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Notions #6 – Ancient Cyborgs

Some notions, every week. Here are some:

Cyborgs Are Old News

Cyborgs are already here! Since at least the 13th Century CE and the invention of glasses, humans have been cyborgs. 620 more words


How technology is affecting the insurance marketplace

This is a short piece summarising how technology is affecting the insurance marketplace and in my opinion what level of change we will see in the next 5 years. 564 more words

Artificial Intelligence

A Shot at New World Order

Transhumanism is the belief that the human race can evolve psychically and mentally with the use of technology. Those who support this, believe that our species current form isn’t the end of our development, but rather just the early stage of it. 176 more words


¿Por qué los dioses se hacen humanos?

En “El León del Sol”, una novela histórica de Harry Sidebottom (he hablado antes de esta serie de novelas aquí y aquí), el emperador romano Galieno reflexiona sobre la teología de los alamani, quienes estaban convencidos de que los dioses siempre estaban presentes durante sus combates. 312 more words


White People Time and Black People Time

This woman is a professor at my university. At first watch, I felt angry. Just today, I was ordering food at a chain restaurant. The woman, black, was overly friendly, and kept repeating my name. 902 more words


TAKE ME AWAY - {virtually doe}

Your perspective is reality. True or False? What does your vista look like on an average day? You know those people who live in rainy Seattle lets say, and still have an unflappable sunny disposition. 618 more words

Seeking Delphi(tm)--Podcast #21: The Future of Privacy In The Digital Age

Reblogged from Seeking Delphi.™  Originally posted April 10, 2018

 “We are losing privacy at an alarming rate–we have none left.”–John McAfee

Privacy is becoming irrelevant.”–Gray Scott…

201 more words