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1st Rule to Financial Success...

1. Understand that the American Dream is DEAD!

As much as we are in the age of social media, no one really wants to discuss the fact that the American Dream is dead! 428 more words


2017 UK Pride dates

Eleanor popped us a message on Saturday, asking if we knew when a pride event was happening in her area, so we created this little list of the main 2017 events to share with you – if you’d like some help looking fabulous for your big weekend – be sure to let us know !!  522 more words

Transgender Community

The ugly truth

​I wish that conversion therapy worked, because I’d love to have been cured of this transgender curse, before I gave in to it. I can’t believe that I wasted my time trying to make friends in the transgender community again, after bad experiences in both the UK and Florida. 122 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

National Geographic's Transgender Avery's parents receive a wave of death threats and bullying. Why it is imperative for parents to understand the dangers of allowing their children to decide gender


..really what were these parents expecting when they put their child on a magazine cover?

‘They’ve started a thread about me, (describing me) as a horrible and abusive parent who is using my child for fame and fortune, and obviously I have a twisted sexual deviancy issues to make my boy act like a girl,’ Debi said.

505 more words

A Hidden Side Of A Transgender

All of this world is filled with plenty of creatures. Within these unlimited creature’s, humans are considered to be the most sensible one. From little kid to orderly age humans suffer from plenty of variations. 229 more words

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Reporter's Notebook 2

Last Tuesday I wrote about reporting on a transgender woman on hunger strike in San Francisco’s jail. That same evening, I was an honorary guest at a coronation ceremony at El/La Para Translatinas – an organization in the Mission District of San Francisco that helps transgender women from Latin America to get the papers and support they need. 316 more words