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¿Cuál es tu orientación sexual?

Homosexualidad vs. Heterosexualidad, las personas tenemos la necesidad de ordenar y clasificar los elementos que nos rodean, pero estas etiquetas pueden tener significados muy distintos según quien las emplee. 687 more words


Do you know the difference between transexual, transgender and transvestite?

There is often a lot of confusion about what it means to be transgender, transexual, or transvestite. People have difficulty understanding these terms and differentiating between them. 748 more words


Amanda's Wings

She is her own masterpiece, a cutting, an etched memory                                                                                        from her dreams,                                                                                                                                                 whorled dreams of girly things. Candied gloss, calla lily lotion,                                                                              that purple diamond soap dish– she sings, wanting all of these,and I buy them. 278 more words



After 7 months of unemployment (vacation) I have decided to return to the job world. Excited to be truly ready to be who I am and work a job that I find much more satisfying. 571 more words

Yeti's Life

Who's the Real Victimizer?

Parker Malloy at Slate wants to know why murders of trans women of color don’t get enough media attention. The answer is simple: most murders don’t get… 400 more words


Why FFS? (Facial Feminization Surgery)

Why FFS?  (Facial Feminization Surgery)

There is undoubtedly an almost fetishistic coveting of facial feminization surgery (FFS) in the trans community.  If you ask lots of trans women what is on their wish list of things they would like, it is usually at the top or in the top 3. 954 more words


What Gender Dysphoria feels like for me

Gender transition is a strange thing, especially when it comes to processing thoughts.  My brain has changed more than my body has in the 16 months I have been taking oestrogen and it is interesting to read early bits of writing I did and reflect on how they’ve changed. 1,115 more words