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Reflections from the All Church Bible Study

Back in summer, I’d heard about a Bible study series that our church would do together. It would serve as a tool for the church family to go through the pastoral transition, but it would also apply to any transitions personally. 766 more words


Do Cis People See Gender Counselors?

Do Cis People See Gender Counselors?

A trans man friend of mine is planning to come out to his extended family as part of a brief holiday visit over Christmas and he’s getting a case of the nerves. 511 more words


Reblog: Liminal Space | Does this count as #14?

Writing every day for 120 days is all right. It’s not a burden, but it does require clarity. Sometimes the fog settles in. It has this week. 945 more words


Certified Classified.

I’m currently at “my” desk at work–well, I use quotes because it’s not my desk. I don’t have a desk yet. But it’s the one I’ve been assigned as of last week. 320 more words

Permission to Grieve

Grief is in two parts. The first is loss. The second is the remaking of life. ~ Anne Roiphe

The past 5 months have been excruciating, amazing, exhausting, adventuresome, overwhelming, beautiful and any other paradoxical adjectives you can think of to describe our time here. 856 more words

On Transition

This picture was taken with a disposable Fuji Film camera about eighteen years ago somewhere along the Arakawa Line in Tokyo (circa. 2000). I like it for a lot of reasons: the materials that are visible, the washing hanging out, the telegraph pole and the blue sky. 169 more words