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Rejection/ignoring my own hate potentials

When hate enters consciousness, I am left in a dilemma.
Like say there is an object X{a,b,c}, and I enjoy the whole object.
But suppose someone says ‘b quality of Object X sucks’. 695 more words



Day Twenty-Eight

In spring flowers are to bloom,
buds to burst with life,
sun to warm ground
awakening that which slumbers.

Here snow aligns itself along…

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gentle rain

i love gentle rain.
it kinda makes it feel like
it’s okay to cry some tears.
not heavy and loud sobs,
but nice and gentle ones. 143 more words

What happened to her?

I was listening to this song, “Every Time You Run” by Manafest ft. Trevor McNevan, and a flood of memories came over me. My past. These lyrics reminding me of the darkness I was rescued from. 927 more words

How to Rapidly Gain Marketing Leverage with Existing Resources

When I founded Yaldi, back in December of 2016, I began conducting a fair amount of voice of customer. Some might have called these sales calls, and would be partially correct but, I was earnestly in search of formulating a more effective and agile, contemporary strategic marketing firm that would deliver measurably better results with pace. 258 more words

Digital Disruption

How different...

How different
this day can be
if I become aware
that what I need
is right here.

© 2017 Dennis Ference


Then & Now: 7 Years In Practice

Ever since we moved into our office around March 2010 and opened our practice the following month, both my partner (in both practice and marriage) and I have felt an overwhelming sense of a time-warp. 2,065 more words

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