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Private cloud servers are transforming the way every business grows

It’s a simple fact: Businesses that adapt will grow. The ability to roll with the technological punches of an ever-changing digital landscape is imperative to the life of a business. 93 more words


Case Solution for Transforming ICRISAT: The Leadership of Dr. William Dar

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      Transforming ICRISAT: The Leadership of Dr. William Dar

Authors :           Sunita Mehta, Surya Kant Sharma… 220 more words


What Ever Happened To?

* I am guessing I wrote this around 10 years ago when I was upset with someone I knew.

What ever happened to? ©

by La’Kisha DeVon Jordan… 174 more words


We create. We envision. And we live.

The best thinking happens between dreams and waking thoughts

Between the should-be’s and the is’s

Should we be hypothesizing realities embedded in fantasy?


This will not make sense to many — that’s an assumption I am operating on. 557 more words


25.3.15 Quote of the Day

I can change by transforming the only thing I ever had control over in the first place and that is myself.

Deepak Chopra

March 2015

Light Hearted

Light Hearted

Whether filtering through trees on the riverbank..

Blasting the loch with its last golden rays of the day..

Transforming an archway into a gothic crime-scene.. 44 more words


Survival is a Shitty Baseline

We humans are designed for survival.  We’re amazing in this way, we can live nearly anywhere under nearly any circumstances and manage to survive.   We can eek through the most horrific childhoods and inevitably turn into adults: some flourishing while others become morphed into the horrors that they survived.  405 more words