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Center to advance sensory research across disciplines

As older adults continue to make up a larger portion of Minnesota’s population, sensory loss related to aging — which includes problems with unsteady balance, poor vision and hearing loss — is becoming a greater challenge. 687 more words


Precision farming targets major threat to soybean crops

Over the last 15 years, farmers across the U.S. have faced a daunting challenge. The soybean aphid, an invasive species first reported in the U.S. in 2000, has flourished on farms. 1,326 more words


Putting Society Back Into The Nexus

‘Nexus’ is a buzzword in academia and development at the moment. It essentially just means interconnectedness. The most common nexus discussed at the moment is the food-energy-water nexus. 719 more words

Social Capital

Smart bioremediation to clean water, protect wild rice

What does wild rice mean to Minnesotans?

For some, the crop is a food source. Others see it as an economic value to the state, which is among the nation’s leading producers. 1,197 more words


Future Goals and Options in NZ Land Management - A Transdisciplinary View

A brief argument from some years ago to rethink land use in New Zealand

“If we go through a list of some of the main problematiques that are defining the new Century, such as water, forced migrations, poverty, environmental crises, violence, terrorism, neo-imperialism, destruction of social fabric, we must conclude that none of them can be adequately tackled from the sphere of specific individual disciplines. 2,044 more words

Thought Pieces

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The Art of Teaching and the Ability to Connect

This quote is remarkably true about the Art of Teaching, in many different ways.

The ability to see and make connections is a crucial ingredient for a genuine modern teacher. 405 more words


Curbing animal diseases through scientific collaboration

In Minnesota, animal diseases are a looming threat. A recent outbreak of avian flu has already cost the state an estimated $310 million, and future outbreaks of other diseases could jeopardize still more of the state’s livestock. 1,144 more words