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Life After Silicon: The Age of the Cup-holder

Life After Silicon:

The Age of the Cup-holder

By Shlomo Maital

   Most of us are blithely unaware of how much we owe to a law – Moore’s Law, named after Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, which says in simple language that every 12 months or so, the number of transistors in a given area doubles. 553 more words

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The Transistor is a semiconductor device which is sued to switch electronic signals and electrical power. It has a semiconductor material that consists of usually three terminals for connection to an external circuit.
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According to Moore’s Law; due to the technoTransistors get 2x smaller about every 2 years. This means, can fit twice as many transistors per chip.


Carbon nanotube breakthrough

Researchers demonstrate carbon nanotube transistors that outperform silicon equivalents for first time; achieved 1.9x higher current; the milestone will have repercussions for the nanotechnology industry.

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Transistors & Profalactics @ Molly's Back Room, Summer, 1979

Transistors & Profalactics @ Molly’s Back Room, Summer, 1979.  Not exactly sure when this gig was — “Tuesday” is a bit vague — but it would have been before the Profalactics broke up in late summer, 1979.


DefeX & Transistors @ The Blue Note, August 23, 1979

DefeX & The Transistors at The Blue Note in Boulder, Colorado, August 23, 1979.  This was one of the last gigs that the DefeX played in Colorado before heading out to New York City in hopes of getting a recording contract.