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Overrated Doesn't Mean Bad

As a child of the 80’s and 90’s, I grew up loving really old nostalgic properties and I can’t help but express my love for them. 657 more words

Fiefo's Editorial

WTF @ TFW - 363 - June 30 2015

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The 363rd episode of WTF@TFW reminds us that podcasting is not about death…but life.


Flash Flood?

I left my parents house after getting an oil change and new wipers for my Autobot because they were expecting a flash flood.  Instead, I got to drive through it on the way home (new wipers, so functional!) and then suffer it again as it passed over Big City while Rysa and I were out at dinner. 48 more words

Rants & Rambles

Transformers IDW Generations Dreadwing

Héi ass den IDW Generations Dreadwing, hien ass een Repaint vum IDW Generations Megatron. !et ass nik graad deen beschten Mold mee wann een den G2 Dreadwing demols nach kannt huet ass ët awer eng gudd Auswahl deen Mold fir hien geholl ze hun well ën extrem no dem Original kënnt. 32 more words


Hello world! My fan-made Transformers Universe will be here soon!

Soon you will see a fanzine from me so keep your eyes here for more information!  I am doing my own rendition of Transformers 5.  It will be called Transformers Five Alternate for now. 60 more words