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The Universality

Over the course of my life I have been studying and writing about various subjects in existence as well as existence itself, in which these subjects are possible. 9,019 more words

The Beast in this Technological Age

What form might the Beast referenced in Revelation take? What signs and wonders will the beast perform that people (including Christians) will worship it? I am going to look at this from a technological perspective because I do not believe the beast will perform anything that can only be explained as magic. 1,017 more words


A new mind-uploading service is coming and it's 100 percent fatal

The original date of this live broadcast was on March 18, 2018.

Subjects discussed: A MIT Technology Review article on a new startup looking for newly deceased body’s to take the human brain and take the memory and upload it to a computer. 27 more words

Alternative News

The Black Airships

After Thirty years in the fleet, Commander Nicole Desjardins was used to the hum of the gravimetric engines. Just before they’d left Paulatuk she’d spent a whole two weeks on the ground. 2,914 more words


Anarchism, Anticolonialism, Immigration

During a one-on-one conversation the other day after talking about New Zealand’s immigration policy, I said I hoped we could all agree that at least Europe has no claim whatsoever to excluding immigrants on the ground of nationalism or self-determination. 318 more words



By definition, you can’t understand it.

The moment you mention a term like “super-human intelligence,” it should be self-evident that you’ve identified something that, practically by definition, you cannot understand, and the only reason for which we would ever seek to develop such a thing is the very fact that it can do things better than we do.  2,167 more words

Textualities18 Conference: A Reflection

When we were first told about the Textualities18 conference, I wasn’t particularly worried about it. I had stood up in front of my classmates plenty of times throughout my years in college to give presentations. 835 more words