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What is this wet stuff?

Knowing the unseasonably beautiful weather wouldn’t last because this is Canada, Diane and I spent some time walking around over the past few days enjoying the amazingly green lush trails of South Surrey, British Columbia. 936 more words

Moving To Malaysia

Semaine no. 3: Mercurial moments

Malcolm and I have entered our third week of work in proximity in Prescott, Arizona. This time of transition has been a bit tumultuous, but I imagine it is to be expected when each person is learning how to create in a space and way that honors their individual needs. 497 more words


The drudgery of bondage

Service to a certain extend is what this world needs the most. I have always seen this world as very needy, especially in times where there are so many imbalances on a personal, societal and global level. 235 more words

Personal Evolution

21 Days on Testogel - Acne, Exercise, Tropical Hair

It’s been 3 weeks now. As you can see my hair has changed since the last post, so today I’m the T-Parrot. Lots to update, some new things and some things roughly the same: 545 more words


Hyperthread(): Jaunt() wasn't fast enough for you?

You’ve asked me how Hyperthread() actually plays faster than vanilla Transistor. This video is here to answer that question. Trust me, you’re going to want to watch Jaunt(Ping()Jaunt()), it’s new to the mod (and it’s awesome). 49 more words



Transition is important, from outdoors to indoors or from open to closed spaces. We, in the tropical regions have forgotten about these essential areas in our designs. 35 more words


She leaves behind

She leaves behind

a constriction of heart,

with protective, limited beating, and

steps into a centerless center

with rivers vast..

tributaries both drawing and feeding.. 34 more words