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Reproductive Rights in the Transhuman Future

Yvonne Lake | Areo

Transhumanists wield enormous power in Silicon Valley—counting entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk and Peter Thiel among their believers—and have established think tanks such as the Singularity University and the Future of Humanity Institute. 247 more words


Human, All Too Human: Two Book Reviews

Ever since I joined my local library, which hosts a rather eclectic collection, my reading habits have been rather haphazard. I mean this in the most positive way imaginable. 997 more words


Quantum downloading the brain

The research is in early stages, but it invokes ideas like uploading brains to the cloud or hooking people up to a computer to track deep health metrics…

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Transhumanism & Buddhism

I had an internal debate today about the difference between Secular
Buddhism and Transhumanism. They really seem to be at opposite sides
of a spectrum and yet they both appeal to me so I’d like to explore… 200 more words

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The Age of Orangutans

There is much talk of incentivising fecundity. It did not work for Imperator Augustus, nor will it for us, for a simple reason: kids are a pain in the arse. 305 more words


Transhumans and Despicable Humans: Students' Choice of Topic!

Next time, we will meet on 4/26, after the Easter break.

Until then, you have a couple of options to explore. All of them involve (a) screening and (b) readings. 176 more words



Do people deserve transhumanism? I don’t think we do. What are your opinions concerning this?

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