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Environmental movements - from the grassroots

Naomi Klein’s recent book ‘This Changes Everything’ presents the argument that our global systems will change whether we act on climate change or not and we should therefore act now to avoid the grave environmental impacts we could face. 655 more words



The leader of a bereavement group I joined 6 years ago had been widowed 17 years.  At that time, I had been widowed about 3 months. 376 more words

Transition to a Green Economy

On July 16th Transition BH took the opportunity to present at Bournemouth University’s 2015 Festival of Learning.

Entitled “The Transition to a Green Economy – How can we achieve it in practice?”, the event brought together speakers from Transition Towns Bournemouth and Poole to engage an audience on how we can continue to make our towns more sustainable and enjoyable places to live. 212 more words


Strengths-based approaches to social change

I’ve just had an article published in openDemocracy under the Transformation theme. Called “If you care about changing society, focus on strengths” it discusses the relationship between strengths-based approaches and social change, using the… 111 more words

Working With Communities

Saturday quote: The Transition movement is

I’m proud to be the global Transition movement. I despair when I look at how little the Australian government (and many others) are doing to address climate change, but when I hear about… 78 more words

Environmental Sustainability

How (and why) I joined the Transition movement

When my daughter Jasmine was born in 2000, I decided to make fathering a priority and something had to go. Not only did I spend less time on my PhD, but I also stopped being actively involved in social change groups. 649 more words

Environmental Sustainability

New beginnings - a personal account of organising a Transition Roadshow

I’ve been meaning to get back into the habit … no, not the habit: the discipline … of writing up my adventures on this blog.  We hosted the 4th National Transition Roadshow a few weeks ago, and if that doesn’t deserve an honest, down-to-earth write up, I don’t know what does. 1,231 more words