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It's not your business where I pee!

It’s always amazed me how some people just have the ability to notice your insecurities and use them to their advantage. It’s crazy how the people who notice are usually strangers and sometimes don’t even know your name, yet they can still see and pick up on what you’re insecure about, no matter how hard you try to hide it! 864 more words


The Transgender Bathroom Nontroversy

It’s been in the news, discussed everywhere. It’s sparked the creation of laws and protests from angry Liberals and Conservatives alike. It’s funny, all that over where to take a shit or piss. 523 more words


Miss May Celebrates all Things Girlie

Miss May shows off her Navy blue wardrobe and dazzling, one-of-a-kind Shoes of Prey. A girlie-girl through and through, Miss Tracy Lynn loves to shop for shoes, dresses and makeup; pamper herself with manicures, pedicures, and makeup makeovers; and celebrate all her pretty things in photoshoots! 11 more words



Don’t limit yourself:

It’s okay for a straight male to think another guy is attractive and not want any relationship, or intimacy with him.

It’s okay for a straight female to think another girl is attractive and not want any relationship, or intimacy with her. 134 more words


Staying On Target: Thoughts on restrooms, gender, grace and truth

The recent controversy over “transgender restrooms” is at the same time a legitimate concern for those in the transgender community who are in many cases suffering from very real societal rejection and confusion, as well as protective parents and individuals concerned that both their personal privacy and safety be protected while using public restrooms. 2,640 more words

My Heaven!

“I believe that heaven will be like what we see in our minds as we would like it to be. I want a garden with a place for me to just sit and enjoy with the friends that come by to see me. 35 more words


Catching Up

Been a hundred years, or so it seems…..been living life more than writing about it.  Lots of changes, several hurdles to jump….some setbacks, just like everybody else. 382 more words