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Speak Up!

Hi, my name is Domonique and confrontation scares me. If there was an AA meeting for people who shy away from confrontation this would be my introduction. 905 more words


The Smart Furniture For Small Spaces

The apartments and homes seem to get smaller and smaller. But not necessarily one living in those spaces has to sacrifice the comfort. Smaller houses and apartments are usually considered to be much cozier. 57 more words



Hey, so last week Aubrey posted about having a crazy week. Well know its crazier. I feel that God is trying to teach me something through this, but its really hard and not-fun. 156 more words

The Enemy Tried It + I Let Him

Hey loves! I know it’s been a while but I’m back and I have a lengthy blog post for ya. I promise it’ll be good (lol,) so sit back, grab a snack and get comfortable. 940 more words


A traveller's guide to life

It seems like a lifetime ago that I last had truly wayward feet leading me in whatever direction my toes were pointed.  What was anticipated to be a short return to Canada has had me ever-more-solidly planted in this place as months turn to years.   961 more words


The Veil is Removed

In the Old Testament, we are told God’s presence was in The Holy of Holies, also known as the Most Holy Place, the inner room of the Tabernacle, where the… 307 more words

God's Blessings


In a sense the energetic vibration of mis-interpretation of any abilities within that are enabled to expand us beyond comfort, do we see that understanding of anything to do with self has been built on layers of self-annihilation rather than clearer perception of our true empowerment state. 768 more words