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not knowing

He recognised the anger and angst that Abigail suffered and fervently hoped that she would be able to love herself. Perhaps he will pray for me. 491 more words


Music of my soul - The Boxer

We can hear a song a thousand times, know it, love it, but still it is just a song.  Then one day it comes on and time stops, your heart yearns and your soul glows.   255 more words

Wanted: The perfect program for a highly social, deaf-blind, medically fragile, young woman.

Last week, I attended my daughter’s very last IEP meeting. Rhia turns 22 in May, which means she will no longer qualify for school based services. 388 more words


Ramping Down

I think driving is such a metaphor for life, and what someone does on the road is a fair indicator of how they treat their family and friends. 266 more words

Beauty, Bowling and the Boss

It has been another busy week on Planet Kirsty, with a few tales to relate.  This is less introspective than last time round, but perhaps at the stage I am at now I realise that everything I do seems to take on a great significance as I approach my full time date. 1,969 more words


You Can Stop Killing Children

If you work in the abortion industry, And Then There Were None can help you transition to a life free of the slaughter of innocent human beings. 20 more words


(In)Complete Existence

I feel I am like a triangle, existing in a space that is a square hole. No matter which way I am oriented, I never quite fit. 912 more words

Personal Journey