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Translation agency and social media marketing strategy


Social media marketing strategy is a good approach for a translation agency to promote its services and products; especially translation, transcription, interpretation and writing articles in national and international languages as most of the businesses and trades are going online. 281 more words

Translation Agency

Finding Hindi document translation agency online

Hindi documents translation services are offered by translation agencies whether they are national agencies or international agencies, but it depends on the availability of linguists. 272 more words


Finding a certificate translation agency

Certificate translation whether it is a marriage certificate, birth certificate or any other document, which you think assume official importance, is getting popularity because of its uses for different purposes on national as well as international levels. 260 more words


Urdu Hindi translation agency

Hindi and Urdu are spoken in the same way but written in different script; for example, Hindi is written in Devanagri and Urdu is written in… 334 more words


Mine the gold of online customer buzz with user-generated content translation

Your worldwide customers are creating valuable content about you in multiple languages—are you turning it to your advantage through user-generated content translation?

Studies show that content—such as customer reviews, chats, web discussion forums and blog comments—has become a huge influence in buying decisions. 780 more words

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Do I Need Document Translation To Travel Around?

If you are planning to travel around or visiting a country for the first time there are so many important things you should keep in mind. 311 more words

Translation Agency

Document Translation Services; Tips and Useful Facts

Document translation seems to be a combination of two words but it has a broad spectrum behind it. For example, if you are planning to visit a foreign country to get higher education in colleges or universities, because you think that getting education over there is a good option for you. 344 more words