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Kendra Brill - I'm more than just my gender

I’m really excited to be able to say that I’ve been commissioned to write a biography of my close personal friend Kendra Brill. Why excited ? 146 more words

Transgender Community


When my sister Janiz got in touch with me a little while ago, to satisfy her usual makeup fix (She’s worse than me, at least i don’t buy lipstick because it tastes like chocolate) we got to chatting and i asked her what was new with her. 193 more words

Transgender Community

'If only I could write my own destiny': Finding purpose of my trans life in Pakistan

As narrated by Sapna to Annam Lodhi

It is Allah’s will that he has put a female soul in a male body.

A she-male transgender, of which there are very few in my community, my story is not unique but I have always been looked upon as an alien in the society.

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Smokey Eye Tutorial

This weekend, the lovely Holly Willis reacted to a post we shared on our Facebook page about how to do a Smokey eye look.  So what else could I do when I got to the shop today but prepare a little tutorial ?  1,578 more words

Transgender Community

“I believe there is a time, or many times, in people’s lives when they need a hand or extra support. The bravest of those people are the one’s that put themselves out there and ask for help and support.” – Elliott Buelter… 247 more words

Rick Stacy On Demand 8.7.17

Rick is the victim of some bad customer service at a local pet store, Anthony Scaramucci is being looked at for a sitcom, and Mexico wants to grow all the pot in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand. 123 more words



MENSTRUATION. FOR THOSE lucky enough, it comes around every 21-28 days and lasts between 4-7 days. What comes with the period however is a whole bunch of other stuff not many people give any thought to, and I’m not talking about the acne, bloating, cramps…the list goes on. 518 more words