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All I want to do is, well you know...........

If you were to write a list of all the things that you would expect were going to cause issues when you started your journey towards transition, you could easily be forgiven for missing off what for many, comes to be quite literally a “pain in the **** “.   2,116 more words

Transgender Community

Leelah's Law- Time to Fix society

Over the Christmas Holidays, Leelah Alcom, 17 committed suicide after undergoing conversion therapy. It brought issues that surround the transgender community to the forefront of the public eye, a panel discussion was held on Thursday to discuss just this. 979 more words


Bruce Jenner and the Limitations of Tolerance.

My New Years Resolution was to stop keeping up with the Kardashians. It hasn’t been easy; those fucking people are everywhere. Despite unfollowing all Jenner/Kardashians on social media, I cannot buy toothpaste at CVS without viewing a recap of their lives via magazine stands. 599 more words


Bruce Jenner's Gender Transition

This topic has been huge for the past few weeks and I think it’s about time I wrote something about it. I planned to do it sooner but I got swept up in Super Bowl stuff. 220 more words


Our 8th Enigma Ball on 31st January 2014 - another success

Thanks to everyone (all 90 !) who attended our 8th Enigma Ball on Saturday at Woburn Safari Park. Everyone looked amazing, as usual, and were stunningly enigmatic (and enigmatically stunning!), the venue superb, the staff very professional and supportive and the band (Down For The Count Swing Orchestra – check them out!) inspirational! 83 more words

Well done to Selfridges!

Inspirational! Path-finding! Agenda Setting!

I should say ‘Agender Setting’ because from mid-March they will be the first large retailer to acknowledge gender-neutral retail space with the launch of their Agender Campaign.  109 more words

Please support my upcoming Doc, TRANSINDIA

My second post on Transindia.

Please support the campaign for my upcoming Documentary ‘TRANSINDIA’ – A moving film exploring the lives of Hijras in India.  Please help make it happen, I really need your support, any contribution is appreciated:  140 more words

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