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Signs to show more an expats

Has time just flied since you started living in a different country?

However when you return back home, the changes you see around, stings you hard and reminds you of how really long you’ve been away from your home. 371 more words

Women travelers traveling tips

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” – Ayn Rand

Today, everyone is standing up and taking notice of everything a woman can accomplish – they don’t need to wait for anyone to tell them what to do! 393 more words

Crucial Backpacking Tips

Travelling into the wilderness, and exploring unexplored terrains and scenic foreign locales with only the required necessities on one’s back – that’s backpacking! Backpacking is a type of low-cost, independent travelling that is packed with thrills. 473 more words

Tips for Expats on Wedding Gifts

When the wedding bells ring, it’s time for both excitement and tension. The excitement is natural for the family, the bride and groom in question and friends. 410 more words

Importance of noticing dollar movement

Did you know that getting competitive currency exchange rates can positively influence the amount and frequency of money you send home?

As an expat, ensuring your loved ones receive the maximum value for every unit of the currency remitted, is always important. 349 more words

Mobile money : Its success in East Africa and how we can learn from it!!!

In December 2016 when I was in Uganda and Rwanda , I saw these small booths even in the remotest part of the 2 countries with ‘MTN Mobile Money’ label on them . 798 more words


Benefits of Travel Insurance

I had just completed college and was at the threshold of starting a job, settling down into a routine and doing what most adults do once ‘done’ with education. 599 more words