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Transient Ischemic Attacks and Cerebral Vascular Accidents

Today I wanted to write about strokes. My grandmother had a mini-stroke a year ago, and it brought about some changes in the household.

First I want to write about Transient Ischemic Attack is also is known as a TIA or “Mini-stroke.” This is what my grandmother had. 141 more words

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Straight, No Chaser Vlog: Stroke – How to Save a Life

The Straight, No Chaser vlog (video blog) series presents “health care basics” to keep you safe, healthy and out of the emergency room. Today’s topic is stroke (cerebrovascular accidents). 186 more words

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The BEST Lie That Was Told About My Genuine Medical Case In The 2011/2012/2013 Judicial Fraud By The Paedo Scammers And Bent Official's...WAIT FOR IT.

The best lie that was told (by the paedo judicial fraud crime mob) about my genuine medical case was that “I fell down drunk and hit my head causing a subdural haematoma brain hemorrhage”. 322 more words


Straight, No Chaser Vlog: Stroke – How to Save a Life

It’s stroke awareness month. We understand that being confronted with a family member in the midst of a stroke can be terrifying. Somehow, you have to muster the courage to act and get your loved one the help needed. 184 more words

Sterling Medical Advice

Straight, No Chaser: Stroke Awareness Month

This content of this post is so simple yet important that it really warrants taking up space in a few of your brain’s cells. Most of us know someone who has suffered from a stroke. 547 more words

Sterling Medical Advice

A Call to Service

Just over a year ago, Jim Floyd and his wife were about to go to dinner when he decided to take some medicine for what he thought was a migraine. 493 more words