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Hello World!


At last I have arrived to start writing about the passions I have in my life. I identify myself as a transhumanist who believes in the technological re-evolution that is about to take place in my life time. 146 more words



I was born inadequate

Vision so weak, I should have been blind

Body so frail, I should have been dead

The plastic lenses were inadequate, too… 49 more words


Le Femme, Biohacker

The tech and science industries have long been the province of men. But times are a-changing and women are poised to take their place when it comes to biohacking. 808 more words


Hi, I'm a cyborg.

I am a woman who truly does what she wants with her body.

I’m not talking about owning my sexuality or believing abortion should be my choice alone. 986 more words


Googles Future for All; Transhuman Syntho-Man

Each year Google’s top guys come out with their “predictions” which is like owning the results of the horse races, before you bet!

Last year it was that we were all going to be at home a lot more and not being as transient as we have been, (Google driverless cars?). 633 more words

Big Brother

1000+ yr shelf life: Microsoft buys into synthetic DNA for data storage

Source: RT
April 29, 2016

Microsoft has purchased ten million strands of synthetic DNA to advance cutting edge digital data storage technology. With the amount of digital data doubling nearly every two years, the tech industry is on a quest for a long-term solution to keep track. 161 more words