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Engineering: power electronics device simulation

power MOSFET (transistor) n and p type should be simulated with actual parameters in saberRD. need screenshots of them. then with these transistors solar inverter circuit should be designed and simulated… 116 more words


The HELLO WORLD of Electronics.....

Transistor demo on breadboard

After excessive enthusiasm and some searching online I ordered a starters electronics kit from amazon. It came with a multimeter, breadboard, jumper wires, resistors, transistors, capacitors, LEDs etc. 140 more words


Transistor or Resistor

Everything about God is relational. – Bob Hazlett

One of the greatest things about being in a relationship with God is that He makes you smarter than your IQ and wiser than your years. 672 more words

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Hello lovely blog-readers,

How are you this sunny (in London anyway) day? To be honest, I am a bit poorly. My body strongly disagreed with something I ate yesterday, and told me so repeatedly all through the night. 985 more words

Its Just Science!

The Situations & The Transistors - Golden Dawn (Concert Review)

As Golden Dawn sheds it golden hue on the evening it’s clear that there’s great comradery between the bands on tonight’s bill. That spirit is carried through the evening as The Situations, The Transistors and The Low Fidelity play the third of the their four gig NZ tour supporting the release of The Situations’ new album… 30 more words


Generation of Computers

The historical development of computers brought about the different generations of computers. These generations are discussed below.


The first generation computers used valves and were electronic. 403 more words

Computer Science

MOSFETs (Metal Oxide Silicon Field Effect Transistor)

Explanation of the acronym  

MOSFETs are a type of transistor. ‘Metal Oxide’ refers to the fact that it consists of a metal conductor, ‘Silicon’ states the material of the semiconducting layer, and ‘Field Effect’ refers to how the current flowing through the semiconductor is controlled. 34 more words