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Transitioning from Mining in Poland

Photo: Kacper Pempel/Reuters
In the top photo jeweler Katarzyna Depa, 26, holds a silver ring with coal at her atelier in Katowice, Poland. Below, Grzegorz Chudy, 36, paints at his atelier in Katowice, where affordable rents have drawn artists.
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Therapy Day And General Update

Today, dear readers of the page, was therapissy day with Kristine, my therapissy. I love, love, love her. She is so kind, and very perceptive! We had another productive session, so all is well on that front. 275 more words


Us and Them

This past January, I was given the great opportunity to give the sermon at Springburn Parish Church. I haven’t been feeling very inspired the past few weeks, so instead of writing a traditional blog post, I thought I’d just leave my sermon here. 1,740 more words

17 February Journal

Happy Sunday everyone. It is wet and cold again. This is the craziest weather. Someone needs to decide if the outside heater or freezer is going to be on. 432 more words




(16 Feb 2019)


Share this video if you think that Trans Rights are Human Rights:


These are quite real issues that have apparently had little change during the past four decades since the time when I began my adult Transition (1974 at age 18). 1,810 more words

Silencing The Naysayers

Ever found yourself in the situation where someone has rained on your parade after you’ve shared your latest transition news with him or her? Maybe you’ve chosen to go back to school, change careers, get healthier by starting a new wellness program, switch churches, join a new organization… or maybe you’re moving to a new area or changing your family plans. 1,163 more words


Day 110- NEW HABIT: The Menstrual Cup

Warning! Explicit description of menstration woes

NEW HABIT: Use a menstrual cup instead of tampons

I must say, it is very, very late in the day for me to introduce this habit. 238 more words