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Repairing the Human Germline - One Small Step at a Time

CRISPR* gene manipulation has been employed to modify human embryos (1), clinical trials of genetic editing with analogous methods are underway (2) and scientists are bristling over bans on CRISPR research (3).  948 more words



Part One

“What is my purpose, Kofi?” Alphacircuit asked. “For what purpose was my being called into existence?”

“Well there are a lot of different answers to that. 2,729 more words


To Dream, Perchance, To Squirt


It was nearly noon as she left the clinic, and Mirabella stepped out into the sun feeling no different than she had when she walked in a few hours ago. 1,989 more words


The End of the Affair: How I Fell In and Out of Love with Social Media

A friend of mine recently developed an interest in transhumanism, the belief that the human condition will, in the future, be enhanced and transformed by the appliance of science. 960 more words

Social Media

MUST WATCH -- Gang Stalking & V2K Testimony by Private Security Whistleblower

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Oct 20, 2017

Silent Holocaust — the whistleblower wanted to remain anonymous, at least as far as this interview. I’m not sure why, though he has a lawyer and is pursuing litigation. 385 more words


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – What to Read Now

At, or near the top of Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technology, 2017 sits machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). To understand precisely what these concepts are and what they will disrupt – we need to do some homework. 1,588 more words

Disruptive Technologies

The Uncanny Valley: Plastic Surgery & Transhumanism

The other day I went to the kitchen tea party of a girl I had never met, I had been invited by her bridesmaid, a friend of mine. 691 more words

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