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How Many Ways Can You Listen to Music?

The listening experience in music is a journey, a process, an adventure—if you’re open to the idea. Music is the actualization of color, a gateway to transcendence. 273 more words


(Lyrics) Piece of Clown (short) || AbsoЯute Zero

Transcribed by the sensational duo Violet and Mai (´∀`) (You don’t know what a pain in the ass this was)

LoLK is one of the most fun Touhou games (and the most difficult by far!) and also the most hilarious and stupid one…. 235 more words


New Chinese Exclusion Act Book and Course!

We’re happy to announce the release of two new learning tools for exploring the impact of the Chinese Exclusion Act:


Voncify the Emulyans

Another interesting one from Kenny Werner’s Beat Degeneration.

Voncify the Emulyans

Maceo Parker - Shake Everything You've Got

What a blow! This is a long track with a lot of playing. 237 more words


Maceo Parker - Youth of the World

I’ll admit, this post is a bit of filler…but it’s because I’ve got a really meaty post coming up next! 208 more words



With just nine genes,
And nine kb genome,
HIV attacks and hijacks,
Transcription machinery.
It has two LTRs,
And gag, pol, env genes.
Reverse transcriptase, 14 more words