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Transhumanism and Collective Mind

Often recurring theme in sci-fi stories is alien hive with a collective mind. Through some fantastical mean, be it innate or created by high-tech devices, these aliens form a super-mind and are able to communicate with each other in ease and share their thoughts and feelings with others. 729 more words


New GMO Vaccines Will Permanently Alter Human DNA

“The viruses invade human cells with their DNA payloads, and the synthetic gene is incorporated into the recipient’s own DNA. If all goes well, the new genes instruct the cells to begin manufacturing powerful antibodies.”

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Superhuman reflexes

Though perhaps best exampled by Neo in the 1999 film The Matrix, superhuman reflexes to some extent are an attribute of so many superheroes that it’s basically a default superpower.  1,141 more words

Genetic Modification

Your #Brain is Like a Radio

Initial evidence is found that the brain has a ‘tuning knob’ that is actually influencing behavior. Brain circuits can tune into the frequency of other brain parts relevant at the time. |read more| via Science Daily


GWEN Towers – Electromagnetic Waves For Total Mind Control

GWEN Towers – Electromagnetic Waves For Total Mind Control

This article is an overview of how we are controlled by technology – from having our brainwaves deliberately changed en masse by transmitters regulating our state of consciousness, to how we are victims of electromagnetic waves disrupting the state of our health and finally how many of us will die, as decided by our global masters. 4,161 more words

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There Goes The Neighborhood!

“I live in the Managerial Age, in a world of “Admin.” The greatest evil is not now done in those sordid “dens of crime” that Dickens loved to paint. 2,260 more words