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Laser day, yay!...oh wait

Today was my 4th appointment at the laser place, I’m in the process of having my facial hair removed. It’s gone alright so far, upper lip is mostly clear, might seem strange but it’s just because it’s one of the lighter skinned parts of my face, lost a bit of the cheeks but that’s it. 545 more words

Social Anxiety

Saskatchewan to cover up to 100% of gender reassignment surgery costs

Transgender people in Saskatchewan can now have the full cost of gender reassignment surgery covered, according to a recent update on the government’s website.

Starting this September, up to 100 per cent of surgical costs incurred during gender reassignment surgery can be covered by the government. 275 more words


Caring for People who are Transgender: What the Health Care Community (And All of Us) Need to Talk About

**By Una Lee, MD**

Enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being… 1,395 more words

Health And Wellness

What is spare time?

University is carrying on in full force and the pace is already relentless (and yes this is only day 3).

One thing that’s annoying me more and more is the time I have to spend thinking about the practicalities of transgender stuff. 395 more words

29 September journal

Good morning folks, it’s Thursday. Today is going to be better, trust me. Hold up your head, stick out your chest and ass, and be you. 501 more words

Transgenderism: But One Fruit on Individualism's Pernicious Vine

In recent days, the subject of gender and transgenderism have been the talk of our county and our church. Coming, therefore, at the perfect time is Vaughn Roberts little book  997 more words


Clinton and HB2

I blogged about the possibility of HB2 becoming an important campaign issue right after the law was enacted.   Sure enough, North Carolina is becoming a swing state in this Presidential election.   255 more words