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Professional Portfolio

Lab Reports, Code, Diagrams

This is a portfolio of a handpicked selection of the lab work and projects I completed while at Rochester Institute of Technology. 41 more words


My Education


I grew up in San Jose, CA and went to Pioneer High School. I graduated with AP course credit from 6 courses, including AP Computer Science. 193 more words


Thermal Runaway

The maximum power dissipation in a transistor depends on transistor construction and may lie in the range from few mW to some Watts.

The power dissipated in a transistor is predominantly the power dissipated at its Collector Base junction. 190 more words


Millers Theorem

In general, the miller theorem is used for converting any circuit having configuration of figure 2.48 (a)  to another configuration shown in figure 2.48 (b) 113 more words


Signal Variation


>>  It is the maximum or peak change in the value of voltage and current with respect to DC value.

>>  Based upon the value of signal variation, amplifier can be divided into two types. 161 more words