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Hanging Boys, Ayatollah’s Toys

“Why spare the noose, and spoil the brood
Why hadiths, don’t these faggots heed?
Is rectum-struck, their rectitude
In ummah, who sow, blasphemy’s seed! 76 more words



In one of my classes in college, we had to read a chapter on genders. I remember there being one part that stated there being a difference between female/male and woman/man. 238 more words

Pakistani Singer Highlights Trans Lives In Latest Single

By Sonya Rehman

It’s a fun and catchy little ditty, but on closer inspection, Madam, the latest single by Pakistani musician, Jimmy Khan, shines the spotlight on a rather grim issue: local society’s apathetic attitude towards its transgender community. 283 more words


Gender Stereotyping Reaches New Heights (Or Rather New Lows)

A new world is emerging around us as the corporate sector starts focusing on obliterating gender lines within its leadership ranks. Reason to celebrate the fact that organizations are becoming future-focused and truly equal opportunity employers? 641 more words

Gender Inequality

Truth in reporting?

So “transgender” seems to be all over the news lately. One of the latest headlines I’ve seen has me a bit confused. “Transgender man gives birth.” Wait… What??? 184 more words


Transgenders in the military

I know a lot of people are upset by the President’s decision to ban transgenders from the military but I actually agree with him on this one. 279 more words