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An almost infinite scale.

Looking at Google data centres for one of my uni modules and my mind is BLOWN. The physical scale of technology blows my mind. For my final year project I’m looking at the modelling of nanoscale electronic devices, this involves researching how teeny tiny things are now getting to be. 135 more words


Moore's Law and The Secret World Of Ones And Zeroes

SciShow explains how SciShow exists — and everything else that’s ever been made or used on a computer — by exploring how transistors work together in circuits to make all computing possible. 22 more words


Generation of computer

Following is the generation of computer with their purposes:

GENERATION YEAR TECHNOLOGY PURPOSE 1st 1946-1956 Vacuum Tubes To store and process information 2nd 1957-1963 Transistors… 72 more words

Quantum Computing Simplified

How do computers work?

A computer is made up of hardware and software which work together to process data. The hardware components include the main memory, arithmetic logic unit and control unit. 1,114 more words

Computer Science

Letters to WTF: why can't tubes run on 12V like transistors?

This is a good question and a topic that rears its head pretty regularly in DIY. If we don’t have to work with 300V, we’d all prefer not to; however, there’s a reason that we brave high voltage in our quest for tube audio. 376 more words

Vacuum Tubes

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What is a Tube?1

  • A device used to amplify currents and signals.
  • Also known as electron tubes.

How do tubes work?5

  • A cathode, or negatively charged conductor, is heated to “boil off” electrons.
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Learn Basic Electronics (NPTEL)

Basic Electronics by Prof T.S.Natarajan,Department of Physics,IIT Madras


Importance of Learning By Doing, Impact of Electronics in the modern world,Need to understand Basic principles of electronics. 111 more words