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Angela: Queen of Hel #7 (aka. the bitter-sweet end of a beautiful LGBTQ run)

Angela: Queen of Hel #7 by Marguerite Bennett, Kim Jacinto, Israel Silva, and Stephanie Hans 620 more words



Music, food and money and freedom; what more could a 14 year old ask for? How about the opportunity to not feel judged.
We finally met her. 306 more words


Dear Target Protesters: You're Fighting the Wrong Fight

Hey guys, I’m about to deliver some educated information to you all, and it might not be what you expect. Almost 20,000 child sex offenses were reported to the police in 2012, but only about 9,000 were actually put on trial. 563 more words

Target's Gender Neutral Bathrooms: It's about time. 

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of uproar behind Target’s decision to allow anyone to go in which ever bathroom they self identify. This is mostly directed toward transpeople, so they will no longer be ridiculed for being in the bathroom of their choosing. 567 more words


My Coming Out Experience

Reading Devin’s blog tonight actually kind of inspired me to write about my own experience with coming out and dealing with the pressures of living up to other people’s standards. 1,076 more words


The Journey Begins

At the time, I was having issues with a work colleague. This person decided to take it upon himself to cause harassment at the workplace. This eventually went further by harassing me at home by making anonymous calls at 3am, as well as ordering ‘buy now, pay later products’ from newspaper ads. 576 more words

Transsexual Allure:

The Relationship Between Heterosexual Males And Male To Female Transsexuals.

By: Joseph Parker

To date, there has been very little information provided in relation to sexual attraction and sexual relations between males that categorize themselves as heterosexual and male to female transsexuals. 2,119 more words