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Human by Design: Conference

This summer, CNN’s brand studio Courageous is partnering with Square Enix®, publisher of SQUARE ENIX interactive entertainment products in the Americas, to host a first-of-its-kind conference on human augmentation. 820 more words

A map of the future

This post contains a map of the future. Use it to shape your career. But first, let’s take a look at why you need a map of the future. 557 more words


Evolution and Transhumanism

In terms of the theory of evolution, does technology have the possibility of theoretically evolving human beings?

Let’s face it – technology is integrated into our lives now than ever before. 603 more words


Styxhexenhammer666 is a Bad Philosopher

A fairly popular youtuber tried his best to refute one of my videos. So I made this 40 minute video exposing his bag logic.
WATCH VIDEO: … 9 more words

Eternal Life

July 21, 2016 at 12:19PM

Want some extra motivation to fight against aging?

Read this absolutely ghoulish description of aging that a friend sent me:

“First, let’s go over what will happen to us as we grow old. 193 more words

Eternal Life

Transhumanism, anybody?

I’m afraid that you will have to suffer through reading the column from the Huffington Post about the 2016 transhumanist Presidential candidate before reading my comments below: 852 more words

Welcome To The Rationalist Movement, Phil Sandifer


A review of Neoreaction: A Basilisk by a rationalist is also a review of the discourse surrounding Neoreaction: A Basilisk.

Here is my review: Consider the fervent Twilight hater or the late lamented… 3,058 more words

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