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How are you this sunny (in London anyway) day? To be honest, I am a bit poorly. My body strongly disagreed with something I ate yesterday, and told me so repeatedly all through the night. 985 more words

Its Just Science!

The Situations & The Transistors - Golden Dawn (Concert Review)

As Golden Dawn sheds it golden hue on the evening it’s clear that there’s great comradery between the bands on tonight’s bill. That spirit is carried through the evening as The Situations, The Transistors and The Low Fidelity play the third of the their four gig NZ tour supporting the release of The Situations’ new album… 30 more words


Generation of Computers

The historical development of computers brought about the different generations of computers. These generations are discussed below.


The first generation computers used valves and were electronic. 403 more words

Computer Science

Darwin On A Chip: UT Researchers Develop (R)evolutionary Circuits

Researchers of the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology and the CTIT Institute for ICT Research at the University of Twente in The Netherlands have demonstrated working electronic circuits that have been produced in a radically new way, using methods that resemble Darwinian evolution. 558 more words

Breaking News

Anime Conventions Reach the Heartland

Warner Brothers cartoons during World War II mercilessly ridiculed Japan, with whom America was engaged in a brutal war in retribution for the bombing of Pearl Harbor. 1,091 more words


Reverse Engineering

There are many UFO / Aliens sites, books and videos that claim the US government or various secret agencies and organisations are reverse engineering alien technology taken from crashed alien spacecraft or bartered or donated to use by aliens from other planets or dimensions. 700 more words


Funduino Problems

Initially I was planning to review the Funduino starter kit after completing the Arduino for Dummies book. However, for the second time now, my progress has been slowed because the pack doesn’t include some parts I would think are essential. 551 more words