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NMOS & PMOS: Useful Applications

Transistors, specifically MOSFETs, I would say are the second most important component to an EE designer next to the passive compoents (resistors, inductors, capacitors).

I will show you a few useful applications that can be applied using MOSFETs that anyone working in electronics should have in there arsenal. 566 more words


Kt Kingtronics Developed a New Kind of Sample Display Box

Kt Kingtronics are mainly included two categories of products. One is Passive components, another is Active components. We has developed a new kind of sample display box, welcome to check details and hope you would like it.  59 more words


Solid-State Components and Circuits


A diode is a semiconductor *PN junction that only allows current to flow through it in one direction. Depending upon what generation a person learned electronics that current flow’s direction might be based upon the movement of negative electrons or positive ‘holes’. 1,637 more words


Transistors and Thier Modern Application

Photo Credit Xeusy

Have you ever wondered how your scale acquired its magic number? Or why it always seems to be three pounds off? It is all because of a special electronic device called a transistor.  711 more words


Biff On Books: Father of the Bride, Vanity Fair, & Transistors

My latest excursion to HPB was on December 31 so that I could take advantage of one of their 20% off sales that they have 3 or 4 times a year. 1,244 more words


The Future of Deep-Learning—Nvidia Unveils Chip With 15 Billion Transistors


The Tesla P100, Nvidia’s newly announced 15-billion-transistor chip, is designed specifically for deep-learning A.I. technology.


Nvidia made a big splash during its keynote at the… 209 more words


The Myths and Marketing of Moore’s Law

Moore’s Law won’t end. Even when it ends it won’t end.

The Law follows that more components can be crammed into an integrated circuit with developments in technology over time. 288 more words