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How to change your shoulder shape

So, it’s a Sunday morning, my gym kit is washing in the machine and the phone goes.  You know the sort of thing – one of your gal pals rings with a question and this one was a doozy !! 939 more words

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The Kendra Brill Story by Tess De Carlo

In my life, I’ve been lucky enough to be helped and supported by some truly genuine, loving people.   People who know me and are genuinely there for me.  491 more words

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Labels. I'm more than just my Gender, aren't you ?

I’ve never been a big one for labels, particularly when they’re applied to people.  The minute you try to attach a label to someone, it’s always seemed to me that you’ve applied some sort of judgement to them, putting them in a box of your making which they can’t break out off.  545 more words

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Things to avoid before you sleep

Getting enough sleep and a good nights rest actually takes a lot more effort and preparation than going to bed early enough in the evening. I know it might seem like too much of a hassle, especially when it comes at the wrong wnd of the day, but arranging your days activities so that you slow down mentally during the evening can really pay dividends for a good nights sleep. 537 more words

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We recently shifted our office space and the new one is a really cool one. We all like it better than the previous one, despite the fact that both are in… 530 more words

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Breast Massage

In my earlier blog, I wrote a little about how a few simple exercises could be beneficial for toning the pectoral muscles underneath the breast tissue area, which can help improve the general toning and provide some enlargement too. 430 more words

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Exercises to improve your bust

Joanna and Kendra were contacted on Friday by a lovely lady in India called Shanty, who wanted to know if there were any exercises she could do to improve her bust.  749 more words

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