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Postcards From New Suburbia

Sipping a glass of cheap moscato and in between watching episodes of Vega$ on dvd, I thought I would take a break from my “new suburban man of leisure” lifestyle to give a few updates… … 616 more words


Jim Carrey's Nihilistic Interview

A new video I made about Jim Carrey’s Nihilistic comments.
WATCH VIDEO: https://youtu.be/vPEJ-ZOpgOk


Max Igan: Which Path to Freedom? Looking Behind the Veil

We all live encapsulated in a control grid that encompasses all our activities during the course of our lives. How did this control system come into being? 315 more words


Coping with mortality

In this text I will talk about death, dying and the realities which lead to dying; mostly disease, and ageing, which leads to disease. I will take a moment to appreciate the fact that mortality actually is real and that we will die. 3,175 more words

CITIZEN KEN -let the truth be out.

This story began about the death of my good friend, Ken Doyle but instead, it’s a rant against futurist denial people and self important and patronising academics with the gall to believe understanding transhumanism is beyond mere mortals. 417 more words



I see you;
I’ve seen that stare before.
A life a beyond the nude.
And so you’ll dance for me
until the dawn breaks the night. 121 more words


Musings of a Biopunk

Pontificating upon the etymology or usage history of a word to bolster an argument about the concept contained therein is a tired and wankerish rhetorical strategy that demands of one no more wisdom than that needed to search Wiktionary and can, … 1,794 more words