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An Introduction

At what point does an inside become an outside? The house I grew up in has a large, purple wooden door with a simple brass knob and I have passed through its threshold an uncountable number of times. 584 more words


Healthcare Analytics: Transitioning iteratively to value-based, data-driven healthcare service

Healthcare industry stakeholders have been opening up to the potential for big data and analytics to help them achieve key priorities.  However, this process faces many hurdles in terms of data integration.  957 more words

The 'Sum' of Everything

I think we need a new ‘discipline’. One that takes into account the way the world actually works. I call this new discipline Sumbiology (from the Greek sumbios = living together, ology = a branch of learning and knowledge). 150 more words


'Learning for Landscapes' - reflections and insights from a knowledge co-production workshop in South Africa

This article reflects on a recent workshop held with practitioners working on collaborative landscape-scale stewardship initiatives across South Africa.

We came from all different corners of South Africa to find common ground: …all the way from the West Coast: fynbos vegetation, commercial potato farmers and precious estuaries… all the way from the Marico Bosveld: thorny country with precious water resources, fiercely proud locals and the ever-present threat of mining… all the way from the Midlands of KwaZulu-Natal:  hard-working farmers and agricultural landscapes covered in plantation forestry and dairy … all the way from pastoral grasslands: herders care for cattle which provide livelihoods and socio-cultural identity… and all the way from many other diverse contexts and projects, with a variety of stewardship objectives and practices. 1,239 more words

Reflections & Provocations

Realizing Value through Analytics

Over the past few years, the sentiment that analytics and big data are not delivering business value has grown. In a 2015 Xerox Forrester survey of business stakeholders, 44% of respondents said analytics and big data are overrated or deliver insignificant benefits. 887 more words

Design Thinking

SOUNDING SHIFT (Copenhagen, Denmark - Christchurch, New Zealand, 2016)

Sounding Shift – The Transitional Core in Everyday Sound Objects is an exploration of how the audio format might be able to sustain and invoke transdisciplinarity. 83 more words