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It paid off!

I found a wonderful therapist who wants to do nothing but listen to me. It was a great day! I felt heard and not so alone. 241 more words


Roller Coaster

So first I lost a therapist appointment, then I had a very, very bad day. And now I have a new prospect. I’m feeling pretty decent. 413 more words


First time in panties!

For many male to female transgender people, the first time they put on female clothing can be an almost overwhelming emotional experience.┬áThe first crossdressing experiences will often be with the clothes of a close family member – a wife, mother, sister, cousin, aunt etc. 455 more words


All Wrapped Up

I finished wrapping my gifts for my family.

I was struggling what to put on the tags of the gifts. For my brother and sister who are 4 I decided to put my male name and left it at that. 367 more words


A Good Day

I may have found a therapist.

I went to the doctor today to get a bunch of stuff out of the way and I might have found a therapist to help talk me through what I want to get out of this whole process. 218 more words


Thinking is Hard

I’ve been having some deep thoughts on what to do about my future. A new friend of mine got into my head… you know I hate that phrase really but I can’t think of a better way to say it. 471 more words