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Yes! I am different! But this doesn't give you authority to misbehave!

“I don’t go to school, because I am not accepted there”.

“I can’t go to a restaurant because they shoo me away”.

“I can’t make new friends because they fear me; their mothers tell them not to talk  to me”. 322 more words

HIV In The Lesbian Community Can You Get Infected?

Don’t Let the Media fool you. We have all heard it in the past. Lesbian are at lower risk of contracting HIV,  Compared to any other sexual Contact.   771 more words


Transgenders Now Have Rights to Full Access to Girls' Showers

Obama’s more interested in invading girls’ showers than fighting a real war.  His war is for transgenderism.  It’s not against terrorism.  There’s zero heroism. So forget about any high expectations.  183 more words


The Silent Cries Of Domestic Violence

Recently I came across an article while searching the internet for the next possible topic for my next blog.   This was a topic that has really hit home for me as probably many of you.   533 more words


Transgender university student interview [ part 3 ]

Part 3! ( See part 1 & 2)

How do you think we as a society can help diminish or get rid of transphobia?

More representation of trans individuals that are not negative; show that transgender people are in fact people. 292 more words


Transgender Toilet

Today’s societies are more open toward LGBT community than it ever has been. Transgenders have slowly become more acceptable and recognised as a third gender in many societies. 239 more words

Reach Out

“A staggering 41% of respondents reported attempting

suicide compared to 1.6% of the general population,2

with rates rising for those who lost a job due to bias… 238 more words