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Thoughts on presenting as a woman and feminism

I stumbled across this blog post today.

I was so happy to read it as it was able to eloquently summarise much of what I have felt about presenting as a woman and the implications for my feminism. 136 more words



I recently had the pleasure of some time away from work which provided much needed rest and time to reflect on important areas of my life such as my career and how I’m performing as a good husband and parent. 1,504 more words


Activ sau pasiv? Ți se citeşte pe faţă!

Titlul pare provocator, dar dacă v-aş spune că sunt unii care chiar se ocupă cu astfel de studii nu m-aţi crede.Deci, conform unui studiu, la fel de serios la vocea lui Alex Velea, efectuat de Archives of Sexual Behavior, putem identifica sexualitatea şi preferinţele sexuale ale unui barbat (gay evident!) doar dintr-o simplă privire. 211 more words


Gender Neutral Bathrooms

I’ve had such high hopes for society throughout 2015. Thus far, it’s appeared to be a year of massive, long-overdue change. From Ireland becoming the first country to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote, to the United States making marriage equality a federal right, allowing same-sex couples all around the country to marry in whichever state they so desire. 474 more words


New LGBT Film review blog


Over the past couple of years or so I have been watching a numerous amount of LGBT films and because I love writing I have come to the decision to create this blog to simply review different LGBT films. 42 more words


American tourist claims he was held captive and sexually assaulted by his transexual Airbnb host in Spain

From the New York Times, Aug 2015


Airbnb Horror Story Points to Need for Precautions

Early in the evening of July 4, Micaela Giles’s mobile phone started sounding alerts, and a series of messages straight out of a horror movie began scrolling down her screen. 1,373 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Hurt from the LGBT community

In this short post I want to talk about my disappointment in the LGBT community and the way this community complains about its treatment by society while simultaneously subjecting our community to the same hate and aggression. 317 more words