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Transformers Prime 2012 Mcdonalds Happy Meal Megatron Review


I miss transforming Happy Meal Transformers. That being said, they were usually near screen accurate. They usually sacrificed one mode for the other. 96 more words


Free Comic Inside: In The Transformers

This edition of Free Comic Inside was intended to be a return to the Dreamwave-produced Transformers Energon minicomics, the last one they made before Dreamwave shut down. 1,293 more words


WTF @ TFW – 561 – May 8 2019

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May the 8th be with you, dear listeners, as Seth comments on the latest Power Rangers gossip and Vangelus forces Canadian TCG news into an odd-numbered episode.


SaskPower invests nearly $19M into infrastructure upgrades in Regina

SaskPower has started work on numerous projects around Regina that focus on improving reliability for its customers.

“It takes a lot of effort and investment to keep Saskatchewan’s aging… 187 more words


Preventive Maintenance Keeps Equipment Running Longer

Heavy machinery used in manufacturing requires continual maintenance in order to keep it running at peak efficiency.  Poorly maintained machinery will run poorly and breakdowns cost money not only for repairs but also in downtime.  809 more words

Super7 Teases New Transformers Toys Are Coming Soon

“Coming Soon…”

This is all incredible toy maker Super7 had to say. But with those words, a small teaser video was left on their Instagram. It was enough to let us know that something amazing is on its way… 161 more words


The Starscream Problem

Transformers as a franchise has risen from humble beginnings of American capitalists trying to sell Japanese toys to children with an inconsistently animated show (it was the 80’s, don’t yell at me, it’s not like He-Man was Disney quality either) to critically acclaimed television shows and a blockbuster film series (I will not comment on the quality). 2,277 more words