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I want to start off by letting you know that there will be no updates on the Moon activities for the coming four weeks due to my travels. 898 more words


Mercury Moves into Scorpio: 10/24

Mercury moves into Scorpio today, at 4:46 pm eastern time.

Mercury represents your mind. It’s how you think as well as what you think about. It also represents your communication patterns, how you learn, and how you socialize. 743 more words


10/23 Horoscope

Today’s energy has a very positive feeling to it, like it’s bringing some much needed relief. Relationship energy will be positive, especially in the early hours in the morning. 69 more words


It's Scorpio Season!

The Sun moves into Scorpio tonight at 7:45 pm eastern time.

The Sun represents the general spotlight or current focus. It’s the heart and the ego. 979 more words


10/22 Horoscope

Something unexpected may have come up overnight. In the morning your mind may be feeling a little off. Don’t push anything. There may be some clashes between ego and emotions, so watch out. 106 more words


10/21 Horoscope

Luck may not be on your side this morning, but your dreams may bring you something positive to work with, so don’t give up hope. Things could get explosive later today. 41 more words


10/20 Horoscope

If you have a problem, your mind may not be the best at coming up with a solution. Talk it out with a friend and see what kind of weird ideas they propose. 90 more words