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Who is a transgender? FYI!

Who is a transgender or, what we call in our local language, a Khawaja Sira? 452 more words


Putting Ourselves Out There

Well, that was fun! In our wisdom we decided to promote Priscilla’s Services on Facebook. This is what happened.

Facebook sent me a message last week, saying that for a ridiculously small amount of money I could reach an astounding number of people all within a tiny radius of our business. 1,121 more words


Dress to impress? No, dress for yourself.

I have a feeling that I am about to share with you all is going to cause some debate, whether that be within yourself of with me… all opinions aside, hear me out… please. 817 more words



                       What is LGBT? For all those that do not know what it fully means: L is lesbian, G is gay, B is bisexual, and T is transexual. 506 more words




to all our fans & followers and peek’ers <3


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Mish Mash

That's Gay! - K-Dramas, Putting the Q in LGBTQ

Let’s face it – there are a lot of gay-questioning dramas out there.  Okay, sure, they’re not implicitly gay;  Only recently have dramas crossed the purebred gay border, though their feature films have definitely made some expeditions to gay town in the past few years.   1,056 more words

Korean Drama

Shifted Focus

I have quite a few foreign friends, so sometimes from time to time well sit and talk about how nice South Africa is as opposed to their respective war-torn, corruption saturated countries (lol, that’s how they describe it, not me). 1,013 more words

Cape Town