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SOUNDING SHIFT (Copenhagen, Denmark - Christchurch, New Zealand, 2016)

Sounding Shift – The Transitional Core in Everyday Sound Objects is an exploration of how the audio format might be able to sustain and invoke transdisciplinarity. 83 more words


United and divided responses to complex urban issues

By Christina Culwick, Gauteng City-Region Observatory, South Africa

In November 2016, Ekurhuleni (South Africa) was hit by a spate of heavy floods that left people dead, houses washed away, cars under water and infrastructure irreparably damaged. 657 more words


Transdisciplinary Learning in Early Childhood – contributing to international-mindedness

Leading up to our Unity in Diversity Day and as a part of our yearlong Who we are unit of inquiry; our current inquiry into How we organize ourselves; and our language focus Writing to Instruct/Explain, we read Jon J Muth’s version of Stone Soup. 935 more words

International Mindedness

First Reflection, What is Haeata?

After accepting the position at Haeata, I knew that this was my ideal job, but while explaining to friends and family I realized that i didn’t know how exactly the school would function. 584 more words

ARSP as a diversity of perspectives

Following the release of the latest edition of The Annual Review of Social Partnerships (ARSP), Associate Editor, Jill Bogie, discusses the role of multi-stakeholder partnerships in building a more sustainable future. 1,008 more words


The dreaded family get together

Unfortunately, a lot of us develop anxiety and tension around the holiday season. The reasons can be multifold but the result is usually the same. Sitting at the dinner table with family members who, for whatever reason, get under our skin, press our buttons and have us reaching for one too many glasses of wine. 1,321 more words


Perspectives from the Field: Speaking to a School Board SLP (Part I)

I recently spoke to a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) in the Peel District School Board and gained some insight into service delivery and professional collaboration in the school board setting. 476 more words

Speech Language Pathology