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The end of stealth

The end of stealth
has begun. Three? Four? years where the people I saw every day – where over a hundred people who call themselves my former coworkers, my friends, my acquaintances, my teachers, my classmates – had no idea that I was trans, or that I date men. 240 more words

The Lines Through Time: Age Eight

We’ve all experienced that feeling in the back of our head where we look back and begin to fully understand anything. The bittersweet part is that we also fear that we really don’t understand for as we grow, our theories and mindset evolves. 812 more words

Different sex, same God? Same sex, different God!

The Trinidad & Tobago Humanist Association weighs in on the current move to have equal rights for LGBT people in the T&T Equal Opportunity Act ( for protection from various forms of  discrimination).

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Angela Davis speaks about Gay Rights

A significant figure in the US civil rights movement makes a lot of sense. May 2012 at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.


LGBT Rights Continue To Remain in the Headlines in T&T

Contribution made by Senator Corinne Baptiste-McKnight in Senate in response to a Clause in the Children Bill that criminalized same sex intimacy among youth.   Give that woman an award! 390 more words


University Students Against Homophobia - Get REAL Presents "To My Grade 7 Self"

Via Bruce Bishop

The reactions of regret as you go along in the video are deeply moving. “And you’re going to say sorry and that’s not going to mean anything because you can’t take it back.” 118 more words