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How to Find Transits to Houses, Double Transits, Etc.

Step 1) Get your Ascendant degree (makes no difference if it is sidereal or tropical, so long as you stick with whichever you choose, for all the steps here) 319 more words

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New Moon in Aries; March 27, 2017 ❂ ♈

An exciting New Moon occurs tonight at 10:57 pm ET, when the Sun and Moon unite in fiery sign of the Ram. This New Moon in Aries… 269 more words


Jupiter square Pluto II : Subterranian nukes

The collapse intensifies. Ideological purging continues. Powerful hidden forces realign. Daggers are drawn. Truth, secrets, revelations and unveiling.

Coming off the New Moon eclipse in Pisces, we are just past the tropical Spring Equinox where the Sun has entered Aries and Jupiter in retrograde comes to square Pluto by the end of the month. 2,558 more words


Astrological Transit Houses Mars Does Well In

🔥Based on my observation the best houses Mars can “transit” are all Earth houses in our chart. 

2nd, 6th, and 10th are very productive. You’ll get a lot done to earn money on the 2nd, and you’ll be feeling strong on the 6th although you may experience a bit of conflict from others with small matters on the 6th.  336 more words


Planetary Timing

Astrology is a many layered interpretive art and one of the most common and useful techniques to use with your natal chart is transits.

Transit is the name given to the continued movement of the planets above us. 260 more words


The Inscrutable Americans by Anurag Mathur

Well, a lot of us are travelling out of the country, either for work or studies or even for a leisure visit. These flights are long and tiring and you might just get bored of watching outside the window (how long will you watch the clouds!) or watching a movie. 247 more words

Anurag Mathur

Full Moon in Virgo; March 12th, 2017❂♍

On Sunday, March 12th, 2017 at 10:53 AM EDT, the luminaries peak in the sign of the Earth Goddess. This Virgo Full Moon takes in the mystical light of the… 259 more words