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The Transhumanist Scrapbook: Living Cells "Taught" To Bind...

Source: GizaDeathStar.com
Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
December 9, 2016

This story was shared by so many regular readers here that I have to talk about it, for they suspect – and I agree with them – that this story is fraught with long-term implications that can only gladden the frigid hearts of transhumanists, bent on their merger of man and machine to create New Transhumanist Man,. 592 more words


Ghost in the Shell trailer


It’s hard for Scarlett Johansson to talk about her new film, Ghost in the Shell, without diving into some of the same esoteric philosophical debates at the center of its source material, Mamoru Oshii’s groundbreaking 1995 anime: What is it that makes us human? 601 more words

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I Am a Monster

I am a monster, a hybrid, a construction, a bio-hacked assemblage,  a coming-together-of-parts, a body without organs, a realization, a far-off dream. My body is a mismatch. 657 more words


According to Kazuo Ishiguro we will soon be able to create Humans who are superior to other Humans (June Javelosa)

According to Kazuo Ishiguro, there are three areas of science that are set to transform how we live and interact with others over the next few decades: gene editing, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI).Ishiguro, granted, is best known as one of the most celebrated fiction writers today. 65 more words

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What is #Transhumanism?

Within the confines of SparkRayGun, I tend to throw around the word “Transhumanism” much like my dog, Katie the Wonder Schnauzer, throws around her favorite toy — often and in unpredictable directions. 676 more words


Students concoct Martin Shkreli's price-hiked pill for a mere $2

One of my favorite hashtags is #BetterWorld. Eleven letters and a hash mark concisely capture a shared goal to make the world a healthier, more sustainable place (depending on what one means by “better,” of course). 151 more words

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h.e.l. // epilogue

My name is Limper, or at least, that’s what the rest of the transhumans call me. Maybe I should say that’s what the rest of my kind calls me. 324 more words