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How local actions can change the world - Rob Hopkins

A truly inspiring evening with Rob Hopkins – co founder of the Transition movement – in Luxembourg city!

Full house to exchange on new ways of creating positive change and more resilient communities… 46 more words


Transition @ Trinity 14 March 2015

On Saturday my lovely Tim & I went to Transition @ Trinity in Bristol (UK). It was an informal and relaxed atmosphere, with cake (donated by participants) and drink available from the off. 294 more words


[Study Break] Go and get some SkillShare Experience @ St. Andrews

2015 Winter, St. Andrews, Scotland

I would like to simply introduce this SkillShare Program to anyone who’s at St. Andrews! It is happening today and if you do not have particular thing to do, why not show up to this event? 237 more words


My 2015 Transition Newcastle convenor report

After four years as the convenor of Transition Newcastle, I decided it was time for me time to step down and create space for new ideas and new energy. 1,382 more words

Environmental Sustainability

Transition Towns

The town of Newton, New Jersey isn’t far from where I live. It is, as far as I know, the only town in my state to have entered a network of towns throughout the world that are part of what is called the Transition Movement. 204 more words


Transitioning into a Better World

Unfortunately, oil does not grow on trees. Science has proved time and time again that oil will in fact run out. However, as Rob Hopkins points out in his Ted Talk,  370 more words

Blog Ideas Worth Spreading

Taking Control of Our Lives - Part 3

I want to start this piece wit a quote from Future Scenarios by David Holmgren “There is a desperate need to recast energy descent as a positive process that can free people from the strictures and dysfunctions of growth economics and consumer culture.” As I understand it he’s referring to the running out of fossil fuels and the fact that, without some very fancy footwork, we are staring at the end of the world as we know it. 344 more words