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Venus Retrograde

There;s certainly no denying Venus Retrograde is here to stay and shake things up until September 5.

The term Retrograde refers to a planet’s backward motion, moving in reverse direction through the zodiac. 1,384 more words


Current Transits - August 2015

by Barry Kerr, evolutionary astrologer

The Sun moved into Leo on July 22.

Having satisfied our need for love and belonging in the soul-babtising waters of Cancer, we now turn ourselves outward with a radiant shine of pride and warmth, knowing we are a child of “Creator”, ready to share our “special” gifts with those around us. 750 more words


LEO - Oh, What Joy!

by Barry Kerr, Evolutionary Astrologer

  • Dates:           July 21 – Aug 20
  • Ruled by:     Sun
  • Element:      Fire

Though true for everyone, the following information will feel more relevant to you if your sun, north node, Chiron and/or a group of other planets are in Leo on your birth chart. 877 more words


Full Moon in Aquarius; July 31, 2015 ❂💙♒

The great Summer Blue Moon in eclectic, geek is chic Aquarius occurs on Friday, July 31st at 6:43 AM ET, bringing high emotional tides, revelations and breakthroughs. 562 more words


Weekly Forecast: Aug 2 - 8, 2015

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8/2 ~ Mercury (voice) ~trine~ Uranus (individuality):
This is a powerfully intuitive and stimulating energy. Your thinking may lack discipline, but your ability to access solutions to any recent (or long-standing) challenges and find instant and accurate clarity will be off the charts. 1,297 more words

Energetic Support

AUGUST 2015 - MONTHLY HOROSCOPE - PART III - Transitions to Watch Out For in August 2015

Transitions to Watch

Aug 2 – Saturn goes direct – Scorpio

New powers of influence become apparent when fresh talent emerges on the scene. Suddenly the world is overflowing with abundance in ideas to create new ideals to old standards. 2,811 more words


Saturn Transit to Natal Sun: Growing Up and Other Gifts

The conjunction of transiting Saturn to the natal sun happens every 29 years. However, unlike the Saturn return, it can happen at any point in a person‘s life, but generally speaking the first conjunction happens before the 29th year, during our youth, and the next one happens sometime between the ages of 29 (if natal Saturn is conjunct the natal Sun), and about 56 years old. 3,666 more words