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The Relevance of Quality Book Translation

Writing and publishing is a gift of nature. Many people can read as many books as they can but not many can write books. What we read is a result of tiresome and stressing process of gathering information. 359 more words


Generating Traffic with Quality Blogging

With the internet becoming the most important and popular means of communication, a big number of people are really spending a portion of their time on the internet. 386 more words


Globalization and the need of translation services

The global economic changes will often determine the direction to take in whatever activity we do in life. The aspect of globalization bringing diverse opportunities is one thing and the actual utilization of such opportunities is another thing all together. 361 more words


Why document translation can save you

Not only is translation necessary for business but it has proved its essentiality in many areas in our daily lives. In all our daily endeavors, we encounter the challenges some of which originate from the language problems. 360 more words


3 Ways to Use Culture and Language to Influence International Business Success

The number of businesses operating globally is growing by leaps and bounds. The growing influence of globalization and the massive increase in technological advancement has made doing business in any part of the world pretty easy for any one. 544 more words


Finding The Optimum Translation Service

The actual practical use involving semi-automatic or fully automatic website translation functionality which is accessible on the internet is really limited and everybody who had experimented with these kinds of capabilities can certainly validate this. 574 more words


Welcome Fadila - new intern in Translation Department-Romania

 We are very happy to welcome our new intern, Fadila Agoudjil, from France! Fadila is a very self-motivated person, with great communication skills. She began working in 2002 for reputed airlines and has also collaborated as a translator with a French agency.  31 more words