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Why I'm a Feminist and not a Humanist

Because WOMEN are considered lesser in my country

Because MENSTRUATION is perceived as inappropriate to talk about when it should be regarded as beautiful

Because we have to hide our sacred BODIES when society says it’s bad… 308 more words


How are you spending your time?

How are you spending your time daily? Which one is you? #1 or #2? And if you’re both, how long will it be before you find yourself spending more and more time watching pornography, sexting online, webcams and other artificial stimulation, neglecting the real world and thing things you should be focused on. 8 more words


Divisions within the Transgender Community: an Exploration

First off, a warning. This is going to be a heavy, long and probably controversial post. Sorry for that, but sometimes, some things need to be said, ventilated and explored. 2,635 more words


Hard To Keep Up

Fuck My Life Right Now.

I have some good things going on I do, but my asshole soon to be ex-husband is pushing and pushing to the point where I can’t keep up. 197 more words


Beautiful Butterflies

“Recipes don’t work unless you use your heart! “ – Dylan Jones

First post. I want to start it with a story:

Your are happily driving your small cute, blue car.

958 more words
Life Paths


A glance in the mirror, a reflection I see, but who is that man looking at me.

For in the mirror of my eyes, if you look just inside, you will see who I am, what the glass seems to hide. 106 more words

Fife, the universe, and everything

The longest photo session I ever did took nearly nine hours. I think I should make a note of just how much effort went into it – not for my sake, but to recognise the infinite patience of my photographer/wife. 1,229 more words