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When your mentally ill adult child rejects you

My trans daughter isn’t speaking to me right now. She’s not even coming home. All her stuff is here except obviously some clothes, medications and a few fluffy toys. 529 more words

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10 More Thoughts To Inspire & Help You Smile On A Rainy Day





Further thoughts and ‘Sparkling Pearls Of Wisdom’ to inspire and help you smile on a rainy day.

Enjoy and if there are any more that you think must be added then please let me know! 20 more words

Transgender birth certificate change got approved in Colorado

Since Wednesday, Colorado transgender residents can change the name that appears on their birth certificate without having to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

The Democrats-led House gave approval “to the plan over objections from some Republicans who opposed a provision allowing original birth certificates to be sealed, instead of having them marked to say the gender has been changed,” reported  84 more words

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25 'Must-Have' Films over the past 55 years for every Cross-Dresser's Video Library

If you don’t have your own Cross-Dresser’s Video Library, then this is your start point for developing your own collection. I know there are hundreds of films out there with some cross-dressing content but this list is my recommendation for a pretty smart, eclectic library. 80 more words

Lili Elbe - lets celebrate good news

Recently, there was an announcement that Eddie Redmayne would be starring as the lead in a film about Lili Elbe, one of the first people in the world to undergo gender re-assignment surgery in the 1930s.  774 more words

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Eddie Redmayne's Sensational Transformation in a Movie Called "The Danish Girl"

No, one Oscar is not enough for Redmayne. Looks like he wants to get another one and pretty soon. As you might already know he received an Oscar for his amazing performance as the world’s smartest person Stephen Hawking. 283 more words

All I want to do is, well you know...........

If you were to write a list of all the things that you would expect were going to cause issues when you started your journey towards transition, you could easily be forgiven for missing off what for many, comes to be quite literally a “pain in the **** “.   2,116 more words

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