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Making the Move to a Self-Hosted Blog

I’m going to keep this post as short and sweet as possible. For many months now, I have been going back and forth on the decision of whether or not to move my blog away from WordPress.com and over to self-hosting. 382 more words


Juneau for president? As Trump interviews administration candidates

Mark Trahant / Trahant Reports

The period between an election and a new presidential administration is nothing short of frantic. There is just not enough time to… 547 more words

American Indians


Cottages are closed.

Shutters replace screens.

A few toys forgotten on lawns.

A fishing pole leans against.

the shed.  The lilac bush is

asleep.  Lawn chairs stacked. 58 more words

motions without meaning. By S. Pearson 

I recently realized that I’d forgotten myself.  I’d forgotten to continue to dream. I’ve just been going through the motions of life.

I forgot that I have a spirit. 70 more words


Trump-Sharif TelCon Jolts World, India Issues Deadpan Response

Posted: 3:30 am ET
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President-elect Trump had a chat with Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif, see the read out below.  After Sharif’s invitation to visit Pakistan, Mr. 430 more words

State Department

Trump Transition: Additional Agency Landing Team Members For @StateDept

Posted: 1:25 am ET
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We are updating the list of the Trump Transition Landing Team for the State Department as four names have been added since we posted last.   947 more words

State Department

Always forward

When is enough actually enough? My father has been telling me for many years, “The gap between more and enough never closes.” With that thought, some days I am content with my current position, and other days I push harder for, “Just one more.” Whether that one more is one more rep in the gym or my current dilemma of trying to decide if I want to add another degree plan to my college schedule. 181 more words