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Week 24

This week was just as uneventful as the past week in the archive. I completed checking and converting the second-to-last notebook listed in the Google doc, and started on the last notebook I have to work on before moving back to Whitman’s prose manuscripts. 181 more words

Digital Archives

'Teaching 1613, An Algorithmic Incoherence', or, the results of an experiment in automatic transcription

I loaded the audio of the opening remarks I made at last year’s Champlain Colloquium at Carleton into Youtube, to see what Google’s automatic transcription would make of it. 441 more words

Shooting Breaks

From the 2011 Garage a Trois album Always Be Happy, But Stay Evil.

Shooting Breaks


Transcription, Subtitles, and Captioning Made Easy

The demand for transcription, subtitles, and captioning is in the rise. As people are increasingly watching television and other video sources in noisy venues, or quiet venues, we’re not able to rely on the soundtrack that accompanies videos. 445 more words

Tech Tips

Reading Old Handwriting and Transcription Tools

An essential part of a genealogist’s work is reading old handwriting and making an accurate, faithful transcription for use in analysis.

Therefore my contribution to Worldwide Genealogy this month is A Transcription Toolbox.

Sue's News

Jonathan Kreisberg and Gary Versace on "Ask Me Now"

I have been checking out Jonathan Kreisberg’s playing a bit in the last year or so, and I’m also a big Thelonious Monk fan, so I figured I’d see what Jonathan (and fellow Eastman alumnus, organist Gary Versace) play on Monk’s “Ask Me Now.” I think they both do a great job navigating these changes in a melodic way. 247 more words

Ask Me Now