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I support change. 

The other day I was asked why I had changed my Facebook profile picture the day America legalised same-sex marriage even though I wasn’t American neither did I live in America and I’m not gay. 480 more words


FAGPIRE CHRONICLES |Chapter 1 - Fagpire - Notes - Errata


One day I was talking to an acquaintance and I broached the subject of the Fagpire. I told him about this first chapter of the Chronicles, and we discussed my treatment of the gay and lesbian issue – that true gays and lesbians do not exist, and the subject of their offspring are at best hermaphrodites. 3,026 more words

Still alive. One fucked up year.

Not going to go diving into details but it’s been a roller coaster this year. Enough said there.

I figured I’d go ahead and update my blog seeing as I’ve let it severely slip. 807 more words


Whenever I hurt him my heart sinks. Not exactly sure if there’s a biological mechanism associated with that but it really, physically hurts my heart. … 138 more words

What does gender mean to you?

I asked fifteen young people of different genders the question “What does gender mean to you?” and got some very wise, thought provoking answers.

To me, my gender is a limiting factor imposed upon me unfairly by a society which is largely uneducated beyond the… 934 more words


"My Gap Year Chapter Six - Cal’s nightcap"

Cal was a bit frustrated now, he would like to have been able to have a nightcap with me yet with Mel around he decided to move on she may have cramped his style. 700 more words

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Self-Mutilation is Liberating

A writer who apparently doesn’t identity as male or female had a huge problem. Her own body betrayed her because it had breasts and a uterus. 351 more words

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