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Respawn, Pt. 9

The creatures surged forward and Brick yelped and stumbled backwards in a blind panic. It would have been comical if the insect-like beasts hadn’t also surged towards Anausa, indiscriminate in their hunger and their bloodlust. 327 more words

Speculative Fiction

The ultimate work of art

(This is a draft of a poem, the original text generated Jan. 27)

The obliteration of cowards

Neuroengineering your brain …
entrained doorcult sounds in the hallway… 720 more words


Assume for a Moment God is Real (Eureka Seven 47)

One question that has not been frequently raised in all of Eureka Seven‘s discussion of religion and godlike planetary intelligences is the matter of an afterlife; it is by now proven as fact that a planetary intelligence exists, and that its intention towards humanity is, in a way, peaceful. 1,023 more words

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Transhumanism and Humanity

Can Transhumanism Retain the Qualities of Humanity that We Hold Today?

A group member recently presented a question about the limitations of eternal life to the biological human, posed from a strong scientific point of view. 246 more words


Respawn, Pt. 8

When god speaks, the faithful obey. The artificial intelligence that controlled the environment of the arena responded to the crowd’s chant instantly. The ground underfoot shook as machines buried underneath the arena’s floor shifted into position and activated. 391 more words

Speculative Fiction