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The Dark Detector

/Basic concept

This blog will go through one of the useful applications of npn transistor & the voltage divider circuit. The npn transistor BC547 is configured to work as a switch. 373 more words

Automatic Night Light

It's My Party

Sad news… Lesley Gore passed away earlier this week and if you’re of a certain age, i.e., still read newspapers and yell at speeders zooming through your neighborhood then maybe you remember her, her songs and growing up in the 1960’s. 258 more words

Understanding the Basic Aspects of Electronics

To realize the use of electronic components, it is vital to first have a grip on the basics of electronics. Electronics is the study of how the flow of electrons can be manipulated to in a specific direction and at certain strength in order to cause desired reactions on mechanical devices. 443 more words


The Reincarnation of a Power Supply: a small investigation into 'audio grade' components

Google the right phrase and in less than half a second you’ll be greeted by a myriad of archived forums within which raged up audiophiles argued until their crossovers bled with confusion over whether ‘audio grade’ components are truly worth the extra dosh or simply another scandalous piece of marketing hype. 494 more words


Breakthrough in Carbon Nanotubes Paves the way for Flexible Electronics and Longer Battery Life

University of Wisconsin-Madison materials engineers have made a significant leap toward creating higher-performance electronics with improved battery life — and the ability to flex and stretch. 606 more words

Science Breakthroughs

The Scale of Atoms and Modern Processors

Everyone knows that atoms are small, but exactly how small is small? This new video by Kurz Gesagt explores this question, and the sheer scale is mind boggling to try to imagine. 195 more words


Scientists Have Made Computer-Chip Transistors Just One Atom Thick

In a breakthrough that could potentially revolutionize the technology industry, scientists have constructed transistors made out of a silicon-based material with the thickness of a single atom. 124 more words