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Free Vegas Shuttle Launches Tuesday

LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – It’s being called the “Downtown Loop,” and it’s a free shuttle service that will launch on Tuesday, June 27.

The free service will take riders to popular attractions in the Las Vegas core. 196 more words


Kitchener Trolleybus Gallery

Many readers of this site have been posting photos of the ION LRT construction in Kitchener-Waterloo over the past years. Normally, I stick to Toronto news, but as a gift back to readers in K-W, here is a set of photos of the Kitchener trolleybus system just before it was converted to lovely, clean (ho ho ho) diesel buses. 259 more words


Let's Stop the Madness

According to an October 2016 poll conducted by the Pew Research Center, 48% of US adults believe climate change is caused by human activity.  And yet millions of those same people get into their car every morning and head off for a commute that often involves a fair amount of time spent sitting in traffic.  282 more words


‘Highly induced drug psychosis’ to blame for man on SkyTrain tracks and system shutdown

A 57-year-old man will likely be facing charges following a disruption of the SkyTrain system during rush hour Monday afternoon.

Transit Police spokesperson Anne Drennan says the Expo Line was down for almost an hour after a man climbed onto the tracks at Columbia Station in New Westminster, out onto the Pattullo Bridge, onto the tracks below, and then back again. 119 more words


Making a Wearable NFC Bus Pass

is trying to get the total number of things he owns down below 115, and he’s always looking for ways to streamline his life.

Toward this goal he dissolved his SF Transit Clipper Card in acetone to get at the NFC tag embedded inside. 65 more words


Special treatment?! You want better streetcar speeds on King? Ban taxis completely!

At the end of May, the city revealed its plan for King Street. The plan is meant to prioritize transit (streetcars) over all other forms of traffic. 456 more words