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Seasons Fading Like Leaves

It’s an off season

but natural in its own right.

There’s no familiar summer, winter, spring or fall anymore

except for dates on a calendar. 200 more words


struggling with weight loss coming to an end?

I have been struggling with weight loss on and off since I was small and during my junior college days I hit an all time high of 60kg which made me really destructive. 338 more words

Phase 3 Ultimate Reset - Restore

I did it! I finished! 21 Days of a cleanse with zero cheats. I do have to say for me this phase was the hardest. As you Restore, you’ll eliminate grains and legumes to focus on a simple, cleansing, fruit- and vegetable-based diet. 392 more words

affirmations: go beyond old limitations|activate higher vibrations (video 15:01)

I was thrilled when Alexander and Kenneth Soares of Power Thoughts Meditation Club (PTMC) selected me to be the first-ever female voice in their repertoire back in 2016. 130 more words


We Have So Much To Learn When We Become Comfortable in the Uncomfortable Times

How do you feel about being uncomfortable, about being outside your comfort zone? Because I hated that uncertainty, I use to run from it. I found the unknown is never comfortable, right? 669 more words



I made notes about tonight’s poem: use double-dutch without glasses as the metaphor. Of course, somehow I forgot to jot down what my subject would be. 188 more words


Code Next Hackathon

Two of our excellent coding students, Pia and Sophia, took part in Vodafone’s Code Next Hackathon at the Coder Academy on Saturday. The hackathon brought together students from around the city, competing in teams of three to solve a challenge posed by the Garvan Institute. 141 more words