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Something to share

I was seven-eight when I first felt I liked somebody, I was in second or third grade and every Monday we were supposed to have a ceremony were all grades would be in line and it is such a vivid memory, I had the biggest crush on a sixth grader, in my mind I have her image like this beautiful light brown mid length hair, hazel eyes girl. 337 more words


so I woke up one morning and went on my way with my life as usual  out of mu skull as usual,

tempted to sin as  usual… 489 more words


another one bites le dust

The way I feel  about trans bars is the same way most American’s feel about public transit: I fully support them, even if I don’t really use them.   178 more words


so i am queer and the same

so i am not the same as you are..

i don’t follow the trends expected for me to follow

is that so bad? do you do as you are told?all the time? 179 more words



Sorry it took so long to post I was away from my computer because of spring break but here is something that I wrote for school on the topic of the new school bathroom bills. 187 more words

Transformation Island

Bill’s girlfriend Julie had been noticing a few things that seemed to differ than her experience with other men. He was much more attentive and gentle with her. 3,242 more words


I Wonder...

Not that I’d encourage cross dressing but… Wonder what would happen if a deviant put on a hijab and took HIS case to the European Court? 29 more words