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I felt her enter me, warm and hot....

I felt her enter me, warm and hot.  “Is that ok for you,” she asked as she tentatively began her journey to my deep and warmest interior. 367 more words

About those Bathroom Bills

About those bathroom bills

They are not “anti-LGBT”. They are not about you. They are anti-trans mostly targeting AMAB (Assigned Male at birth) but they do affect AFAB (Assigned Female at birth) people as well. 757 more words

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Boogie Time with Beanie Boys on Old Bugis Street

Bugis, Singapore.

A commercial location for shopping and dining with air-conditioned malls and an open air mall called Bugis Street. If bargain shopping is what excites you then this is a great place to be. 1,377 more words


1st Annual WCAC TS Twitter Pornstar Awards

This year WCAC will be hosting their first TS Twitter Pornstar Awards, celebrating the greatest transexual twitterers to be found in cyberspace.

Think you’re in the running? 26 more words

India's Third Gender

I saw her walk across the road swaying her hips. She was dressed in a black sari that seemed to shimmer in the morning sun. As she approached my car, I pulled down my window and for a brief moment, my eyes met hers. 723 more words

Social Being

To my fellow LGBT friends.

I am currently editing a collection of coming out stories which is to be published at the later part of this year.

I need your stories. 243 more words

Hombre Transexual Dice Que Alejandro Sanz Fue Su Amante

Como diría mi buen amigo Pelos Parados… ijoooodesumais :O :O :O

Un transexual llamado Diva Cassandra, asegura que el cantante español ha sido su amante y que este es bisexual. 202 more words