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The people who have shown their love and respect for God/Jesus will be seen as different ; their finances will not die nor will their livelihood  (Exodus 8: 23; Exodus 9:4)   Why am I sure this will be the case?   33 more words


Socialism is the plunder of the productive by the unaccountable.

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Sampson Supports Endow Minnesota Legislation

Holly C. Sampson, president of the Duluth Superior Community Foundation, knows first hand the power of the 350 endowment funds held at the foundation. 78 more words

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Stormer Supports Endow Minnesota Legislation

JoAnn Stormer, president of Rochester Area Foundation, knows first hand the importance of affordable housing to the city of Rochester.

The foundation’s First Homes initiative has provided access to housing for more than 1,000 households since 2001. 90 more words

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I'm Going to Throw you For a Loop

First of all, this is not a post, in the normal sense, of what I would write about, but after much thought I thought I’d throw it at you and it can either interest you, or it won’t. 584 more words

New Hope is the Transfer of Wealth

Romogi Barebo Primary School, 20 Jan 14. New Hope is the transfer of wealth.

Charles Barebo gives some federal notes to Wani Gaudensio, head teacher of the school. 666 more words


The Next Big Conversation in Florida Philanthropy: Guiding Donors Through Florida’s Wealth Transfer

The theme of Florida Philanthropic Network’s 2015 Statewide Summit on Philanthropy, which is being held on January 29-30, is “The Next Big Conversations in Florida Philanthropy.” In the spirit of the Summit’s theme, this post is part of a series where we’ve asked some of our member leaders to share their thoughts on the next big conversations that should be taking place in Florida’s philanthropic sector. 346 more words

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