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What The Singularity Really Is

It is not the technology itself that is our “future”—the AI, the Cloud, becoming cyborgs, and so on. Rather, they are “mirrors” or templates for what the next stage of evolution might look and be like. 770 more words



I don’t know the real definition of transhumanism. I’ve only seen fantasy art with that in its title.
But based on what little I do know, I like the definition that’s been forming in my head and what it implies for my road ahead. 682 more words


the gods of the old religions were born in the skies and came to earth. the gods who are coming will be born on earth and move into the skies.  34 more words

Leaked: Google Got Involved in the Control of Human Evolution

Google has now made it clear what it plans to do with your data:behavior modification, social engineering and directed human evolution via the “Selfish Ledger”, i.e. 1,482 more words


I’m from an age when a floppy disk could destroy the world. Urban myth had it you could actually get arrested for carrying one (on basis it may have nuclear launch codes). 109 more words


Ai based on genetic algorithm

A search of a lay person for understanding of  what the hell they are talking about:


Artificial intelligence with genetic algorithms (GA) can tackle complex problems through the process of initialization, selection, crossover, and mutation. 159 more words


Also Happening at Marquette: "Transhumanism: Narratives and Implications"

Another thing I’ve been developing is an informal, zero-credit seminar on transhumanism with Kate Hayles, who was on my dissertation committee once upon a time and who is visiting Marquette this semester. 377 more words

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