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Anarchism, Anticolonialism, Immigration

During a one-on-one conversation the other day after talking about New Zealand’s immigration policy, I said I hoped we could all agree that at least Europe has no claim whatsoever to excluding immigrants on the ground of nationalism or self-determination. 318 more words



By definition, you can’t understand it.

The moment you mention a term like “super-human intelligence,” it should be self-evident that you’ve identified something that, practically by definition, you cannot understand, and the only reason for which we would ever seek to develop such a thing is the very fact that it can do things better than we do.  2,167 more words

Textualities18 Conference: A Reflection

When we were first told about the Textualities18 conference, I wasn’t particularly worried about it. I had stood up in front of my classmates plenty of times throughout my years in college to give presentations. 835 more words


Machine: Our Loves?

Katherine Goida

Reviewers – Henry Pollard, Ryan Sivak, Peter Miller


Captain America (Cap) is, by far, the best superhero that anyone has ever created (that statement is bias, I know, but it’s the truth). 1,156 more words

Deconstructing Paradise's Qualia-Units

We know that experience has a layered structure. There are many components to a single now. There may be the breath and the field of vision, and a particular feeling tone. 1,090 more words

Is Transhumanism Even Possible?

Some might think Transhumanism sounds like science fiction. Is it even possible? Should we consider it to be a threat? Let’s discuss a couple of ideas and ways of thinking about this more abstractly and theoretically to better project what is possible. 424 more words


The Happiness Battles: Aristotle vs. Nietzsche vs. Buddha vs. Mencius vs. a Rabbi

A boiling red ocean of demented, feisty, irrational, fearful, hateful, ungrateful beings wailed in sorrowful pain. As if this repulsive existence had pitied them, a crack of kind light fissured their stormy sky. 1,232 more words