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Lab Notes: 16/06/18

Todays lab session saw me looking into the unreliable behaviour of the ISD1820 Voice Recorder Module when attempting to record whilst the loop switch is active. 608 more words

ISD1820 Voice Recorder

Hackaday published a great series on transistors

Hackaday, a great blog focused on all things DIY, has been doing a short series on transistor configurations. In much the same way that I try to focus on basic tube know-how for beginners, Hackaday decided to do something about the “relative paucity of education with respect to the fundamentals of electronic circuitry with discrete semiconductors.” Needless to say, I’m head over heels. 98 more words

Biasing That Transistor: The Emitter Follower

We were musing upon the relative paucity of education with respect to the fundamentals of electronic circuitry with discrete semiconductors, so we thought we’d do something about it.

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JFET modeling on COMSOL

Get the model file from here:
Watch the code from here:

The junction gate field-effect transistor (JFET or JUGFET) is the simplest type of field-effect transistor.[1] They are three-terminal semiconductor devices that can be used as electronically-controlled switches, amplifiers, or voltage-controlled resistors. 161 more words


Sound-activated LED lights using NPN transistor

What is wrong with the multi-colored LED light? Is it real?

I have started experimenting with transistors. The amplified AC sound signal forked from the speaker (connected to the base) is enough to turn the transistor on. 85 more words


Biasing That Transistor: The Common Base Amplifier

We’ve previously remarked upon a generation lucky enough to be well-versed in microcontrollers and computersised electronics through being brought up on the Arduino or the Raspberry Pi but unlucky enough to have missed out on basic electronics such as how to bias a transistor, and to address that gap we’ve taken a look at the… 841 more words

Hackaday Columns


(Images are for reference only See Product Specifications)

Name: DMN1019UFDE-7

Manufacturer: Diodes Incorporated

Description: MOSFET N CH 12V 11A U-DFN2020-6E

Product Category: Transistors – FETs, MOSFETs – Single… 126 more words

Diodes Incorporated