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I am a Person Who: A Challenge

A Challenge for my readers:

Complete this phrase: I am a person who _______________________________.

Yesterday was my birthday. The perfect opportunity to reflect upon who I am as a person. 241 more words


I am dragon

I am dragon, black as night. My wings glide silently, dancing with clouds; skimming treetops. My breath, burning embers, releases red-hot steam, as I sniff to solve the mystery of my pain. 157 more words





If I keep quiet for a while

would I disappear?

a light dust covering left

from the moments I was here

and my thoughts weaved words… 102 more words


Oh It's all about Jesus

Life is life. The tougher you live, the stronger you will be. What’s done is done and save the lesson to the world one day. It’s crazy knowing why we are on earth and why we were created, but I am so grateful for being a human with mistakes, imperfection and the person that I was and the person I have become after I found JESUS. 527 more words

Embrace, Extend, Extinguish

Art by Ditte Løfgren


Mai L. Nissen, 24th of February 2015

The demand of masses
for individual freedom,

by the system… 158 more words


I want to go to the show - an exercise in discernment

So we sat down, all of us along with the guardians and tried to make a discerning decision.  See it is not possible to simply not act or to simply deny ourselves anything that is questionable or may have risk involved… so now to practice. 1,324 more words


the cage

The things racing through my mind are only surface…. the images of him with someone else, the thoughts of past transgressions, the anger and frustration of this little drama occurring in the grand scheme of my life.  1,444 more words