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Resistance and Subversion: Queer Movements across Asia - Khazakhstan

Written by Amir Shaikezhanov for the QA Blog series “Resistance and Subversion” curated by QA 2018 committee member Ismail Shogo

The author, waving the flag of Kazakhstan, at a pride march in Prague (Image credit: … 718 more words

The 'Shit Cis People Say' Alphabet: X is for "XX or XY"

Welcome to another episode of the Shit Cis People Say Alphabet! Today:

X is for “XX or XY”

One of the ways transphobic cis people try to invalidate trans people is by insisting that our gender is determined by our chromosomes, that everyone is either XX or XY, all people with XX chromosomes have vaginas, and are women, and all people with XY chromosomes have penises and are men, and that’s that. 195 more words

17 November Journal

Good Friday Morning Folks. The weekend is upon us and well, I am so ready to do nothing this weekend. The last couple days at work has been peaceful also. 382 more words

Transgender/ Crossdressing Bra for inserts 

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Wear What Scares You

This month marks the fourth anniversary of the MN T-Girls.  As time passes I tend to look back more and reflect on how much things have changed… 1,409 more words

TDoR 2017

TW: TDoR, death, suicide

Trans Day of Remembrance is coming round again soon. I can never think of anything to say when it does; sometimes I want to write something for any open-floor parts of remembrance services, but there’s nothing I could say, even if it seemed appropriate. 325 more words


Transgender rape - now in the Daily Mail

I know I’m being VERY blunt about this, but sex (gender) matters. It matters in the eyes of God. Any person who has sex with someone of the same sex is a sinner unto death! 497 more words