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Straight, No Chaser Vlog: Stroke – How to Save a Life

The Straight, No Chaser vlog (video blog) series presents “health care basics” to keep you safe, healthy and out of the emergency room. Today’s topic is stroke (cerebrovascular accidents). 120 more words

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What Happened Thursday Night - Friday Morning When I Had A Leak In Bed?

I awoke in the early hour’s of Friday morning confused and disorientated, having wet myself and drenched in sweat. I was weak, shaky and had horrific pain in the left temporal region, temple and eye. 191 more words

A Whistle Blowers Diary

Hillary's fainting spell

And I thought I’d retired as a neurologist. What is there to say about the video that shows Hillary Clinton being held up by a woman on her left, later by others, and then collapsing sufficiently that her head is at most 3 feet from the pavement in one frame. 1,002 more words

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Stroke survivors walk again after Stanford injects stem cells into brain - The Telegraph

The Telegraph reports on ground breaking research where 18 patients who agreed to allow doctors to drill a hole in their skull and inject stem cells… 180 more words


Ticagrelor versus Aspirin in Acute Stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack.

Ticagrelor may be a more effective antiplatelet therapy than aspirin for the prevention of recurrent stroke and cardiovascular events in patients with acute cerebral ischemia. Methods We conducted an international double-blind, controlled trial in 674 centers in 33 countries, in which 13,199 patients with a nonsevere ischemic stroke or high-risk transient ischemic attack who had not received intravenous or intraarterial thrombolysis and were not considered to have had a cardioembolic stroke were randomly assigned within 24 hours after symptom onset, in a 1:1 ratio, to receive either ticagrelor (180 mg loading dose on day 1 followed by 90 mg twice daily for days 2 through 90) or aspirin (300 mg on day 1 followed by 100 mg daily for days 2 through 90). 129 more words


One-Year Risk of Stroke after Transient Ischemic Attack or Minor Stroke


Previous studies conducted between 1997 and 2003 estimated that the risk of stroke or an acute coronary syndrome was 12 to 20% during the first 3 months after a transient ischemic attack (TIA) or minor stroke. 300 more words

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Straight, No Chaser Vlog: Stroke – How to Save a Life

It’s stroke awareness month. We understand that being confronted with a family member in the midst of a stroke can be terrifying. Somehow, you have to muster the courage to act and get your loved one the help needed. 132 more words

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