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My own transphobia (fear, not hatred) 

I dod something yesterday that I’m very ashamed of, but it goes to show that my transphobia is still there. I don’t hate transgender people, but I’m very much afraid of them. 386 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

why i try to start up a transgender social site

My name is Kiana.  I am the creator of transmmunity.com.   I am an Asian mtf transgender woman.  I have transitioned since i was college.  I have to admit a lot have change since college.   239 more words


Transgender people can be triggers

I’ll keep this short (ok, maybe I won’t as I’m severely pissed after being triggered). I’ve written about my disdain for many of thei transgender people (mostly other transwomen) I’ve met in the past. 560 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Trans - a memoir by Juliet Jacques

I bought this book recently and was so pleased it came just before my short break in the lake district. I’ve been a fan of Juliet’s for ages and was absolutely thrilled when I heard she was working on a book and even more excited to get my hands on it. 592 more words

Transgender Community

Reporter's Notebook 2

Last Tuesday I wrote about reporting on a transgender woman on hunger strike in San Francisco’s jail. That same evening, I was an honorary guest at a coronation ceremony at El/La Para Translatinas – an organization in the Mission District of San Francisco that helps transgender women from Latin America to get the papers and support they need. 303 more words

Reporter's Notebook 1

Telling Stories from the Transgender Community

My news director assigned me last week to tell the experiences of transgender high school students in the Bay Area. 831 more words

Care of elderly trans people

Picture the scene.  You look into a room and see a care worker struggling to help an elderly woman out of bed and dressed.  The woman is scared, and actively trying to stop the care worker helping. 754 more words

Transgender Community