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Transforming Fear into Freedom

Releasing and healing deeply embedded fears that hinder your spiritual progression and your experience of the earthly reality.

Let yourself begin the New Year by transmuting your fears so that you can experience 2017 from a greater space of pure love within your being. 40 more words

Freeing Ourselves from Universal Claims 2/6

Freeing Ourselves from Universal Claims 2/6
1958 London Advanced Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 233A

And then, as you sit in that silence, waiting, the Spirit of God touches you and illumines you, inspires you, and for a brief, fleeting second, it is almost as if you could see or touch reality, sometimes smell it. 1,153 more words


New Years Resolutions -indeed!

1) Gossip Be more mindful. I do not consider myself a seeker or speaker of gossip as a characteristic of mine. But then again I think we all find ways of justifying our talk about others. 118 more words

DO NO HARM? The Case Of Houston V. Houston

Your Memory is a Work of Art

I have been told many times “just get over it”, stop living in the past. When I saw this it validated me. It gave me the words to explain how I feel about doing this blog and talking about my past and what I am trying to accomplish

DO NO HARM? The Case Of Houston V. Houston

Here in Christ

Here in Christ Jesus, Papa, who is infinite spirit, and brother Jesus, who is enlivening spirit, are both in us, and we’re in them. It’ rather extraordinary, really. 34 more words