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Astro : this week for you, this month for you, this year for you

Have you ever wondered what the daily, monthly and yearly forecasts in newspapers and magazines are based on? (Other than the fakes.)

Daily forecasts are based on the transit of the Moon through the 27 nakSatrA: . 135 more words

Ancient Indians

A new week and answers to a chart!

Here are are again, a new week with more astrology energies to understand. Lets dive right in, and be ready – later in this post I will answer who’s chart I posted on Friday. 638 more words

The Moon

Astro : kuja & śani gOcArA: Mars & Saturn, 12-1-2 Transits

The tables at the end of this post are from the first reference below.

You can observe that Mars entered tula on 24/12/15, moved to vRścika on 20/2/16, and then you can see that Mars moves back to tula  on 17/6/2016. 551 more words

Ancient Indians

Venus in Gemini; May 24 - June 17, 2016 💙♊

“You kissed me on the forehead
Now this kiss is giving me a concussion
We were ‘love at first sight’
Now this crush..it’s crushing”
― … 335 more words

Astrology of individuation.

I have to confess that I’m not so much into the astrology of general forecasting.

My virgoan mind finds very difficult to make or take in general affirmations about planetary positions without considering the individual that experiences it. 300 more words


If You’re 36 to 42, Don’t Give Up Now! You’re Too Stupid to Fail.

I know that I have posted on this before here and here, but I want to add something hopeful to the mix.

If you’re about 36 to 42, you may be feeling a bit of despair right now, especially if you are still working toward unfulfilled dreams. 728 more words