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Autoandrophilia, or "Penis Envy".

The idea of “penis envy” is thrown around a lot. And, in its simplest form it’s a ridiculous notion, that women, or some women, have an intrinsic desire to grow a random appendage we’ve never owned. 615 more words


Lucky Lucy

hi im new to all dated bi girland we role played in private,it was a bit of a game and to please her at first,in private only,then w hit a few problems around xmas time last year,she decided at xmas to let her other bi friends know what we had done games dressing etc,and they all pressured me into going out with them over xmas dressed fem,after a bit of convincing and some dutch courage i gave in,and let them pickj out clothes outfits and make me up fem.once out was totally different the air and openess breeze was so different and textrures smells tastes feel .at first i was scared but as bars and clubs had others and where bars ex went to was well recieved and fitted in .compliments followed and drinks,i relaxed and as others where dressed or… 427 more words

A man can get pregnant, if he wants to die.

The team at the Discovery’s hip YouTube channel “Dnews” put together a bizarre video, which seemed to support men getting pregnant. Somehow they concluded; yes, a man can get pregnant “but in some cases it might kill you”. 904 more words


Trans life 3

At times I want to really die and everyone thinks that’s ok. That’s just statistically normal.
People I’ve never met want me to suffer and society doesn’t attempt a change. 39 more words


I saw a man,his girlfriend, and their baby while I was on the train.

Earlier today I saw a man,his girlfriend, and their baby while I was on the train.I couldn’t help but stare as he fumbled his bicycle into the train alongside the babies stroller without care. 65 more words


Highlights of the week so far.

So yesterday. I finally managed to find a new job after 3 months of looking. Which makes me really excited because now I can start saving up for my top surgery & SRS again. 184 more words


Media... Part 1

This is a discussion that comes up typically among myself on message boards. But recently there has been an overwhelming amount of  transmedia being portrayed by  cis people. 125 more words