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'The Possible Human' Review of 'The Future: A VSI' in the ‘Network Review’

The Future: A Very Short Introduction by Jennifer M. Gidley (OUP, 2017)

BOOK REVIEW by David Lorimer, Editor of the Network Review: Journal of the Scientific and Medical Network… 1,092 more words


The Singularity is a Shitty Rapture

The future is near! It is happening! The singularity! An event horizon! Mans ascent to godhood! And you can be apart of it for just $19.99! 366 more words


Fermi's Paradox

Where are all the alien species? Why can’t we detect them?

If there are space-faring civilisations, they have to be social. Solitary animals, passing on skills to their offspring, might not even learn to make flint axes, leave alone smelt iron. 430 more words


July 19, 2017 at 06:00AM

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that living forever is the most important thing. All it really takes is a strong survival instinct and the pure imagination of a child. 35 more words

Eternal Life

Internet Access

According to a repeated claim made by a Japanese national – if not nationals – a cable internet connection in the following location was changed to a wireless connection only. 492 more words


Justice and Rightness

In a recent conversation or unilateral exposure to non-communicative noise, a Japanese national appeared to suggest, at the minimum, that if something has happened in the past it was just or right to happen, if not also that such things should also happen in the future. 435 more words