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US visa interview questions

Hollywood, skyscrapers, people speaking soft English with American accent and great career opportunities and much more encourages everyone to visit the soil of so many communities with freedom of speech; new development in medicines and pharmacy, science and technology are some of the advantages and benefits that everyone wants to have in life. 375 more words

United States; And Immigration Visa

United States of America has been the destination of thousands of people across the world, and even such a place, which people of most developed countries want to reach; like… 244 more words

Importance Of Bank Statement During Visa Interview

If you are applying for a visa for any kind of travel purposes irrespective of who you are and why you are planning to go some of the… 355 more words

Tips for visa interview in simple way

Obtaining a visa of any country can become a nightmare if you don’t understand the importance of communication skills, especially when you are not able to speak in detail about your purpose. 318 more words

What Translation Agencies expect from a linguist

Put yourself in the place of an HR manager of a translation company and ask a few questions to yourself what qualities, business ethics, dedication etc, you would expect from a… 252 more words


A better Translation means a better understanding which affects your relation

The last two decades of the 20th century witnessed a worldwide transformation that continues to have an impact even today. This is a multi-dimensional’ transformation that encompasses different aspects of our life. 419 more words

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Hindi! The Language of Indian People?

Some people consider Hindi as an Indian language and the language of only people living only in India, but as far as the Hindi language… 363 more words