I have some heavier stuff lined up for you soon :-) Following a previous post 422 more words

Pool Painting

Finally finished my latest assignment, a remediation of the last transcription I did.

This time I followed the artist’s process, (her name is Caroline Walker) which was to take photos of someone of the same sex, by a pool or in a house, then do many drawings and black and white drawings to assess where the tonal values are, piece together the image you want, then paint it. 431 more words

These Are The Things I Love

This oldie is based on Tchaikovsky’s “Melody No. 3, Op. 42″.


Transcription E=MC2

My topic is on Einsteins most famous equation, E=MC^2. It is a powerful, yet simple equation that has a great impact in scientific discovery as well the world in a multitude of ways. 555 more words

Trippin' Transcription/Video


I’ve been a huge fan of Raphael Saadiq’s playing since I heard this Lucy Pearl track around 2006/7. It’s the bass line that just keeps going! 307 more words


You're My Best Friend Transcription/Video

You’re My Best Friend

I recently bought Queen’s Greatest Hits 1+2 on CD for the car. The first thing that struck me was John Deacon’s inventive and lyrical bass lines. 212 more words