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robot pathos

There’s something almost unbearably sad for me about the video embedded below (especially when listening with the sound off). Of course it’s funny too, but really sad-funny, I think. 318 more words

Sacred View

Transhuman Implications

I’ve been following Jordan Peterson’s meteoric rise for a while now, and the subsequent cultural war which he has become synonymous with. He tends to outline it as a war with cultural neo-marxists masquerading as a host of other causes, as branches of feminism and trans-activism. 620 more words


Jakob von Uexküll and Trans-/Post-humanism: The Hint of the Outside.

“A Foray Into the Worlds of Animals and Humans” by Jakob von Uexkull is startling. It opens up ideas that shoot past several philosophical boundaries yet it remains believable and seemingly accurate, with a basis in very basic observations of animal behavior. 1,049 more words


Hooked on Animatronics

My recent trip to The Rainforest Cafe got me to thinking about how animatronics should feature more heavily in a hypothetical society. Lacking sentience, animatronics offers humans the potential for an interactive experience with nature, yet without the elements of cruelty and exploitation commonly associated with keeping “live” animals in captivity. 167 more words


Where are we headed?

In these modern times it is pretty hard to predict exactly which turns will humanity will take in it’s evolution, but we can deduce some outcomes by observing the world around us. 487 more words

Artificial Intelligence

The Virtual Knife, pt 1

On the 25th of July I finally started to get better.

By then, it was terrible. When I woke up, I went straight to my laundry cupboard, last night’s clean sheets went off and swapped those on the bed, stained with artifiodine. 421 more words


Podcast: Transhumanist Zoltan Istvan Discusses Robot Workers & Basic Income

What a time to be alive where kiosks take my order at McDonalds, some cars are about to drive themselves, I can tip my waiter in Bitcoin, and I might be able to live forever. 207 more words