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Presenting..... Pop Culture Month!!!

Looks like Bruce Jenner (KUWTK) and Coach Bieste (Glee) are not the only ones making big changes this season…

THIS MARCH—- STANDARdS UNCOMMON is transitioning from a solely creative writing blog to a pop culture/creative writing blog. 176 more words


Adjusting the Routine

I haven’t been finding time to get to my blog.  Remember back in the old days when I wrote every day? When I rolled out of bed each morning, brewed myself a cup of tea, did my Bible study, then blogged?   648 more words

Wash Day

So I purchased a new blow dryer at my sisters recommendation which will be a separate post. I was dying to try it out though. … 494 more words

Wash Day

If I Could Compare My Life To An Album...

If there was an album that could describe my life, it would be Jay Z’s fourth album: The Dynasty Roc La Familia. Jay Z released this album at the tail end of 2000. 536 more words


Going Crutchless

Remember that whole spiel on being focused? Well, so far I have been, especially with my health. Understanding the many facets of health helps a person make good decisions about what they are willing to allow into their space. 286 more words

Being Sadie May


This year I reach a milestone along life’s road.  My time, so far, on this Earth, divides neatly into thirds.

For the first third I was (inevitably) a child and young adult, leaving school in the mid 1970s.  745 more words


Happiness Through a Child's Eyes

This weekend I remembered what it means to be happy and seeing it through my children’s eyes made me realize that it’s not something all that complicated and really not all that hard to achieve.   433 more words