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The future of our shared myths

In many ways, common myths are the glue that hold human society together. This does not make these myths “true”. It just makes them true enough for a large enough majority to believe in. 289 more words


Australian microchipped man wins court case on appeal

An Australian transhumanist who implanted himself with a microchip from a transit card lost a case several months ago for using the chip in his hand to pay for his train fare instead of doing it the regular way by swiping the card. 375 more words


The Future of the Social Credit System and Soul Machines

The original date of this broadcast was on June 17, 2018.

Topics covered: China’s new Social Credit System tracking their citizens with a new Social Credit Score. 53 more words

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Musings on the Relationship of Superheroes and Transhumanism

Not directly related to the Para-Imperium universe, but relevant to my writing in general.

Superheroes: Individuals with special skills, equipment, and in particular, powers that they use to fight criminals both “mundane” and superpowered like themselves. 968 more words


Mark O'Connell: Transhumanist Companion and Author of 'To Be A Machine'

by Ben Cooke

For three years, Mark O’Connell hobnobbed with people trying not to be human. Neuroscientists trying to run their brains on hard drives; “body-hackers” turning themselves into cyborgs one electronic implant at a time; dreamers, hoping one day to merge their minds into a collective super intelligence. 640 more words