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The Key

This week is the start of the academic year in England; pretty soon I will be deep in teaching. Although September no longer marks a transition point for Dylan I don’t think I will ever lose the anxiety that the end of summer brings for parents of children with disabilities. 1,646 more words


Haiku: Serenity

Victory or gift?
Not to want what I can’t have
Accept what I can’t change

One who loved fine clothes
Necessarily content
Wearing what still fits… 23 more words


Two Months on T

I´m feeling a little shitty today. Like, not terribly, but the kind of tired you get around fifteen, when you just want to hang out, eat chips, and watch a movie. 373 more words


On the way to somewhere

A piece of music that filled my heart
With those sweet little trespassing memories
That I ticked off long back from my chart
I wander aimlessly looking for the source… 209 more words


Here We Are, Just Playing in the Mud

Transition– The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines this as “a change from one state or condition to another”.

I think a disclaimer with the words “hectic,” “wild,” and “unpredictable” should be added to the definition, but that’s why I’m not in charge of writing the dictionary.   670 more words


Think before you speak.

“There are two things that are infinite, the universe and man’s stupidity….. And I am not sure about the universe,” said Albert Einstein.