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Trans children, what's the correct course?

There was recently aired a BBC program on the debates around properly treating trans kids. I’ve read reviews, but the program itself can’t be seen outside the UK. 594 more words


January 13, 2017

This is the day I got my first testosterone (T) injection.

On January 6, 2017 I went to see an endocrinologist for the first time. 307 more words


Troublesome Transitions


Forty-Four times the nation has transitioned from one President to another. Some of those weren’t as much transitions as they were emergencies. Eight times, (18%) the Vice President has been called upon to become President after the death of the sitting President. 314 more words


Cats of The Week...Sofia and Pepper!

Hello Furriends,

Please help me welcome the first of our Cats of the Week Segment!

The photos and story of these gorgeous kitties were sent to us by Kelly and Mike. 166 more words


Transition Team Drafts New Rules for Trump White House

Trump’s transition team has been working tirelessly since November in preparation for the change in presidential administrations scheduled for January 20th. In addition to filling numerous leadership roles, the group of advisers has also drafted an internal memo with updates the President-Elect is requiring be made to the White House along with new rules for staff. 165 more words


Medical Insurance still discriminating against Transgender and Intersex patients.

I’ve been in the unique situation that I have received treatments from both public and private medical institutions. A few years ago, my financial situation wasn’t that great and I had to go to a public hospital. 772 more words


On Being the Same Person as Pre-Transition

I used to tell people that I am the same person that they knew prior to my transition from male to female on the outside. I know I was doing because I wanted them to feel at ease and maybe make it easier to accept me. 663 more words