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6 Weeks To Anxiety Recovery (Watch the Interview)

When we catch young people’s anxiety early, we can absolutely do something about it, with effective techniques and strategies to stop it, not just manage it, but stop it. 91 more words


Moment of Transformation (reimagined)

You ask me when I knew
ink flowed through my veins
like blood
the moment I understood
that truth
simmered in the cauldron
of my belly… 75 more words


Vital Keto Diet {France FR} - Avis, coûts, avantages et où acheter

Vital Keto Hypnosis for weight loss, what can it do for you? There are many things hypnosis can do beyond the weight reduction. Some of these include improved motivation to loss weight, increased self discipline, along with the willpower that is required to Vital Keto lose weight. 458 more words


Coaching:a recent experience

I was recently introduced to the ‘Butterfly model™’ of coaching by Julian Webb, a Senior Associate at Undiscovered Country. Over the years, as a coach, and on several occasions as a coachee, I have experienced variations of the GROW model, so I was curious to find out if anything was different about this one. 525 more words


Fly Beyond

Blessings come

From elsewhere


You witness

The transformation


Of another time

Another mind


Fly beyond the confines

Of your limited world.


Transformed With Life #1

I recently opened a box full of ceramics bowls I made a few years ago, because someone asked me for one they saw on Arts M.Perron… 236 more words


Review of "War and Peace (and I.T.)" by Mark Schwartz

John Ediger – DevOps & Agile Transformation leader

Mark Schwartz’s new book, “War & Peace & IT” is a light and quick read, while being both humorous and extremely insightful about leadership in the digital era. 2,103 more words