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Perspectives from the Field: Speaking to a School Board SLP (Part I)

I recently spoke to a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) in the Peel District School Board and gained some insight into service delivery and professional collaboration in the school board setting. 476 more words

Service Delivery

Secondment in Nida Art Colony | Part 1

As part of our work package 2 collaborative project, each of us run a workshop where others were invited to experience different explorations as a way to introduce our research topic to them.  516 more words


Models of Service Delivery

We recently discussed four models of service delivery in class (ranked from least integrative to most integrative): Multidisciplinary, Consultation, Interdisciplinary, and Transdisciplinary. Various factors seem to determine which model is best to use at the school board, classroom, or client-level, such as considerations related to caseload or the amount of resources available. 1,202 more words


Inter- and transdisciplinary research approaches and sustainability

Earlier this week, I posted an article about how to approach sustainable development on a community level (click here for the article). I contended that sustainability must be a “bottom-up” approach, firstly asking about the people’s own demands, desires and capacities. 272 more words


Backwards Design

The primary way we organize the learning that happens in Innovation Diploma is by using problems or design briefs as the framework. I am not talking about a typical “project” – I am talking about a real, client-delivered design brief that is high stakes because it’s truly a problem that needs solving. 694 more words

Innovation Diploma

ICON & Feeding Nine Billion

The Fall 2016 semester begins in a few short weeks, and with it comes the launch of our newest ICON classroom. 270 more words

Computer Science

The Beauty of Transdisciplinary

The emphasis on making learning meaningful is a never-ending process among educators from all around the world. As a teacher, I always ask myself at the end of my lessons, “Have my students learnt something valuable today? 241 more words