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The ghost in the machine

Humans’ relationship with artificial intelligence

Last week one amusing trend on Twitter was about the Apple personal assistant ‘Siri’. This was because if you ask Siri “what is zero divided by zero?”, it (She, He?) responds by first explaining the logic of the answer through a hypothetical situation of sharing cookies with friends and then ends on a rather nastier note by saying that therefore “you have no cookies — and no friends”. 295 more words

World Government

Microchip Birth Control; Bio-Hacking In The Neo-Eugenics Era

First Bill Gates brought us a better condom. Now, the billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft founder is taking birth control to an even more amazing level. 397 more words

Total Control

Working toward a new paradigm

This is an update on progress from the Transhumanist Party, but not a dry technical report. Instead, this is the first in what I intend to be a new style of message, combining news of our activity with the bigger picture of the world situation. 1,013 more words