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Letter to my MP Graham Jones

Dear Mr Jones

I am writing to you as a long-term Labour voter, lifetime REDACTED constituent, a REDACTED and most importantly a transgender woman.

In October 2013 I approached my GP and asked to be referred to one of the specialist NHS Gender Clinics to help facilitate my gender reassignment.  1,492 more words


Inspiration for Project

Lynsey Addario.

When searching on the web for inspiration of how other photographers have photographed transsexuals, I came across Lynsey Addario who has a slideshow on her website of images she has taken of “Transsexual prostitutes of New York”. 191 more words


Discrimination of LGBT Community in Bexley, Ohio (among others)

Jenn Moffitt and her partner Jerra Kincely were recently discriminated in an Ohio community when they were denied wedding services because of their sexual orientation. 203 more words

Current Events

Dolce e Gabbana -----> Amaro e Stupido

Dolce and Gabbana have shown their true colours as reactionary, anti-equality, defenders of the status quo.  http://www.advocate.com/families/2015/03/14/dolce-and-gabbana-launch-tirade-against-non-traditional-families

They are clearly opposed to granting the fundamental human rights (that they take for granted) to other deserving people. 84 more words