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If I protest the destruction of the rainforests, does that mean I want all of the other kinds of forests to be destroyed?

If I walk in the Susan B. 603 more words


Wednesday night outing

It is Wednesday and I am going to get to go out tonight for dinner with my friends. I got home and of course the most important thing was I needed a manicure. 812 more words


LATC 2018 - Imago Dei: Theological Anthropology in a Hall of Mirrors

The following are notes from Megan DeFranza’s plenary talk.
*Disclosure: The following views are not my own but I believe faithfully represent the views of the speaker as best I could catch them in my notes.* 442 more words


Mothers Day

I was at a t girl club with my boyfriend one night and I started feeling strange. I felt like I did pcp and I thought I was going to pass out, someone spiked my drink with the date rape drug. 308 more words


Twice in One Week, Second Time in a Grocery Parking Lot! Good January 2018!

It’s late Thursday afternoon, and I just got home. I try to avoid grocery shopping on Fridays or the weekend–when it’s really hard to find any parking at all at my Trader Joe’s–so I stopped by to make sure I could get through the weekend without buying food. 641 more words

Note to self

If I step out and I’m not presenting properly, then I have no right to expect to be seen as who I am inside.


 It’s Because You’re A Man

In a recent story I was reading, a cast member in the TV series “Celebrity Big Brother UK” was ripped by some on social media after rejecting the advances of a fellow cast member who’s a transgender woman.   333 more words