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[IDW] The Devil Inside

Ratchet’s internal alarm woke him up two hours before it was supposed to. He had done it intentionally, but that didn’t make him any more inclined to get out of the berth. 3,121 more words


Review: Transformers #55

(IDW Publishing 2016)

Writer: John Barber

Art: Andrew Griffith

Colors: Josh Burcham

Letters: Tom B Long

All Hail Optimus reaches its thrilling conclusion in IDW Publishing’s Transformers #55, a Titan has risen at Prime’s command in Monument Valley on Earth, the political intrigue on Cybertron has reached a crucial turning point, and the conflict between Transformers and humans forces caused by Optimus Prime’s annexing of Earth now becomes a desperate last ditch attempt to stop Galvatron escaping in a climatic final showdown in space. 903 more words

Comic Book

Red & Blue Robots

During my six weeks off school this summer, I got new shelves for my office/painting/computer room. Two large and two small golden oak bookshelves, which I’d had for over a decade, easily, were replaced. 697 more words

Resetting Your Homes Electrical Circuit During A Power Outage

When you own a home you are familiar the possibilities of sudden losses of electrical power.  This phenomenon is an especially common throughout the hot summer months as home owners are blasting air conditioners for hours on end.  562 more words

The Differences Between Breaker Boxes and Fuse Boxes

Circuit breaker boxes and fuse boxes aren’t something that most of us have to access on a regular basis.  It is important however to know where they are located and how they function before you find yourself in the middle of a power outage.  562 more words

Analyzing Films and their directors: Michael Bay's THE ROCK

In this series, I analyze a film and the filmmaker behind it, from how the film is reflection of their style, to how it relates to the rest of their filmography, and finally just talking about why the film is awesome. 929 more words


Throwback Tuesday: It's worth the wait.

Here’s another pre-RwC dot com pic (I think). (I really like this one.)