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Decoding Coding in the PYP

Is coding the new literacy for 21st Century Schools? If so, how can it enhance a transdisciplinary program of inquiry?

This past December I initiated our school’s first ever… 2,102 more words


Serendipity grants target emerging societal issues

In February, experts, practitioners and community leaders from across Minnesota came together to discuss how their collective knowledge and resources could create more intelligent, efficient and livable communities. 626 more words


Low-cost, eco-friendly fertilizers from bacteria

For the last hundred years, farmers have provided plants with much-needed nitrogen in the form of ammonia fertilizer, which they synthesize through a process that uses natural gas and nitrogen derived from air. 1,122 more words


Viejo/Nuevo: a Tale of Two Cities

We had the great pleasure of visiting Oaxaca, Mexico recently, an amazing city with striking parallels to SFIP’s home town of Santa Fe: a strong cultural, artistic, and culinary flavor; significant indigenous populations; and efforts to grow both a creative economy and a social impact ecosystem. 376 more words

Innovation News

Data management challenges in analysis and synthesis in the ecosystem sciences

Authors: A Specht,  S Guru, L Houghton, L Keniger, P Driver, EG Ritchie, K Lai, A Treloar

Published in: Science of the Total Environment (online April 2015) 333 more words


The missing pillar of sustainability: culture

Sustainability as a concept is a term that we hear all the time. But aren’t we, in fact, catastrophically poor at recognising the unsustainability that threads through our daily lives and which is rapidly increasing. 944 more words


Bacteria tapped for eco-friendly industrial cleanup

Water plays a crucial role in industry. It helps generate electricity, mine for precious minerals and support numerous other functions that fuel the economy and provide society with the products and services essential to everyday life. 1,152 more words